A message to Ahna

I got a message tonight from a young lady who wanted me to give her some advice, as her fiance wanted to become a real life superhero..  Unfortunately, she only accepts messages from friends and only allows people to be her friend if they know her last name.  MySpace is funny sometimes.
None the less, I wanted to respond and, maybe this creates an interesting opportunity to share this response with others.  So whereever Ahna is, I hope she gets a chance to read this blog.
Hello Ahna,
First, don’t panic.  For many men, this is an evolution of their desire to help the world. So, the good news is, your fiance has a good and giving heart.
The second thing is … well … maybe it would be better if my wife just told you how she feels and lives with me.
Hi, I’m CP’s wife… I have to admit, I take it all with a grain of salt.  I love my husband and I want him to be happy and this helps him achieve that.  Mind you, he doesn’t dress up in tights, lurk inalleys and go fight crime. No one should be doing that in real life.  He is more about social awareness, creating programs for community awareness (like a neighborhood watch type thing) and using the costume to gain awareness to his pro social message.  When it comes to the whole “Real Lifer’s” who go out every night looking for trouble I sort of ignore it all.  CP does volunteer with the local police force so he seems to have found a great way to do it all.  For me, as long as he is safe and always comes home to his family.  I support him. 😉 Wishing you the best.
Prime again.
So there you go.  Have your fiance contact me if you’d like.  If you are worried about his safety, well then he does need to talk to me.  RLSHers are not about lurking in dark alleys and taking down drug dealers.  They should be the eyes and ears for law enforcement.  They are not law enforcement officials. Best they/he/we always remember that..  We are about (well, the good ones anyway) finding ways to wake up the world and sending out a message that the heart of a hero lies in everyone.
I hope that helps.  Good luck and write back if you’d liek to hear more.


All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.  ~Anatole France
A “Change Expert” (yes, people actually have titles like these in the business world) told me once, “People only have so much change they can handle at one time.  Some people have more, some less.  Eventually, everyone kind of pauses and says, yea, that’s enough for now.”
I never really thought much about it as changes – big changes – seemed a part of my life.  In fact, if I was not going through some sort of deep, life changing event, I was waiting for the next to occur.
Well, the next has occurred.  Citizen Prime has moved to Utah.
See, I talk so much about living a life full of heroic essence and finding the joy in life, yet I found myself slowly pulled into a life of struggle and obsessive goals and objectives; ignoring, for a time, the best route to my message for myself and my family. And as I live each day for my wife and son, as well as myself, I find their happiness is critical.  And they’re happiness – and mine, I discover each day – resides best in Utah.
Does this somehow affect the existence of Citizen Prime?  Yes and no.  I am always growing, I hope.  And, at the same time, I hold firm to the values that I feel make this country and this world great.  In fact, I’m rather proud of the fact that I am constantly searching for ways to make Citizen Prime relevant in our culture and send a message that people can become the hero in their own story and lead fulfilling, exciting lives.
Yet, along the way, there have been so many ruts to fall into.  It’s almost as if (and maybe it is) I am being tested. Not that I am in the same ballpark as he, but a story comes to mind of Buddha as he was tempted by a series of worldly traps.  He passed by each one successfully only to become more enlightened.  In my own small way, I hope I am on a path that carries the same message.  To evolve is to grow.  I saw another quote that reminded me of this.
It is not necessary to change.  Survival is not mandatory. ~W. Edwards Deming
So why Utah?  Well, both my wife and I are from Utah.  We have a great deal of family and many friends in Utah. And whether I’m Citizen Prime or not, my family always comes first – although I need reminding of that sometimes.  As for Prime and The League of Citizen Heroes, there is much to do to establish a presence here in Utah.  It’s a great time to apply some of the lessons I’ve learned over the last three years.  I’m looking forward to the challenge of starting anew.
Citizen PrimeAnd we’re coming out swinging.  A few people might remember the BlogTalkRadio show I hosted called, Are You Primed?.  Well, we’re producing new episodes and they’ll be as informative and interesting as ever. I’ll be producing a weekly vlog, as well, sharing thoughts and lessons on how to live a heroic life.  I got this idea as people were contacting me wanting to do more with there lives.  People have always had challenges with perception and reality when it comes to what I do and what I stand for, so I thought I would discuss how I reconcile that desire to do good and keep my feet firmly planted in reality – a lofty goal indeed and I don’t always succeed!
In my life, for example, in the last year, my wife and I had a baby, we got robbed, we moved states, I changed jobs, we lost three dear canine companions, I lost the Prime Armor in an airport (briefly), had an honorary patrol with both The Black Monday Society and Geist, and continued to build both The League of Citizen heroes, my “alter ego” career and, most importantly, keep my family safe, happy and whole.  And that’s nothing compared to what other people have had to endure; people who have contacted me and shared their stories of good and bad.  And you know what’s most amazing about those people.  They don’t give up or give in.  Those people still keep on looking to do Good and find Good in the world.  I know, from all this, that people can handle much change.
As to that Change Expert’s advice.  She may be right, but I know our limits are so far beyond what we think they are. It’s about staying in the groove, and moving forward.
Until next time, stay strong and stay heroes.
This blog is also available at www.Prime.Vox.com with additional content.

