Do people even watch the news?

So I swing thru the Mickey D’s parking lot & there’s these two young guys, one tall & really thin the other really short but put together. Tall thin guy is trying to get away from the short one & short one is staying right on him telling him “Yeah you keep walking ” and other BS. So I put it in park & pop my seat belt & just wait for shorty to grab tall & skinny & start weighing my options:
1. grab shorty: I’ve got just as much Muscle & I’m well outside the 30 Lbs rule on him, I’m no miraculous Fighter but once I’ve got a hold of you you’re in trouble. Put a choke on him & toss him around like raggedy Andy while I’m doing it & tell tall guy to call 911.
2. Climb out with my 9mm.
Fortunately neither happened & tall skinny reached his car. I was surprised he didn’t pull out a gun & then I’d have to jump out to cover shorty in a complete flip of events. Shorty gets to his car & it has a out of state plate on it. You’d think these people would realize, especially in light of recent events that Florida isn’t a good state to threaten people in…Dumb-asses.


So Symbiote Rlsh was in town for one of his students fight down in St.Pete so we decided to patrol. Mostly uneventful night, hit the alleys, posed for pictures, had some dinner, etc. so we’re walking past this 6 story parking garage & we hear “OHMYGAWD!AAAAAHHHHHHAAHHHHAHHH!HELLLLLLPPPPPPP!HELLLLLPPPPPP! Sym & me both look at each other like “huh?” and he yells “it’s on the 5th floor! You go that way I’ll go this way!” I yell “Right!” & we take off in different directions. You have to wait til he posts his half of the story to find out what happened at his end, but my end I go crashing around the corner in my little blue Boots and right into the entry gate of the garage where a guy in a Izod with a radio is standing so I stop & say “Sir! somebody is screaming on the fifth floor!” & he’s all like “Huh?” probably because of how I’m dressed so I say again…”SIR! somebody is SCREAMING on the fifth floor…and they ain’t playing!” so this guy casually walks around the corner to a security booth while I’m thinking “OMG Sym is up there by himself!” & in light of recent events in Florida I don’t dare say F-you guys & take off up there now that I’ve made contact with the proper authorities…but fortunately the security guard took me WAY more seriously & we hit the elevator fast. I’m praying in the back of my head “we’re taking the elevator…so maybe Sym hasn’t been up there long…but wait…he’s fast….he’d get up there quick” & I’m thumbing my Ka-bar pack as we get off the elevator on the fifth & there is Sym Gasping for breath. and he says..”the…girl…waved…and…said…oh…I’m…fine…when…I…got here.” An the Guard & I are all like “What the Hell” and there is another girl up there with the Daily Planet tatooed across her chest…I’m not lying ask Sym and she says “What the Hell are you?” and apparently Sym scared the Hell outta her when he rounded the corner on the fourth floor & said “DID YOU SCREAM?!?” with his flash-launcher in his hand. But she was cool and had Count Chocula Tattooed on her arm & Slimer too. So Sym caught his breath & we apologized to the Guard but I said “Sorry Sir, but better safe then sorry right?” And he agreed and wanted to know about what RLSH’es do. A few moments of sheer terror in a otherwise routine patrol. How Sym knew the screams were coming from the fifth floor & was dead on? I’ll never know.

I guess I didn't "Jones it" ?

So just now Ladyhero Rlsh gets home & I go out front to greet her & I hear “You fat F765ing whore! I hope you die! You’re gonna die anyway!” :/ It’s some guy on a bicycle yelling at some car …The car pulls up & stops about 70 yards from me The guy pulls up next to the window, stops and the verbal exchange continues. I watch…they quit…go their separate ways. Why didn’t I feel the irresistible urge to run up to them screaming ” BREAK IT UP!” & soak them both with pepper spray? Something must be wrong with me.
(Maybe I just didn’t want to get beaten with a shoe? I don’t know…)

