NYI helping stop the Long Island Serial Killer


To all Ladies: Free Protection and Safety System, (Long Island Killer) – m4w – 29 (NYC)

Hello, pretty lady!
I’m writing you on behalf of a group called the New York Initiative (We are not affiliated with law enforcement), and with the hopes that I’ve created a system that will help keep you safe when you go on dates! You can find our facebook page through Google, as well as Google us with the words New York Press or Superheroes Documentary 2011 to find out what we’re about (Craigslist doesn’t allow me to post our URL)…yes, we look a little funny, but believe me when I say that we are all quite competent and capable of doing the things we say.
So with that out of the way, let me just get down to business… The Long Island Killer is out there. He’s a scary bastard, and it’s starting to seem like he is focusing on you pretty ladies because some people are slower to report you missing, and also because apparently the law doesn’t respect your personal choices and that means cops are slower to follow through when it comes to you. Well, I’m here to say FUCK THAT. We respect you as human beings, we believe in personal freedoms and think that you’re doing something that is absolutely your choice to do.
So rock on, ladies…We are on your side. With that said, we are here to help.
In lieu of this, I have devised two systems that will keep you safe… both law-enforcement free, but one meant specifically for you to do on your own, with a friend, and the other which offers our very distinct and unusual services (free of charge, of course).
OPTION 1: Whenever you have a date, make sure a friend knows the address you’re going. Have them write it down in a book made specifically for this purpose, with the times and dates included. If you can, when on the date, text your friend with the address you are at or the general area in case your date takes you somewhere else than he had earlier specified , and let your date know that a friend knows exactly where you’ll be if he starts to get “funny”.
Give your friend hourly updates on your location so if anything goes wrong, they can send someone to help you faster. We realize that this could alter the mood of your date, but in these crazy times, a pretty lady that’s ready is a pretty lady that’s alive. If your date watches the news at all, he will understand. Be wary if he doesn’t.
OPTION 2.If you absolutely don’t have a friend to help you with this, you may use the services of the New York Initiative as your personal log book, as well as your rescue team in the event of an emergency. If you choose to do this, we will provide you with a number to call and a few one-number or one word codes you can say or text to us so that we can contact someone to assist you with a possibly violent date. Another idea is keeping us on speed dial, and if things get weird just call us and let the line open. We’ll know what’s going on immediately.
We also have other techniques which we can explain to you after confirmation via phone.
We will react quickly and without hesitation every time, using our considerable contacts to the full extent of their reach.
We also want to extend to you our services as the NYI: Namely, practical martial arts training free of charge, as well as improvised weapons training free of charge (i.e. pens, phones, keys)…Add to this basic to advanced survival skills, or pretty much anything else you want to know about that will keep you safe out there.
We care about you. We want you alive, in this world, just like everyone else. Because you’re a human being, and you are deserving of love. The NYI loves you, and we’re here to bust the asses of any asshole trying to hurt you.
This is just one of the ways we can get the Long Island Killer off the streets, as well as make what you do safer.
Let me say one more time that we won’t involve law enforcement unless you are in serious danger. The logs will be kept personal and private, because what do the police need to know about your personal life, right? It’s just a date, for cryin’ out loud.
Be safe out there, whatever you choose. You are no longer alone.
-Zero and the New York Initiative
P.S. If you have any other ideas that we can help with to keep you safe out there, don’t be afraid to ask!
You can contact the New York Initiative at [email protected]
and on facebook www.facebook.com/NYInitiative