Citizen Prime Robbed! And the rest of the story!

I seldom talk about my private life.  There is so much going on in the world that its hard to find time to write, period.  Over the last month, I’ve been getting ready for the launch of The League of Citizen Heroes, being a guest at the Phoenix Comicon, preparing to patrol during Superbowl weekend, organize the programs housed under the League, etc, so on and so forth.  During the last month, I’ve kept the following secret under my hat.  None the less, I feel this is important so I’m going to “spill the beans.”
On January 4th, my house … was robbed.
Yep.  Citizen Prime’s lair was ransacked!  It was random, street crime.  The burglars  had no idea who I was.  I was just another cased joint.  And it is the last one they’ll be robbing for a long time.  Allow me to explain.
See, we were not home for the holidays.  We were visiting family and friends (including The Black Monday Society) during the end of December and beginning of January.  A wonderful elderly woman watches our house when we are away.  On Friday, January, 4th, we received a phone call.
“Hello, Jim.  I hope you’re sitting down.  I’ve got some bad news,” said the concerned voice of our house sitter on the other end of the phone,  “Over the last few days, someone broke in and took quite a few of your things.” She continued listing the items she thought were stolen.
If you’ve ever received news that your house has been robbed, it’s a surreal experience.  The irony of Citizen Prime being robbed did not escape me either.  Counting myself lucky for having my armor, laptop and cell phones with me, I listened while our house sitter recounted all the things she thought they took.  It ended up being about $15,000 dollars worth of stuff including the desktop computer where all the Citizen Prime info and projects are listed.  Among the “stuff” (and it is just stuff, mostly), what was most disheartening was the loss of photos (a 1000 honeymoon photos among them), Prime projects, and the like.  Theft is an emotional violation, don’t let anyone tell you differently.
While reeling from the news she was delivering on my cell, I was conducting a business call on a land line, pacing furiously, and trying to keep myself in check.  When I hung up both phones. I packed up wife, child and our remaining stuff and raced back to Arizona to survey the damage.
Now, I tell you all this to make the following point.
Crime does not pay.
Without going into details, last week, the thieves were caught!  Working with the local detectives, we are putting a case together to lock these low lifes away for a long time.  And what I feel for the criminals can be boiled down to one word:
Seeing the single wide trailer they live in and the old beat up car they use to rob people, how do these geniuses think that crime pays?  Now, its not a crime to be poor, nor is money the symbol of clean living.  That being so, if you could see their living room, bedroom, kitchen, everywhere and all the junk that they live amongst in their quest to hit the big score, you’d agree – these guys did not get rich while they were on their crime spree.  I say “spree” as the authorities estimate they have robbed about 20 houses in the last couple of years.  So what did there life of crime get them?  Not any richer – we saw that.  Instead, it got them years behind bars.  Years away from their kids.  Its just plain stupid.
Looking through the list of evidence and photos from the search warrant, it saddens me even more to see the “stuff”  these petty thugs tried to take away from others.  We saw an irreplaceable World War II photo stolen because the crooks liked the box it was in.  Jewelry, like my wife’s, is often passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter.  And these guys chop up heirlooms and sell it for the metal.  Theft takes memories and emotions along with the “stuff.”
In this case, all these things, or as much as is able, will go back to the families, while these two short sighted, greedy thieves (and hopefully their accomplices, if the investigation pans out) go away for a long time.  Time they will not get back.  Time that will put their lives that much farther behind the eight ball.  Time that will further ruin their eroded lives.  Its sad.
Crime does not pay.
So to all you budding criminal geniuses out there.  You never know when you will rob the wrong house or the wrong guy.  And when you do, rest assured, the next house you’ll see will be the Big House, or in Arizona, Sheriff Joe’s “Tent City”.  A place you do not want to end up.  You can and will get caught.  The police are sharper than you think, they have allies – seen and unseen – in the community, and there sole desire is to put criminals like these in prison.
And what do I want?  As a victim of random crime, I want my pictures, projects and irreplaceable stuff back.  In large part, I’m going to get that, while these poor souls do hard time.
As Citizen Prime, I want it never to come to this.  I want everyone to fly right! Look. The math is simple.  Don’t do the crime and you won’t do the time.  Its not worth it.  Instead, join me in living a full life in the free world.  Have the guts, strength and the courage to forge your own life – not steal it from others.
Crime does not pay.