6 on 1 Odds – Patrol Summary for Oct. 21-22

Last night Divine Force and I saw a big fight break out between approxiimately 12 individuals, at first we tried to break up and deescalate the situation, telling people to calm down and such. But no one listened, one guy tried to grab a metal street sight to use as a bludgeoning device, luckily it was chained to the ground and didn’t go very far. At one point there was a group of 4 or 5 guys fighting, as I tried to break that up, someone off to the side took a wild swing and got me in the side of the face, that knocked me back and I spun around, bewildered. After that things were a little blurry, not literally I just have a hard time remembering specific details. I remember someone punching me in the back of the head after that. Saw some guy kicking another guy on the street, so I hit him with my stun gun in the back and he backed off, then his buddy tried to kick me (poorly) and it deflected off my armor. His buddy was like, he has body armor dude, then I got punched in the back of the head again. I think when I got punched the second time divine force grabbed that guy and pulled him away from me (may have even been the guy who punched me the first time, I never actually saw anyone hit me). That guy then pushed him.
Cops showed up right after that, they asked why I was using my tazer, I explained to them many of the details mentioned above, they warned me if someone got it away from me it could be used against me. Yes, this is true of most weapons. Maybe I would have been better off using pepper spray instead, who knows.
So the cops arrested a coupla guys, and some more got away. We left and continued on our patrol, met up with mr. Xtreme, patrolled the same area as before and saw someone being chased across the street, so we ran over to see the guy being chased on the ground being hit by a guy about twice my size, I put my stun gun to his back for a coupla seconds and he backed off. I told him and his buddies to leave him alone and that he was really hurt. I instructed divine force to help him up. Mr. Xtreme helped him. They were claiming this man hit them, so they chased him down, knocked him to the ground and beat them. I told them I don’t know that, that I saw a guy being chased and beaten, he looked like the victim. Eventually they went away, and we called the ambulance, but they never showed. His friend showed up and they limped away, but he was showing signs of severe trauama. He was not coherent and couldn’t walk on his own.
so while I did the best I could, it could have been done better. I need new batteries for my stun gun, and I’m thinking of switching back to a helmet, since everyone seemed to want to avoid my armor. I guess they didn’t want to hurt their hands on it or something. I’m just glad I didn’t lose any teeth, someone else did.


Greetings RLSH, This first post will address the fundemental Issues of Super-Heroics…

I aim here to discuss;

  • Why do we don a Mask and Costume.
  • The ideals and reality of Super-Heroic individuals.
  • What sets us apart from Vigilantes.
  • The Idea of Fearlessness vs Foolishness with capes, masks, spandex, gadgets, weapons, armor, etc.
  • How society contributes to everything we do, both positively & negatively.
  • Being a Symbol and Being a Human at the same time.
  • And any Ideas that you wish to request.

Any Ideas, comments or flames can be posted as a comment in the comments section.


You're Already "Ready"…

You are already “Ready”….
So I’m at the gym to day hitting the bag & working on combos with Brother Power & “E” and during minute breaks somebody asks me “What do I have to do to become a Superhero?”. They hear my numerous (& humorous) stories about what goes on & want to throw their hats in the ring. Well one of the things I always contest to is I have the most boring Origin stories of anybody who does this…I just kind of fell into it after years of
Reading Comics as a kid (& giant kid)
The military
The Police academy
Professional Wrestling School
So W/O even realizing it I kind of “Groomed” myself to end up doing this anyway.
The two guys in question, one was a PKA fighter & the other Fought Muay Thai both are in constant awesome shape & train like pro athletes, one already does the “Big Brothers” program & the other just got his Masters & is a Sikh (The Klingon Warriors of the religious world) so I told them “You guys are already “ready” put the Kybosh on it & get your Gimmicks & get out there.”
I tend to think that most of the people who end up doing this have already unintentionally prepared for it all their lives in one fashion or another.
When you’re ready to go….go.

