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Hurricane Isaac is seen churning in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana in this NASA handout satellite image taken on August 28, 2012. REUTERS/NASA Goddard MODIS Rapid Response/Handout (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENVIRONMENT) FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNSHurricane Isaac spared New Orleans biblical floods which befell neighboring parishes.
That’s not to say we were spared entirely.

Most working class New Orleanians have been without power for five days. The same for jobs- many of which have been closed due to the storm.

While her buildings remain intact New Orleans has a number of under-employed; un- employed and homeless people without resources. The fact that Mayor Landrieu nor Governor Jindal uttered a word nor floated one press release about this quiet crisis speaks volumes.
One can hope that Isaac inspired earlier-than usual September food stamp and cash benefit allotments aren’t the only state response to this matter.
 What about those without work or entitlements- not to mention pre-Isaac shelter?

 Regarding the city of New Orleans, a plan for sheltering the homeless during Isaac wasn’t announced to my knowledge.
Nor tweeted.
Nor blogged.
Not even mentioned off-the-record to the media pool.
It seems our mayor doesn’t recognize the working poor nor homeless as worthy of official notice.
Therefore liked stunned soldiers stumbling from bomb shelters after an air raid they are left to fend for themselves. left hanging by their municipal government.
Has so much changed since Katrina seven years ago?

Nadra Enzi
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I was three when I watched him walk down that ladder and make fiction fact.
It didn’t matter that he was a distant White man with NASA and I was a Black school teacher’s kid in a Southern town weaned on science fiction and adventure stories.
Armstrong wasn’t a ” White ” man as I recall the hush that befell Black America. He was ” Our ” man, a fellow American who did something that showed friend and foe alike in this country that impossible needed to be re-defined.
In 1969 America had alot dividing it but on that day we briefly put differences aside to marvel at what one of our own had accomplished.
We sorely need unifying moments like this now.
Warp speed Bro Armstrong!
Nadra Enzi
NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK, BLACK LIFE SUPERHERO FOR EVERYBODY! promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082 and [email protected]…



Stay out of it Dumbass….

Q: Will you patrolling the RNC?
A: No, I don’t want to be cavity Searched by the Secret Service.
Q: Well it seems like it would be right up your alley
A: Once the Legit authorities are on the scene, NOTHING is up our alley.
This should not be “training” or advice. Wanna spend a night in the Clink? Show up at a domestic you just heard about on your scanner where some trailer Diva has her nose under her right eye wearing a Guy Fawkes mask you’ve spray painted black & shoved thumbtacks in & tell the cop “I’m here to help.” See what happens.
If the legit Authorities (Cops, paramedics, I.C.E. whatever) are already there walk away. If you’re there first & they arrive turn it over to them & walk away. If they need a statement from you they’ll ask. (And then ask WTF you’re doing wearing a Guy Fawkes mask with thumbtacks shoved in it.) There are F*&^ing SEAL teams at the RNC, I’m sure they don’t need me ducking in & out of alleys looking for The Yellow Claw to show up…Or you.
(Note: I WILL probably go over during a day in my gimmick because I’m a hardware Junkie & there’s supposed to be F-15’s flying around & V-22’s Flying by & Tampa PD will have their V-100 parked someplace….F(*& yeah.)


Somebody just very politely (from the UK of course) asked me:
“Excuse me sir, can you explain why it’s better not to wear a mask?”
Oh sure thing Brother.
I’ve never been a big one for Secret Identities anyway…it’s just too easy to find out who somebody is nowadays anyway. They would just run my tag if they really wanted it 🙂
aside form the secret ID thing Masks (Cowls especially according to Adam West) just aren’t as practical in reality as people thing they are, this time of year they’re unbearably hot, limit your vision, and God forbid you get into a confrontation & somebody cranks it…you’re blind as a bat & in big trouble. I know they’re a Superhero staple…but I just don’t think they work to well in reality.


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***Thanks to Batman 300 of the Detroit 300 anti-crime group for the tip!LL Cool J, entertainer and fitness enthusiast, subdued burglar in his home, breaking suspect’s nose and jaw in the process!!!
LL held him for police.
Question: will this low life try to sue LL Cool J for excessive force?
I grew up watching this brother evolve from a scrawny kid to a muscled powerhouse.
” MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT! ” ( couldn’t resist it! LOL ).
GREAT job brother LL!