Get a personal visit from Citizen Prime!

Citizen_Prime_TD_VisitIf you can give a gift to a child, I want to shake your hand!

That’s right, this year’s Annual Toy Drop has a special twist to it. If you donate even a single toy befor December 10th, Citizen Prime will come out and pick up the toy personally in full dress uniform!
And remember, every donation goes to benefit the Phoenix Children’s Hospital kids.
(Phoenix or surrounding areas only, folks)

Nationwide Toy Drop on 12/12/2007 – Call to All Citizen Heroes!

Step By Step: How to Participate
Every child deserves a toy on Christmas and we wouldn’t be heroes if we didn’t make that happen.  Your help is needed across the country and its easy to do.  Here’s how:

  1. Read what the kids need on this page
  2. Contact Citizen Prime and let him know what you can donate
  3. Coordinate a place and time of your choosing to drop off the gifts.
  4. Check the website for pictures of the kids after Christmas.

Most importantly, tell us how you’d like to help!  We’re always happy to have Citizen Heroes, like yourself, assist in the Toy Drop.  Let us know what you’d like to do and we’ll help you be the best hero you can.

Toy Drop Guidelines

Due to hospital regulations, we have to abide by the following guidelines to get the toys in kids hands:

  • All gifts must be new and unwrapped.
  • Donations need to be received by Dec. 12,.
  • Hospital volunteers will wrap the gifts.  Nice, huh?
  • Access may be restricted to protect the patients health in the winter months.

Wish List
We are in need of items in all age groups.  We are most in need of items listed under “Infants,” “Toddlers,” and “Adolescents” as well as gift cards, holiday wrapping paper, tape, and ribbons.  The most requested items for each age group are in bold.  I goes without saying that we greatly appreciate every donation.
To make a donation, please contact Jim Wayne at ..:NAMESPACE PREFIX = SKYPE />..:NAMESPACE PREFIX = SKYPE />(866) 369-3395 to arrange pick up or drop off.