We Stand United

The Wall Street Journal has recently come out with an article about a few real life superheroes disagreeing.  It was actually on the front page.  I believe it  is a pathetic article coming from the Wall Street Journal. The Journal is know for being an elite source of media and they stooped to the level of printing essentially a gossip column about real life superheroes.
The writer spoke to several real life superheroes and heard about some of the amazing work they do and even after continued to write a trash story.  The story focused on some minor disagreements between a few people in a much larger culture.  In any community or culture there are always people who disagree about things and the real life superhero community is no different.  It is really not a big deal and most certainly doesn’t warrant a news article, especially in the Wall Street Journal of all places.
The real story about real life superheroes is the work they do.  There is an amazing and inspirational story to be told which unfortunately was not.  People are going out on their own free time, spending money out of pocket, putting tons of effort in to going out to help others, put their lives on the line fighting crime, finding wrong to right, and making their communities & the world around them a better place.
There were many mis-characterizations about rlsh.  Phoenix Jones fed into it.  He is very unhappy about the way his words were used.  The reporter spent lots of time with him and cherry picked quotes and lead him into saying certain things.
Real Life Superheroes do all types of activities which the writer knew about, but decided to follow the slant of rlsh’s feed the homeless and do charity work while Phoenix Jones does hardcore crime-fighting.  He was trying to further create division and drama.
Fact is the real life superhero movement has been around since the 1970’s.  Many have stopped violent crime and many specifically work to combat violent crime. Real life superheroes have been risking their lives to help protect others, they have been in serious danger, injured, threatened, and so on, all to protect and help others.  Not all real life superheroes fight crime, some focus on homeless outreach, community service, and environmental issues. One must remember being a real life superhero is about making positive change in your community and not necessarily about being a tough guy and fighting crime.
This is a movement working to bring good deeds, community action, public and social awareness to problems, and create a better and brighter society.
The media can slant things the way they want, over-dramatize things, and try to create division, but they will not divide this culture because we are all united in working towards a better brighter tomorrow.
-Dark Guardian-

What Do You Stand For?

There are lots of people who call themselves real life superheroes.  I have seen thousands of people make up myspace or facebook profiles proclaiming themselves real life superheroes. I have seen hundreds of people come on forums proclaiming themselves real life superheroes.  Out of these thousands and thousands of people I have seen only a small amount actually live up to the term.  Many people who actually go out and do things don’t necessarily live up to the term.
Being a real life superhero is not just about wearing a costume and hitting the streets.
It is about working consistently to make positive change in your community.  It is about being a good person in and out of your uniform.
Being a positive example.
Acting appropriately.
Operating safe and efficient.
Following the law.
Helping all those that you can.
Being a role model.
Being humble.
Going above and beyond to help others and make a difference.
I have been witness to many calling themselves RLSH and many who are widely known and accepted as RLSH not being what they claim.
Many have made false claims, made up stories, fake exploits, fake injuries, fake accomplishments, etc.
Many act inappropriately.  Saying and doing irresponsible things, talk of violence & vigilantism, objectifying women, committing illegal acts, pulling out weapons on unarmed civilians, showboating, seeking fame, and doing this for selfish reasons.
People who do these things have no right being called a real life superhero.
Anyone involved in this I ask what do you stand for?
What do you stand for as a person?
What do you stand for as a real life superhero?
Are you a liar or jerk with a costume or someone who bring superhero ideals in to the real world and truly creates positive change?

Superheroes Documentary

Superhero the MovieSuperheroes – Directed by Michael Barnett and produced by Theodore James.
Superheroes is a journey inside the world of real-life caped crusaders. From all over America, these everyday citizens don masks, homemade costumes and elaborate utility belts in an attempt to bring justice to evildoers everywhere.
This documentary is the definitive film on real life superheroes.  It features Mr. Extreme, Superhero, Master Legend, Zetaman, Z, Zimmer, Black Monday Society, Dark Guardian, Thanatos  and many more.
Superheroes will premiere January at Slamdance film festival.
Like it on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Superheroes-Documentary/125209937542451