Nadra Enzi
NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK, BLACK LIFE SUPERHERO FOR EVERYBODY! promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082 and [email protected]…



( NEW ORLEANS Federal Court House ):
FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m a police supporter NOT a cop hater who loves making them look bad! In New Orleans they’re able to do that without outside help too often.
The Court Security Officers ( CSOs ) are mostly White retired police officers on contract through a private security company to the US Marshals Service, who deputizes them as Special Deputy US Marshals to man the entrance check point and secure court rooms as a supplement to deputy marshals.
I’m cool with the  concept. Gives ex-cops a chance to do what they love in defense of the federal bench. Thumbs up for the concept! 
What I DON’T like is the consistently rude treatment I and other Black citizens recieve upon entry to the federal courthouse, funded by our tax dollars as well as those of sisters and brothers of all colors. Also, the deputy US Marshals haven’t mistreated me or others- only this group!
Today ( 8/20/12 ) was no exception. 
Curt snapped instructions were issued to myself and my companion, a high school teacher/education advocate and we commented upon how we were made to feel like convicts being processed. I’ve gone through before for wearing my Muslim head garb- only worse!!!
These men make it plain they don’t like Black people and treat large groups of us like gang members being detained ne masse!
Inside the court room while parties made presentations CSOs spared no opportunity to confront Black onlookers for such “capital” offenses as briefly turning around to whisper or even having an elbow on the back of the bench???
Each time they walked by me contempt was written on their wrinkled faces. Going there always reminds me of hateful Savannah police officers I encountered decades ago as I walked while Black.
The icing on the cake was when a fire alarm sounded during the US Justice Department presentation. 
After confirmation the court house was evacuated. 
Everyone gathered in the court yard in plain view of court security. When the all clear was given another ” Mississippi Burning ” moment happened: Black onlookers were subjected to the FULL search process while Whites walked back in without being stopped???
I refused to go through with this blatant racial profiling and left.
Is THIS what we pay our taxes for, classic 60s style Dem Crow discrimination in this Democrat controlled city within a facility policed by a Democrat controlled Justice Department?           
More over, how much ” justice ” can Black New Orleanians expect from this Administration’s feds if we can’t even be treated equally at the federal court house entrance???
I support good cops- NOT bad policy.
This is the  WORST policy I’ve seen and coming from Georgia that’s saying ALOT!!!
Nadra Enzi

NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK, BLACK LIFE SUPERHERO FOR EVERYBODY! promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082 and [email protected]…