  • Infant Rattles/ Teething Toys (Sassy, First Years, Gerber, etc)
  • Crib Mobiles (Sassy Music in Motion Mobile, Fisher Price Aquarium Mobile, Fisher Price Flutter Dreams Baby Bird Mobile, Baby Einstein Color and Shape Mobile, Manhattan Baby Dev Stimulation Mobile)
  • Musical and Light-up toys
  • Books (Board and vinyl)
  • Infant Stimulation Toys (black, red, and white)
  • Infant Mirrors
  • Fisher Price Crib Aquariums
  • Infant Kick and Play’s/ Activity Gyms
  • Swings/Bouncers
  • Bumbo Baby seat (Infant Chair)


  • Shape Sorters and stacking toys
  • Pop-up toys/ cause and effect toys
  • Musical and Light-up toys
  • Books (touch & feel, pop-up, musical)
  • One-piece Activity Toys
  • Fisher Price Little People / Little Tikes play sets
  • Plastic Cars, Trucks, Trains, etc.
  • Large blocks
  • Vinyl Play/Tumbling Floor Mats (No larger than 5×5)
  • DVD Movies (Newer releases, G rated)

Pre School Age

  • Popular action figures (Sponge Bob, Dora, Diego, Spiderman, Superman, etc.)
  • Dolls (plastic, babies, Disney Princesses, Dora the Explorer, etc.)
  • Large electronic interactive toys (Leapfrog, etc.)
  • Plastic Cars and Trucks
  • Magna Doodles and drawing boards
  • Hot Wheels and Match Box cars
  • Books (interactive, musical, pop-up books)
  • Fisher Price Little People / Little Tikes play sets
  • Lego’s (small and large) and Lego people
  • View Masters with Disks
  • Bubbles
  • Play-Doh
  • Remote Control Cars/Trucks (rechargeable)
  • DVD Movies (Newer releases, G and PG rated)

School Age

  • Balls of all types (basketball, football, Nerf toys, toss games, etc.)
  • Small Lego Sets (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Bionical’s, etc.)
  • Craft/Art kits (beading, sewing, model airplanes, model cars, etc)
  • Any toys with Hannah Montana, High School Musical, That’s So Raven, or Sponge Bob theme
  • Books (I Spy, story, and chapter books)
  • Beading kits
  • Gift Cards in all price ranges (Target, Wal-Mart, Toys’R’Us, Blockbuster, Movie Tickets, Sports Authority, Best Buy, etc.)
  • Hand Held Electronic Games (20 Questions, Bop-it, Connect 4, etc.)
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Stress Squeeze Toys
  • Paint-By-Number Sets
  • Black Velvet Fuzzy Posters coloring sets
  • DVD Movies (Newer releases, up to PG-13, NO rated R)

DVD Movies (Newer releases, up to PG-13, NO rated R)

  • Bath gels, Lotions, Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover
  • Craft/Art kits (Beading, sewing, Model airplanes, Model cars)
  • Gift Cards in all price ranges (Target, Wal-Mart, Toys’R’Us, Blockbuster, Movie Tickets, Sports Authority, Best Buy, etc.)
  • T-Shirts/Hats with Cartoon/Sports Logos and athletic shorts
  • Activity Books, Word Searches, Cross Word Puzzles, and Sodoku
  • Nerf Toys, such as basketball, football, sets, toss games
  • Photo Albums and Scrap-booking Supplies
  • Playing and UNO cards, UNO Attack
  • Diaries/Journals
  • Nerf Toys, such as basketball, football, sets, toss games
  • Craft/Art kits (Beading, Model airplanes, Model cars)
  • Photo Albums and Scrap-booking Supplies
  • Playing cards / Magic sets
  • UNO cards and UNO Attack
  • Black Velvet Fuzzy Poster coloring sets
  • Game boy Advance Game Systems
  • Game boy Advance Games (Rated E)
  • Game Cube Games (Rated E)
  • PS2 Games (Rated E)
  • X-Box 360 Games (Rated E)
  • Portable/personal DVD players
  • Discman/Walkman
  • No More Tangles Spray
  • Music CD’s (Teen music; no explicit lyrics, nature, relaxation, classical)