NYC RLSH Patrol 12/10/10

Blindside, Samaritan, Zero(Z), Three, Dark Guardian

Blindside, Samaritan, Zero(Z), Three, Dark Guardian

Went out this weekend with Zero aka Z, Three, Blindside, Samaritan, Peter Tangen, and a reporter and photographer from a magazine. We went out to Washington Square Park on Friday night; the park has a history of being a haven for drug dealers. I have been out in the park, taking on the drug dealers for a few years now.
Samaritan had walked through the park before meeting up with the rest of us and was offered drugs by two dealers. I like to get confirmation of who is selling drugs and what they are selling before I take action in the park. I got ready to go undercover, wearing my bullet and stab proof vest and a wired microphone under my jacket.  I walked through the park with Peter a good distance behind me with a camera. The drug dealer approached me and began mumbling something to me. I looked over and said, “what’s up”? He asked if I wanted to smoke. I asked him what he had. He said, “nickel or dime bag”? I then asked what else he had. He said I would need to pay a buck or $150. I asked him again what he had. He responded, “I got eight balls, but it will cost you, you got to spend to get”. I said I would have to check with a friend and see if I can get the money and walked away outside of the park.
After I walked away he spotted the cameras. He walked back over to me outside the park. I was standing with the people from the magazine. He asked if we were filming him. I said, no my friend is a photographer and he always has his camera. The drug dealer then threatened to break the cameras if we were filming him. The dealer has shown to be dealing some serious drugs and now to be confrontational and violent.
The drug dealer went back into the park where; Peter, Zero, and Three were, and began to confront them. Both Blindside and Samaritan were across the park keeping an eye out, in case the situation would have escalated.While the dealer was nearby Peter, Zero, and Three, I then approached a police officer. I told him that there was drug dealer in the park and that I had audio and video of him dealing. The officer said that I had to send it over to the narcotics division. I told him that the dealers were over by my friends. He asked if I was worried about an altercation, and I said yes. After the police officer finished writing a ticket, he came over. The officer asked us what was going on. The dealer started rambling about being filmed, and that we needed permission to do so if it was for commercial filming. He continued to ramble on about it. I got pissed and said, “you are dealing drugs out here and can not do that”! The cop informed him that we could film whatever we want, and that he can not keep dealing out there. The dealer did not respond and kept rambling on about commercial filming. The cop left and we stayed in the park. The dealer kept going on about filming and I yelled at him, “you know what we are going to do , send this over to narcotics”! He responded, “do I look fu**ing scared”? We had an exchange of words, and I told Peter to keep the camera on this scumbag. I yelled at him,” sell your drugs now”. At this point, we were not ready to let this situation go, so myself and Z got our gear on and, the rest of the group joined to patrol the park, with flashlights and cameras. When everyone came together the dealers got scared. We managed to take the park, and the dealers slowly left. I shined my light on a few of them, mouthed off a bit, and they all eventually left.
After being there for a while about 5 cops came into the park. They did not bother us, they were actually very cool and told us to stay safe. We left the park in their hands and went off to do homeless outreach. We did not come across many homeless, hopefully this was because they had places to say. We did give out some blankets and supplies to a few people, which was good.

RLSH & Police

Real Life Superheroes believe in working with the police.  They work to make a positive difference in their communities.   While many RLSH actively do safety patrols and neighborhood watch activities, they do not seek to act as a police officer.  Many real life superheroes have fought crime, but only within the confines of the law.   RLSH’s report suspicious activities and crime to the police.  They act as an extra set of ears and eyes for the police.  They only intervene if necessary.
Real life superheroes are about going out to make a positive difference in their communities.  The RLSH movement is based around altruism and community service.
We do not support vigilante justice.  We do not seek to hurt or scare anyone.  We can not control everyone who throws on a mask and goes out on the streets.  If anyone goes out seeking vigilante justice or puts innocent people in danger they are not accepted here.

No Integrity – Red Line Films & Hero House

Red Line Films is producing a real life superhero show for IFC (Independent Film Channel), titled “Hero House”.
Red Line Films has dealt with many people in the real life superhero community while working to put together this show. They have shown a total lack of integrity, through their actions in dealing with real life superheroes. They have created a pilot in which they do not have real life superheroes best interest at heart. Red Line Films does not care the slightest bit about real life superheroes, or in providing an inspirational and positive show. They are looking to exploit real life superheroes for for the sole reason of monetary gain.
Red Line Films have shown their true character and intentions time and time again.
They came into it not really knowing much about rlsh or the community. They showed that they would do whatever it takes to get a show on TV, without caring about how the real life superheroes would look or be portrayed.
A little while back Red Line Films tried to get a show on MTV titled “Super-Duper” and it failed.
On this show they wanted to use real life super-villains, which would make rlsh look like a joke and to fuel the idea that rlsh are cosplayers and larper’s.
They very much wanted certain people on the show because they were crazy. People whom have shown to be destructive and possibly harmful to others. Even after being told about said person they did not care, showing that they were more interested in drama rather than doing something positive. Also this showed a blatant disregard for cast members safety.
When they were trying to find cast members they lied about who they were signing for the show. They told others that I was signed on to do the show, when I was committed to another project which they fully knew. They lied about having several real life superheroes who were signed to their show, when they also were not.
Red line Films tried to get rlsh who were signed on to do other projects to sign on with them knowing full well that it could cause the rlsh legal problems. These people would tell rlsh’s signed on with another show that their contracts did not mean anything or that they could get them out of said contract. These people are liars, and do not care about putting you in legal trouble.
They talk negatively, and bad mouth real life superheroes to other rlsh. Not only do they talk negative about real life superheroes, but when interviewing real life superheroes they attempt to get them on camera bad mouthing other rlsh. This has been corroborated by several individuals who have been interviewed by them. I will have more about this in future articles.
For the IFC show Hero House, it seems as though they have targeted a lot of newer, younger, lesser know, and experienced rlsh. This allows them to make it easier to manipulate them.
They have underage kids as a part of their cast; knowing full well that they have them doing dangerous things and putting them in harmful situations. Once again they show a lack of concern for their safety. The use of underage kids is unethical, immoral, and irresponsible.
There is more information to come about Red Line Films and their pilot show Hero House for IFC.
Keep checking www.RealLifeSuperheroes.org for more information.