Night Vision and the Seven Sisters

By The Rook
Moving about “in the shadows” often, though admittedly not always, means moving about in the dark.  While simply utilizing a flashlight or other light source usually makes a great deal of sense when mucking about in the dark, it generally attracts unwanted attention to one who is trying to remain unseen. Night vision glasses are a marvelous tool, but not always accessible when needed, so it behooves the seeker to learn how best to make one’s way in the dark.
Many years ago, I was employed in a situation where I was expected to “close up shop” in a relatively large, dark network of rooms.  Naturally, I was provided a flashlight but I must admit that I was not always diligent in using it. It was frequently either misplaced or stored in some inconvenient location. I was, at the time, taking classes in the local university which covered aspects of vision that enabled me to learn to maximize by ability to safely work my way through this network.
In order to explain this, I’ll begin with an example. You may be aware of the constellation Pleiades, also called the Seven Sisters. This is a fascinating star group that is visible in the Winter in the Northern Hemisphere (well, almost). The Pleaides have the marvelous distinction of being marginally visible to the naked eye. This “sort-of-kind-of” visibility manifests in an interesting manner. If you were to check online to see when and where the Pleaides were visible in your area, then went outside to look in the precise spot where they were predicted to be, you will probably not be able to see them. However, if you shifted your vision slightly to the side of the location where the Pleaides are located, you will actually see this constellation as a blurry form in your peripheral vision.  It’s nearly irresistible at first to immediately stare directly at this blur to get a better look. Sure enough the Sisters vanish as soon as you do! It seems that this constellation is only visible to the naked eye if you catch it in your peripheral vision. One immediately wonders how this is so, and what on earth it has to do with a one’s ability to move around in the dark.
There are many kinds of cells in the retina.  The two of primary concern to us, however, are the rods and cones, the two major receptive cells.  These cells are responsible for transducing the information light carries into our eyes.  In essence, the more of these receptors get stimulated, the more information our eyes receive.
Still with me?  Hang in there, we’re almost to the practical stuff. Most of the information we get from light is collected by our cones.  These are rather large receptors that are very good at collecting color information.  The trade off for color sensitivity, however, is that cones aren’t terribly light sensitive.  These receptors do not get stimulated very well when the light is low (which partially explains why it’s harder to see color in the dark).   Since color provides us great information and since humans are largely diurnal creatures, this is usually a fair trade.  Our retinas have evolved so that most of the light information focuses right in a small divot in the back of our eyes called the fovea, which is precisely where the vast majority of the cones are found.  In short, the precise place where our vision usually focuses when we look at something directly has great color acuity and poor light sensitivity.
This means that our direct line of sight is probably the worst way to try to see in the dark.
Conversely, the rods are very light sensitive, but aren’t sensitive to color.  As a result, these receptors typically collect in the areas around the fovea, or in the periphery.  As such, our greatest light sensitivity (and best night vision) can be found in our peripheral vision.  This is why the Pleaides are visible only in the peripheral vision (where the light-sensitive rods are) and not in the direct line of sight (where we use our cones).
By using our eyes in such a fashion where we optimize the use of the rods, we find that we significantly increase our ability to make out objects in the dark.  Be warned, however.  While rods are quite light sensitive, the way the rods are wired to other cells in the retina results in fairly low resolution when compared to our cones.  We’ll be able to make out objects, but they’ll be somewhat fuzzy–much like the way we see the Pleaides.
We can do this by “scanning” our eyes back and forth rather rapidly back and forth across the area in which we are moving.  This allows for more light to be collected on the periphery and results in greater stimulation of the rods.   This requires a bit of practice, as some find this experience to be somewhat dizzying at first, and it takes a bit of time to build up trust in what you see in the periphery.  Remember, there is a loss of acuity, so things may look somewhat blurry and unfamiliar at first.  This relatively simple technique certainly does not allow someone to “see in the dark,” but rather takes advantage of low-light conditions.  Given practice and time, you’ll likely be surprised by the results!
Note: This is a brief article I wrote some time ago for the Ninja Information Database. Since I retain all rights to my writings, I also reserve the right to repost it on my own blog.


( NEW ORLEANS ):Cap Black, local anti crime activist ( self-described ” Black life superhero in the tradition of Medgar Evers; Fannie Lou Hamer & Yes! even Daymon Wayan’s Blankman lol ) is seriously considering this high profile act of civil disobedience to high light suffering inflicted by area violence; homelessness & hunger.



christine marcelin brandon adams 300x181 New Orleans Teen Christine Marcelin Killed Days After Boyfriend Brandon Adams Killed in Desire

New Orleans Teen Christine Marcelin Killed Days After Boyfriend Brandon Adams Killed in Desire (NOLA)

” I am an American who cannot keep quiet about the suffering along this beautiful street. This idea kept resounding in my head… Are people in misery worth laying down in front of tons of steel? Yes. Help each other folks- we’re ALL we got! ” -Cap Black, Black life Superhero For Everybody. I’m In GREAT company!