Arts and Craft and Creative Items

  • Boxes/Photo Frames to decorate
  • Beads/ individual beading kits
  • Individual craft kits
  • Markers (washable, fabric, Sharpie, etc.)
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Glue (tacky, Elmer’s, glue sticks, glitter)
  • Wiggly Eyes, Rhinestones, Sequin Decorations-Large Containers
  • Self Stick Foam Pieces
  • Lanyard String
  • Wiggly Eyes, Rhinestones, Sequin Decorations-Large Containers
  • Self Stick Foam Pieces
  • Lanyard String
  • Gel Pens
  • Sketch Books and Pencils
  • White and Colored Poster Board
  • Model Magic clay
  • Water color paper

1 Darn Cool School

  • Dora the Explorer books and items
  • Dora the Explorer CD-ROM computer game
  • Sponge Bob CD-ROM computer game
  • Sponge Bob books and items
  • Chicken Soup Book
  • Trivial Pursuit Jr.
  • Guinness World Records books 2000 and up
  • 500 Polaroid film
  • Klutz kits
  • Smithsonian motor-works engine building sets (Wal-mart)
  • Tonka Hasbro 5-10 wood kits, cars, planes, trucks
  • Bionicle Lego Sets
  • Dinosaurs Kits, Hard Cardboard or Wood
  • Prismacolor Markers
  • Nickelodeon Movie Theater by Readers Digest


  • Portable DVD players
  • Digital camera (Kodak Easy Share)
  • Gift Cards in all price ranges (Target, Wal-Mart, Toys’R’Us, Blockbuster, Movie tickets, Sports Authority, Best Buy, etc.)
  • Hair Clips and Hair Ties
  • Hairbrushes
  • 500 Polaroid Film
  • Disposable Cameras
  • Wall Posters (Character, Sports, Bright colors for kids and teens)
  • Mini Dry Erase Boards and Markers
  • Kodak Printer Paper Kit G600

Special Holiday/Birthday Donation Needs

  • Christmas wrapping paper (non-religious)
  • Scotch tape
  • Ribbon
  • Bows
  • Large (heavy duty) White Trash Bags
  • Handled Gift Bags (solid and patterns for all holidays) both medium and large size


