I guess chicks don’t get it. If Batman was a chick, and Robin died, Batchick would say “Oh I want a new Robin, the old one made me happy” and that would be it. But Batman is a guy , and he got all Emo & dark when Robin (Jason Todd) died & it was years before he was ready for a new Robin again. I got to witness this first hand today…deep.

THIS is why…..

Well Boom goes the Dynamite…remember that nice NY Cop who handed out the $100 pairs of boots to the Homeless people last week? Well one of the Scumbags now wants Money for any profit made from the YouTube Videos etc. Oh and quick note, he no longer has the boots, He sold them for Drugs & Booze. And this is why I switched my Emphasis from Helping the Homeless to helping Kids, and Families in need. Now I’m sure I’ll get a slew of comments saying “Well you’re wrong Old super Hero because the Homeless Douche I help is actually the Arch Angel Gabriel in disguise & rainbows shoot out his butt etc.”
Spare me in advance….and help some people who deserve your help.

They will be how they'll be.

A interesting adventure you can have is the Person you bend over backwards to help, who basically tells you to go F*&^ yourself when you help them. It’s rare, I can think of Hearing about three times that it’s happened over the years (Once to me, And two other RLSH) but it does happen. How will you handle it? That’s up to you but if you’re in it for the right reasons you should be able to blow it off & be the bigger Superhero.
Not letting it hurt you is the biggest thing I’d imagine. They will be how they’ll be.

Well…that was interesting & weird.

I got done with my client & dropped his check off at the front office when I hear this faint “beeeeeeeeeeeep” and I say “Damn that’s annoying. it’s not a car alarm…it sounds more like(I look up & see smoke pouring out of one of the apartments) a FIRE Alarm!” I look behind me & one of the managers is coming up behind me dressed as a cat & I yell “call 911 you got a fire!” and take off over there. The front door is open & I run in yelling hello & it turns out to be some Old man who left eggs on his stove & they exploded. :/ so as the smoke is clearing & the manager is chewing his ass I leave & think “Hmmm…this is the second small episode I’ve been involved in within like a week” usually these things start happening to me & then something BIG happens I need to help out in. I wonder what is coming?


So I made a new friend at the new gym today, a Bail Bondsmen. & in between sets we were shooting the breeze & I asked him “So…how do you guys find most of your Jumpers?” I thought he would say The people who posted their bail would turn them in or Former partners in crime turned them in after some Roughing up or something…maybe even Predator drones or something.
Know how they catch most of the Perps?

FACEBOOK.Yup, They just start watching Facebook, watching the guys family & friends for posts about “My Dad is coming to take me for a haircut” or some crap then be waiting there to pick them up.
I had to admit I was slack jawed 😮 I couldn’t believe it, we’re talking High Risk warrant type guys too. I was blown away.


Bizzare Day of Lessons…"Right place for a reason"

So I’m headed out today & decide to go out of my way to get a cup of coffee, So I take a different route then usual & there is this guy sitting at the side of the road banging the  dirt out of his shoes & his feet are kind of “odd” looking so I turn around & offer him a ride. He wants to go to a soup Kitchen (That I didn’t know existed) behind a bar (That I did know existed) so I take him. On the way we pass a bunch of his friends walking to & from the place & he cranks my stereo & waves to everybody we pass yelling “Hey Man! look over here!” & I’m laughing my ass off as I drop him off. He asks if he can have the protein bar on my seat & I give it to him & he waves good bye from the door of the place with a huge ear to ear grin, The Bum who arrives at the soup kitchen in a Corvette…he’s the talk of the town. He’ll remember that on his death bed (which didn’t look far off) & I drop the Vette off for some maintenance & hop in a cab to get the Sentra…the Cabbie, “Oliver”  immediately brings up that he’s a retired trucker…and he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time to help people or “learn lessons” when he traveled around the country. I thought “how bizarre that he brings that up?” & I tell him my story. We decide that you’re in certain places at certain times for a reason. So I head home…and the guy building Ladyhero’s sidewalk tells me if he hadn’t been here he would not have just met the guy who stopped next door & offered him a job! So I tell him the whole story too about certain place at certain time. Every time I turn around today I’m having it put on a platter in front of me that you are in a certain place at a certain time for a reason. Let it happen…and act when it happens.


It’s been brought to my attention that a RLSH is planning to lay down in front of a streetcar someplace to get his point across. Two reasons this is a horrible idea:
A. Streetcars don’t stop on a dime.
B. Some guy down here at the RNC just tried that stunt, by laying across the highway and all he did was piss people off for interfering with “their day” . I never even heard what his cause was… just that people wanted to kick his ass. you could die, all you’ll do is piss people off. Think of another way. Chain yourself to a tree or something.

Stay out of it Dumbass….

Q: Will you patrolling the RNC?
A: No, I don’t want to be cavity Searched by the Secret Service.
Q: Well it seems like it would be right up your alley
A: Once the Legit authorities are on the scene, NOTHING is up our alley.
This should not be “training” or advice. Wanna spend a night in the Clink? Show up at a domestic you just heard about on your scanner where some trailer Diva has her nose under her right eye wearing a Guy Fawkes mask you’ve spray painted black & shoved thumbtacks in & tell the cop “I’m here to help.” See what happens.
If the legit Authorities (Cops, paramedics, I.C.E. whatever) are already there walk away. If you’re there first & they arrive turn it over to them & walk away. If they need a statement from you they’ll ask. (And then ask WTF you’re doing wearing a Guy Fawkes mask with thumbtacks shoved in it.) There are F*&^ing SEAL teams at the RNC, I’m sure they don’t need me ducking in & out of alleys looking for The Yellow Claw to show up…Or you.
(Note: I WILL probably go over during a day in my gimmick because I’m a hardware Junkie & there’s supposed to be F-15’s flying around & V-22’s Flying by & Tampa PD will have their V-100 parked someplace….F(*& yeah.)


Somebody just very politely (from the UK of course) asked me:
“Excuse me sir, can you explain why it’s better not to wear a mask?”
Oh sure thing Brother.
I’ve never been a big one for Secret Identities anyway…it’s just too easy to find out who somebody is nowadays anyway. They would just run my tag if they really wanted it 🙂
aside form the secret ID thing Masks (Cowls especially according to Adam West) just aren’t as practical in reality as people thing they are, this time of year they’re unbearably hot, limit your vision, and God forbid you get into a confrontation & somebody cranks it…you’re blind as a bat & in big trouble. I know they’re a Superhero staple…but I just don’t think they work to well in reality.

Where do they come from?

Why is it there is always some guy who comes along every few years….who lets us know “I’ve never been a RLSH…but you’re all doing it wrong & need to listen to me!” the latest one being some idiot who used footage of me in one of his videos & then posts “Superhero Supports this!” on his Facebook. I wish they’d check with me first. I can’t bitch about the video part…fair use & all & I put it up there so steal away but damn. Who was the idiot a few years ago? “I’ve never done this…but you all need to listen to me! Stop wearing spandex because when people throw MOLOTOV COCKTAILS at you the spandex will melt!” (really he said that)
So I asked back “Jesus Christ! where are you patrolling? Stalingrad?” Then they get all huffy when you point out they’re talking out of their ass.
Seriously…where do they come from?
And why do I know there will be more? I know…let’s run into hospitals & tell Doctors how to do THEIR jobs! That should go over well…