Nadra Enzi

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Medgar Evers

Medgar Evers image has always conveyed the strength to shake the status quo to its foundations while respecting the law.
His example is all the more important now as civil rights activism has largely lost its life-or-death dimension. His strength is majestic counter point to recent rampages by men who happen to be White occurring against daily backdrops of epidemic Black male fratricide.
Violence is the language used too often by kaleidoscopic Klansmen public and private to intimidate everyone into subservience. Non-violent resistance tugs at my soul despite being an active self-defense advocate.
But, overshadowed by this giant, if my turning the other cheek will save at-risk lives; feed the hunger and shelter the homeless then turn it I must. Though I reserve the lawful right to use reasonable force after I’ve run out of cheeks to turn.
His example speaks across the decades and urges moderate yet steely determination toward slaying today’s dragons of brutality; hunger and homelessness, whom I call the ” Big Three Evils. ”
Our era proliferates rubbery spines in high places with situational morality and symbolic fingers to the wind of public opinion before taking action. Evers didn’t wait for pollsters and spin doctors- a fact lost on today’s ” leaders. ”
Contrast this with the brutal reality of Medgar Ever’s world, where Americans While Black ( and otherwise! ) walked a tight rope between responsible ” revolution ” ( peacefully challenging the status quo ) and state-sanctioned terror.
That this walk proceeded while promoting civic virtues identical to current conservative talking points is worth underscoring.
I look at him and realize here was the BEST of bygone liberalism, where citizens armed with courage and the Constitution ( not Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book ) endured their government’s resistance until it relented.
When I was born my birth certificate read, ” Negro ” along with all the stark limits it implied when  my mother brought me home to her native Georgia as a two year old.
Any freedom I enjoy is due to a civic constellation of inter-generational runaway slaves; White Abolitionists in every era and a singular shooting star named Medgar Evers who made my life better for his passing.
Medgar Evers is a Black life superhero- for everybody!
Nadra Enzi

NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK, BLACK LIFE SUPERHERO FOR EVERYBODY! promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082.

[email protected] is where Pay Pal donations can be sent to assist my Hood Conservative efforts which rescues ENDANGERED traditional values like respect for the law and FIRST ourselves inside ” OCCUPIED TERRITORY  ( THE INNER CITY! ) ” * I can also run down to the nearest Western Union too! LOL…



Inspiration is what keeps me going.
Consequently I’m always on the look out for people; philosophies, etc that send my spirit soaring.
Here are some fictional real life superheroes whose footage I review when I need extra stardust sprinkled on my motivation:
Hero at Large Poster
HERO AT LARGE (1980 ) I saw this as a kid and decades later it STILL makes me feel like running around in a costume inspiring people! Check out the trailer and tell me how you feel
I liked this movie so much I even bought the trade paperback so I could find out more about what made John Ritter’s characterization tick. Years later after discovering real life superheroes ( RLSH ) this movie lurked in the back of my mind, along with this one:
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze

DOC SAVAGE: THE MAN OF BRONZE ( 1975 ) I grew up on Doc’s Bantam paperback reprints and Marvel Comics adaptations. As THE prototype for iconic archetypes Superman and Batman it was only logical I’d be a Doc-Fan, second generation actually,  since my maternal grandfather and ” man of bronze ” in his own right read the original pulps in the 1930s!!!

Doc Savage no costume  option  also impacted my choice of dress when I decided to place activism under a RLSH user name. I run around in t-shirt and jeans most days.
I wear hoodies and jackets when it’s cold.
Still working on the whole gimmick ( uniform ) thing.
A late comer to my fictional real life superhero list is:
Blankman Poster
BLANKMAN ( 1994 ): This film put all the whimsy and charm of the preceding movies in a context closer to my direct experience, an urban setting where violent crime turned a young Black man’s life upside down.
Same here when Crack hit my neighborhood.
On my first internet radio show appearance as ” Cap Black ‘ ( my RLSH user name ) one of the hosts accidentally called me ” Blankman. ” While my approach isn’t slapstick Damon Wayans send up of Adam West’s TV Batman brought two worlds, fictional real life super hero and factual inner city, together.
For that alone he has my thanks.
While I live a Life Fantastic it’s nonetheless lived in a real world where poverty; prejudice and other leeches sap even the most inspired creative activist- which I why I watch these gents.
Doc Savage; Captain Avenger and Blankman are my favorite fictional real life superheroes- relentlesly wholesome peeks into parallel universes we can visit after escaping the ordinary.
Nadra Enzi

NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK, BLACK LIFE SUPERHERO FOR EVERYBODY! promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082.

[email protected] is where Pay Pal donations can be sent to assist my Hood Conservative efforts which rescues ENDANGERED traditional values like respect for the law and FIRST ourselves inside ” OCCUPIED TERRITORY  ( THE INNER CITY! ) ” * I can also run down to the nearest Western Union too! LOL