IFC Show Hero House

There is a show pilot titled Hero House for IFC (Independent Film Channell) about real life superheroes. I would like to officially announce that www.RealLifeSuperheores.org and www.therlsh.net does not affiliate with this show in any way. We do not condone or support it in any way. In fact we openly denounce the show and the production company Red Line Films.
While we don’t support Red Line, we do in fact support our fellow heroes. Red Line Films has show that it does not have real life superheores interest at heart in this project.
We will be coming out with articles about red line films and the IFC show pilot Hero House.

RLSH vs WSP Drug Dealers

From Dark Guardian
It was a beautiful April Night. It was clear and warm. A perfect spring night, possibly the nicest day of the year.  On this great night I decided to take on the drug dealers of Washington Square Park. I had been going up against them for some time now.  I had been calling and reporting them to the police and even taking it to the level of direct confrontation.  I was going up to them and kicking them out of the park.  When doing so I would make sure to have at least a small group of people with me and some lights and cameras to deter violence.
This night I was going to make a big statement, not only to the drug dealers, but to my community and the public at large.  I was going to take the park back from the dealers and let everyone around know the dealign will not be tolerated anymore.  This is something I could not do alone, so I got a whole group of real life superheroes together for it.  Many real life superheroes traveled in to back me up and help out.

Every time I go in and do something against the dealers I make sure they are selling.  I send in someone undercover to make sure they are dealers and to find out what exactly they are selling.  This night we sent someone in and they got them offering to sell them eight balls of coke.  A pretty big order to be selling outside in a park.  We scope out the operation they have out there and we were looking at a twenty plus person operation that night.  We know they are dealing and we know who they are.  A group of us gather together getting ready to swarm the park, take it back from the dealers, and kick them out.
As we get ready to go in I hear someone say, “hey you we want to talk to you”.  Two police officers are walking over to me.  I say yes officer, they say they want to speak with me.  I explain to them that I do not break any laws and they tell me that I am not in any trouble, but the Lieutenant wants to speak to me.  They asked that Cameraman and I come down to the precinct.  I comply with the officers request.  We get in their car and drive off to the precinct.  We chat with the officers about the dealers and the problem in the park.  They explain that that they try hard to get the dealers out.  They arrest them constantly and have undercover ops in there.  They say they appreciate what I am doing but don’t want to things to get violent out there and do not want me or anyone else to get hurt.  They tell us they can’t just go in and pat the dealers down or just tell them to leave.  We had a good conversation with the officers.

We arrived at the precinct. It is the special operations precinct.  We walk in and everyone in the precinct knows who we are.  I get various comments like “look who it is”, “Superhero”, and a female officer says “I thought you were taller”.  Cameraman and I sit down in the office and we talked with an officer and the lieutenant.  They know who I am, they have seen videos of me, and know what I do. We talk about the park and the dealers.  There main concern is for my safety. They explain that they have arrested some of these guys 50-60 times and they are back out there.  The one big dealer Carmello who I had been up against was shot in the head before and is still out there.  He talked about how many of them carry weapons and guns.  We talk for a a bit about things.  I explained what I do and why I do it.  They respected what I was trying to do, but did not want to see me or anyone else get hurt.  They said I can contact them if I had any information.  I left them my information and got the lieutenants card.
Cameraman and I left the precinct and had to take a cab back to meet with the rest of the team.  I was a little shaken up after getting picked up by the police and brought in.  I was a little hesitant to get back out there.  I had all these people out here to get my back and help me out.  These dealers were out of control and brazen.  I knew I had to do it and still take on the dealers.  The team gets together and we head out to the park.