The World Needs Heroes

By Citizen Prime
From Ration Reality
Today, the world needs heroes more than ever. In 1945, being a good man meant standing up for your neighbor as well as your country. It meant doing the right thing, and everyone knew what the right thing was. World War II was, arguably, our hour of greatest need and it bred men of amazing conviction and character as they fought against Hitler and what was called the Axis Powers. Today we are being attacked by a modern day axis of evil that threatens all freedom loving people.
The axis of disillusionment, fear and greed. These three powers have taken our culture by storm, infiltrating into every TV, radio and internet browser. And on the other side of this war lie the people of heroic character. They still exist. Yet, when heroes are mentioned, people are as likely to laugh as be combative. The tales of heroes, like our current war heroes, seem an exaggerated mythos to those who cannot conceive of the conviction it takes to do the right thing. And it is conviction at the heart of the matter. Yet, heroes do exist today and they exist all around us. Need proof? Zach Petkewicz’s quick thinking during the Virginia Tech shooting spree saved lives. Debra Boyd saved two people — a mother and her daughter — when a tornado hit the school where she worked. A store clerk talks with CNN’s John Roberts uncovers a plot to attack Fort Dix. See www.cnn.com/heroes for more about this brave souls. And these people are the merest tip of the iceberg. The honest truth is the hero is you, if given the right opportunity and you make the right choices.
So, how do you react when faced with those choices? Do you risk and possibly sacrifice your own well being to help someone in greater need? Imagine what it would be like if we all felt such kinship. Even today’s career criminals are not entirely immune to this concept of camaraderie. The genesis of gangs was an effort to protect and serve one’s own. That noble origin might be a far cry from gang activity today. As disillusionment in society, fear of harm or death and greed to get whatever one could sets in, the concept is entirely lost to decadence. But ironically, their roots were about family. What if we could all broaden that sense of protection for what we perceive as “our own” until we literally had no outsiders left?
What if we could learn the values of tolerance, understanding and treat everyone as we do our inner circle? Imagine the future we could offer our children. And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want a better life for their children.When Sen. Barack Obama asked his daughter what we are here on earth for, she replied, “To help each other get through this.” As children, we have that natural sense of community. Somewhere along the way, we get disillusioned about that communal instinct. Convinced that we can’t flourish with such “naive” standards as universal acceptance and brotherhood. So, we come to the adult stance of “might makes right” and “if they want something, they take it.” Whether verbal, social or physical, it all amounts to the same – bullying. In a way, that’s okay.
We have to find the bullies. We can’t discuss the issue unless we know who to discuss it with. Only then can we have a meaningful dialogue with them about what it really means to protect themselves and protect their families. We could start with a question: When did you lose that natural sense of brotherhood and sisterhood? What straw broke your back? Was it the constant fear of growing up in a bad neighborhood? Was it the disillusionment of friendship lost due to hard choices growing up? Was it a friend who turned his back to us for a payday? Whatever it was, it was not any one thing or person. It was those negative values we live with in this era of free thinking. Fear, greed and disillusionment. The current Axis of Evil.And the one thing that has been around, since World War II – since forever – is the inspiration of heroes that are larger than life to illuminate values we want to emulate in our lives. Whether it was Zeus, Superman, or Captain America, its easy to see why we find the myths compelling. They live above the moral spaghetti bowl we deal with and cut wide swaths through their problems with unbridled powers and clear conscience decisions.
And the question of the day, of our day, is do we want to focus on the fear, greed and disillusionment that surrounds us? Do we want to add to it by attacking and belittling each other? Or, possibly, do we want to emulate those traits of heroes past and present, real and fictional, that stand up for what is right? Do we want to have the moral fiber to stand against a bullying onslaught and respond with rational kindness and strength of character? The answer is in our actions and it is those actions that define us as hero or not. Regardless of your choice, throughout human history, one thing has remained constant. We all absolutely need to have heroes. Today, the world is in short supply. One exists inside everyone. Bring it out. Be the hero in your own life and I assure you, you’ll soon find you are a hero to many.

Phoenix Magazine Real Life Superhero Article

For those who live in or around Phoenix, I highly recommend picking up a copy of the latest Phoenix magazine.  Inside you will find an article about real life superheroes and the great work they are doing in this pioneering effort to raise awareness.
If you live to far from Phoenix and cannot get a copy, I hope Phoenix magazine will go easy on me for presenting a copy here for the community to enjoy!
Citizen Prime

Citizen Prime Audition Video

I promised some word of what is going on and – finally – I can share a little bit with you all.
I’d like to share with you a portion of my audition video for Who Wants To Be A Superhero.  For those who have not heard about it, I am auditioning and encourage you to do the same.  Inspiration is our main job and this venue is an awesome opportunity to inspire others.
Before you watch this portion of my audition film, some discussion might make a few of you more at ease.  First and foremost, those of you who know me will notice a distinct difference between the real Citizen Prime and the inspirational Citizen Prime in the film.  The film highlights an inspirational concept for a super powered Citizen Prime and I’m completely over-the-top excited about sharing it with everyone.  I look at it as a fantastic opportunity to give back to the inspirational genre that has clearly inspired me and so many of you.  What this means is you will see a super powered Citizen Prime with powers that are hyperbole for my real life mission.  In other words, while in this reality, I cannot find and prime actual superheroes, I hope, through these works to inspire others to live with The heart of a Hero and watch over their communities in a spirit of family, as we all are.
Another thing this inadvertantly means is, while my identity was never secret, a layer of privacy will be removed with every step of this process.  This does not change my mission to inspire others and be an example of what we should all be doing, but it is worth mentioning.
I hope you enjoy the film.
Citizen Prime
Click here to be redirected to MetaCafe and the film.  Thanks!