Rain City Hero Movement and Jack Havoc Appearance Huge Success

Jack Havoc appeared all Memorial Day weekend at Crypticon Seattle, in The Hilton Hotel and on May 29th Phoenix came down and did an amazing panel and showed some self defense techniques, as well as made an appearance at the Jack Havoc/Your Mom Comics Booth and signed autographs for donations for Water for Africa.
And the actual donation page is here…
Was a Great Team up from Jack Havoc and Rain City Hero Movement
Rock on guys
The Ded Beat

SA Workshop April 14


When? Thursday, April 14th, 7-10 PM
Where? SpaceCraft: 355 Bedford Avenue @ S. 4th St in Brooklyn
Superheroes Anonymous will be holding a SUPERHERO WORKSHOP on Thursday, April 14nd, at the wonderful venue, Spacecraft Brooklyn! This event will help aspiring and active Real Life Superheroes develop anddesign superhero identities and realize their inner superhero. With the materials and skills of the SPACECRAFT team – we can create nearly anything to accompany your superhero uniform! It’s the perfect time to become acquainted with the work of SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS and to create a unique superhero costume that can never be bought in a store!
The price of admission is $20 and will include materials needed to turn a normal wardrobe into a fully functional SUPERHERO COSTUME! We will also be providing FREE WINE for those 21 and older.
Though we will be providing materials, participants must bring a BASE WARDROBE that they want to be modified. That means a basic shirt and pants (or spandex!) to be turned into a super-heroic uniform. For example: we can help you make a mask, design a cape or breastplate or sew cool designs and accessories onto your jeans or a shirt, but we won’t be able to provide the spandex shirts or motorcycle jackets.
PRICE: $20/person INCLUDES: Costume Materials & Wine and Snacks
DIRECTIONS: L train to Bedford Ave, walk South to S. 4th St.?
PLEASE RSVP TO [email protected]

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It was windy

White BaronBy White Baron
Our unequalled [sic] friend Skyman, semi-newbie Roswell (formerly known as Brother Keeper), and latest addition to the lifestyle, Kitty-Kat went out loaded up with several bags of snack-food, and basic hygiene. More common patrols begin after hours, but we got ourselves started around prime time, finding the usual sleeping places uninhabited. In the future, I think starting later might let us find more of those in need.
Reaching the end of the viaduct, a sight-impaired fellow with a cane had just exited the Ferry, and allowed us to help him find his bus stop. Afterwards [sic], we climbed the hills of Pioneer Square to reach a large regular multiple encampment, and discovered a few sleepers, and 2 or 3 more elaborate tents. The inhabitants, who recognized Skyman and myself, informed us that the police routinely move everyone out of this area at certain times of the day, which forces them to sleep under a nearby bridge, or the nearest wooded areas, or wherever hasn’t been taken by someone else.
We checked the sloped woods near the bridge, and saw no-one. Then, upon shining a spotlight under the bridge, the few camped there waved back to us, thankfully unintimidated [sic] by our attention. The portion of the chain-link fence bent down to allow access to the level area posed a challenge, as it was directly across the street without any signage that permitted pedestrian entrance. Skyman and Kitty took admirable initiative by racing across the busy street to meet the people, who came down to the fence to accept our goods.
Going back through the downtown parks and finding no one else at the time, we wanted to be sure to give the viaduct one last sweep, as it was close to midnight. We found widower Kevin, a man with a foam plastic bed, a wool blanket, a paper grocery bag of his own food, and chapped, cracked hands that startled me a bit. He explained that one heart-attack had bankrupted him onto the street, and having given his house to his daughter and her husband before the medical issues, was simply too proud to go them for help. I asked him what he did need, to which he answered, “Can you give me a new life?” I didn’t know what to say, and waited for the others to start talking with him to cover my embarrassment. He accepted a few band-aids, and reminded us that there were Third World children who would give anything to have what he had.
Finally, back at our starting point, we found 2 people. Kristine, who needed clothes, blankets and socks, provided courtesy of Kitty; and a sleeping man, camped several paces away, who awoke during our interaction with her. She remembered us form the larger meet up a month earlier. Kristine asked us to please stay and watch over her as she slept, and I explained that we couldn’t this time. We were parked close by, and as we were just about to call it a night, we overheard an argument. The man was accusing Kristine of stealing his lighter, and she called to us to intervene. I shone my spotlight just above the man so as not to seem directly threatening. “Listen, we’re not police, but we’re more than happy to call them. Cool it, alright?” He calmed down immediately. We maintained our distance throughout, and saw Kristine move her own gear away into the night.
Update: During the final stretch, Roswell accidently [sic] lost his phone. The next morning, I received a series of calls from our friend Kevin. He had picked it up, and was good enough to offer to return it.