We first get in and confront the dealer.  We actually have a conversation about the drug problem out there.  I get on my bull horn and start calling out over it “NO MORE DRUGS IN THE PARK”, “THIS IS NOT YOUR PARK”.  We work our way to the center area of where the dealers were selling.  They back away from us, some start yelling and cursing at us. One dealers starts yelling at us in Jamaican.  We force the dealers out of the park and onto the streets.  Some leave and walk away, many hang out at the outskirts of the park talking with each other, looking over at us, and threatening us.
We took their spot and were out there with cameras, lights, and a bullhorn.  We were messing up their business on a real good night to sell.  We probably cost them thousands of dollars that night.  It got so bad for them that we witnessed their leadership come out.  A man came out and started yelling at the dealers who were forced out of the park.  He was yelling “What the f**k is going on out here”, “You going to let these people bitch you like this”.  He looked over at us yelling threats. We held steady control over our area of the park. A dealer from afar lifts up his shirt flashing a gun at us.  We do not move and he walks away.  We were out there for hours locking down the park and hurting their business.  Most the dealers had left the area. We decided after while to leave.  We had made a big statement and hurt their business bad that night.  We cautiously exited the park as a group.  We walked through the city for a while making sure we were not being followed.

A couple of us hung out for a while after.  This was one of the craziest nights for me in being a real life superhero.  We took a stand against against the dealers and hurt their business bad for the night.  We also called attention to the problem in the park. I’m happy to report that those dealers are not in the park anymore.  I am thankful to everyone who helped out that night. They had my back, put themselves in danger, risked serious injury, and even death to come out and make a difference.

RLSH Why The Hell Are You Doing This?

Dark GuardianReal Life Superheores are growing. It is becoming more popular and becoming more mainstream. The media is getting more and more interested in the idea. There are news reports, news aticles, books, photoshoots, magazine articles, talk of TV shows, and more.
I have been a real life superhero for about 8 years now. I did this when there was seriously only a handful of people doing this. I was out patrolling 3-5 times a week for the first few years. I did this for years before I did a news article.
I have spent thousands of dollars doing this of which the majority was spent on food, water, clothes, pillows, blankets, neccesities for the homeless, school supplies for underprivleged kids, donations, presents for sick children, and more. I have reported crime and faced criminals. I have had my life threatened by actual criminals. I have done the little things like picking up trash and removing grafitti. I have a long history of training. I teach martial arts as my job. I have fought amateur kickboxing. I have taken a cpr/first aid course. I have studied private investigation, surveillance, even majored in criminal justice for a while.
I’m not listing things to go wow look how cool I am. I’m showing my history and qualifications in doing this and my dedication.
I see new people coming around looking to be famous. I see people who just put on a costume and are talking about how they should be on a TV show. People doing this for a couple months and acting like they are someone special. I don’t think I’m all that special. I see people talking about fighting criminals with no real training.
I did this, just to do it. I did this to help make a difference. My own little way of trying to change the world and make up for past mistakes.
I never expected to be on TV or in the newspaper. It was the furthest thing from my mind. My focus was on helping people and making a positive impact. The TV and news stuff wound up coming because of the work I have done. I have never pursued a news story or article. In fact I turn down media all the time. The only reason I do TV or news stuff is to spread a positive and inspiring message and to hopefully get more people involved not just in being rlsh but getting everybody a little more involved and aware in their communities.
I titled this article why the hell are you doing this. And that is a question you should constantly be asking yourself as a real life superhero. If you are here to get famous or be in a newspaper, you shouldn’t be doing this. If you are doing this because you want to beat up criminals, you shouldn’t be doign this. If you are here to make a postive difference and hopefully inspire some other people to do good, you are doing the right thing. If you are doing this because it is a fun way to do some positive things, you are doing it for the right reasons.
Please constantly reevaluate why you are doing this and keep working to make a positive change.
I believe in real life superheores and the positive change this idea can bring. Let’s work together and create that change.