A pebble in a Pond

A costumed do-gooder’s affect on the community is like a pebble in the pond.  By yourself, you appear to help little.  But that would be a wrong assumption.  Your example expands exponentially.  People see you.  Drug dealers avoid you.  Most importantly, you give others the idea that they can be heroes too.  You don’t even have to have a costume to make a difference.  Just be willing to turn back around and check on that broken down car, or just stick around, ready to intercede if an argument goes south.  Good people everywhere have the heart of a hero, if given the chance to show it.  Its finding ways to bring that out, to join together, to show the world that we won’t allow crime and injustice to ruin our day.  That is your mission once you find The Heart of a Hero.  Be the pebble.

Prime Armor

First and foremost, thanks everyone for all the great comments.  I’m glad it meets with general approval.  After all, it and I am here to inspire you and everyone to follow suit (pun intended).
Secondly, I have a lot a questions on the gear which I am happy to answer.  I’ll list the questions and who asked, then answer below.
January 10, 20079:27 AM
Obviously ALL custom work! Chicken plate over Leather right? How’s the Mobility?
The armor (with the exception of the helmet, which is steel) is 18 gauge aluminum.  Hard enough to take any non-ballistic hit and obviously stab proof.
The Chameleon
January 10, 200712:30 AM
You can move in that getup, right? Cool!
The mobility is excellent.  I can high kick, low crouch, climb, sprint and somersault, of which I have done all of in the armor.
January 10, 20079:28 AM
Just noticed the Mic! Cell?
I have a voice amplification unit as well as listening amplifier and cell phone access.  In future versions, I am considering making this a throat mic, but I kinda like the look of the mic.
January 10, 2007 9:22 AM
AMAZING! What are you using as a Holster?
It is custom made.  The inspiration is a Anglo-Saxon battle ax holder.
January 10, 2007 10:15 AM
what is your cape made of?
The cape is made of synthetics.  It is a dress piece.  A am planning on making a ballistic version, probably dark for regular patrols.
January 10, 2007 9:29 AM
Just realized that’s a shotgun Side saddle with all your Cylinders, Brilliant. Mind if I follow suit?
Not at all!  I hope everyone finds something they can use!
January 10, 20079:30 AM
Kevlar or more steel?
The helmet is steel.  It is armor and is ballistic although truthfully I don’t know if they have rated authentic steel armor helmets.
January 10, 20075:17 AM
your head doesn’t look pointy in this one 🙂
The pointy actually has a … er … point.  It defects blows and projectiles more efficiently.
The Wall™
January 10, 20071:03 AM
How do you keep cool in all that gear? It must get pretty hot in AZ during the Summer…
The armor has plenty of ventilation and the under armor is “heat gear” and sweat wicking.  I imagine the summer might get a little uncomfortable.  I will be using an evaporative gorget (they use them in Motocross) and a cool pack in the helmet (used by professional mascots).
January 10, 2007 9:13 AM
is the helmet and the mask one unit or does it consist of two seperate components? I really like the leather mask. Where can I get one?
The helmet and mask are two pieces. I also wear a heat gear Under Armor baklava underneath that.  Its very comfortable.  You can get both by hiring a professional armorer to make them for you.  =)
Again, I’m glad it is met with some excitement.  This is an exciting time, for all of us.  This is the window we should use to fill the streets with heroes and inspire everyone to live with the Heart of a Hero.  Be proud that you are a pioneer in this endeavor.  Be proud to be a real life superhero.
Be the change the world needs.
Citizen Prime