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July 4th, 2011

Nadra Enzi
Use this day to reaffirm your choice to do creative good!
Remember you’re FREE to be whomever you want to be; however you desire.
Members of this community have a very interesting relationship with freedom since they live out dreams most deny themselves!
Capitalize on this and inspire others to be who they’ve never allowed themselves to become. 
My closing comment is: ” YOU’RE FREE TO BE YOURSELF!!!!
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes finding your “super” the ultimate expression of personal freedom. (504) 214-3082

This Is Our Neighborhood Not Yours!!??!!

Rockin to save lives!!!!!!

Rockin to save lives!!!!!!

“This is our neighborhood not yours”, That is what my neighbor told me in a confrontation we had today. I am in a Superhero Metal band called Jack Havoc we have no place to practice, we have been run out of every place in town. We need to practice to play the Charity shows we agreed to rock, to fulfill our being a superhero needs. We only play wed. and sat. afternoons for two hours and we have worked on soundproofing my garage as we go, we are not rich, and i have one neighbor who just cannot tolerate it, he comes over almost every other wed. to tell us he wants it turned down, which we do, but no matter what we try he still always threatens to call the cops, we have spoken with the city and formed an alliance with Lisa Hopper of the city council and she is doing everything in her power to help us even going as far as to now divert his complaints to the police directly to her office. When he came over today he threatened that he already or may call the cops (he did not) but when i told him that we  used to be bad guys but now we are clean and rockin our music to stay out of trouble, he said He’ll be watching me and that this was there neighborhood not ours! I said,” Sir this is all of our neighborhood not just yours and we need to work together so we can all enjoy our freedom”. I even pulled the” This is America” bit, i know very cliche but i think he got the point. My point is I did not lose my cool once, i remind myself that i was a Superhero and never lost it once. I killed him with kindness, than made my point clear. We are not stopping. We do this at a reasonable time and stop before two hours go by, we all have to work together, and sometimes put up with things that we usually wouldn’t to ensure the happiness of others, I never complain about someone working on there house with a nail gun, The city parades, or running the lawnmower, hes like 70 but if he had a bit of a noisy career to practice for, like an old man band, i would be happy to put up with it cause he’s my neighbor.
The Ded Beat of Jack Havoc   [email protected]


John Shear

johnshear-benoitOriginally posted:
By Allen Gutterman – Tuesday, June 28, 2011 6:35 PM
Eventually, the Hollywood movie industry will run out of comic book superheroes to salute. When they want the real deal, they need not look past local hero John Shear. Forget the fact that he’s 90 years old. Or 5’ 2” and 110 pounds. At Santa Anita Park, John Shear is megaman and everybody here adores him.
As the captain of the guards who protect the public from thousands of horses a year that amble between the paddock, the walking ring, and the tunnel to the racetrack, John has a short window to direct a very intense traffic flow of owners, trainers, jockeys, fans, and 1,000-pound horses. And 99.99999% of the time it all goes smoothly and John’s work barely gets noticed.
But not on March 12. On this day, a field of ten horses and ten caretakers were taking a spin around the walking ring before heading out to the track for the third race. Suddenly, Sea and Sage, a three-year-old maiden making the third start of his life, reared up, either spooked or just yearning to go back to his stall. He shook loose from his handler and darted to the opening that Shear was guarding.
At about the same time, a six-year-old girl visiting the track for the first time had strolled a few feet away from her parents to get a closer look at the horses. She was standing too close to the path that, in a second or two, would be Sea and Sage’s route home.
John warned the crowd that a horse was loose, then dropped his rope and instinctively ran to grab the young girl.
“I saw the horse coming very fast at about 40 miles an hour and it was very scared,” Shear remembers. “When it was about 15 feet away, I pushed the little girl down to the right of me, got her out of the way, and the horse just hit me.”
Sea and Sage rammed into John’s shoulder. His pelvis was fractured, multiple bones were broken, his arm was cut open, and so was his face, leaving him in critical condition, a bloody, bloody, black and blue mess inside and out. That night, John became one of the lead stories on all the Los Angeles news stations. That night, too, everyone who worked and lived at Santa Anita prayed for John. And so did the little girl and her mother and father.
There’s a happy ending to this story. John has convalesced. He is well into recovery. And he will be back to work. The city of Arcadia awarded him a key to the city. Santa Anita will hold John Shear Day on opening weekend of the fall meeting. At 90, he continues to defy anything logical you might believe about aging.
Self effacing as always and a gentleman forever, John told the tearful father of the little girl, “She’s six. I’m 90. I’ve already lived my life. She’s just getting started.”
Allen Gutterman is Santa Anita Park vice president of marketing


Meet Vancouver's very own superhero

Has a challenge for the City of Vancouver
Originally posted:–meet-vancouver-s-very-own-superhero
By News1130 Staff
thanatosVANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – He takes care of those who live in the city’s dark places, defending and helping people on the mean streets of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  News1130‘s Mike Lloyd is revealing the details of a clandestine meeting with the man who calls himself Thanatos, The Dark Avenger.
“I’m a real life superhero here in Vancouver.  I take care of those who really need help the most.  I take care of those in the street, I watch out for them, I defend them, and I help them out.  I do monthly hand-outs of food, blankets and necessities.  I patrol the [Downtown] Eastside and keep my eye on things.  When I see things I report them to the police.”
On a stormy afternoon, Thanatos strides between the gravestones of Mountain View Cemetery, cloaked in black with a wide-brimmed hat and masked behind a twisted, iridescent skull.
Why the dramatic backdrop?  “This is an appropriate place to meet Death.  Where else would you meet him?  At McDonalds?”
Thanatos is the Greek God of Death, and the man behind the mask says he took on the persona after a conversation with a police officer.
“I was told people on the street had nothing better to look forward to than death.  That really stung me.  I thought if that’s the case, Death had better get out there and start taking care of these people.  I originally came up with the idea of going out with the robe and scythe but I realized that would be impractical.”
Instead, he ended up in black overcoat and hat, body armour underneath, and masked behind a green skull-face.
“I started researching and found out other people were using the same idea to draw attention to what they were doing.  So, being a comic book geek at heart, I fell back on that and redesigned the figure of death.  I’m based on The Green Hornet, The Shadow, The Spirit, a bit of Doc Savage and a bit of Batman.  The persona works.”
Thanatos stresses he is not a vigilante. “Swinging in on a rope, beating up the drug dealer, leaving him tied up for police looks good in the movies, but this is the real world and you can’t do that.  It doesn’t work.  It’s a bigger problem than just trying to take criminals off the street one at a time.  It’s a social issue and society has to change to stop people from landing on the street and getting swept up into the drugs and crime down there.”
This is certainly no game for the costumed man as he asks to be tapped on his chest.
“Feel that?  I wear a level 3A bullet proof vest.  It is dangerous.  Some of the people I encounter are coming down off methamphetamine or coming off other drugs.  The drug dealers and gangs are also quite dangerous.  I’ve had guns flashed at me.  I’ve seen guns down there ranging from small handguns to AK-47s.  I’ve had knives flashed at me.  I had someone try to stick me with a [sharpened] bicycle spoke and when you stick that into someone it usually catches something vital.  I’ve had someone throw a bullet at me from across the street.”
As the wind whips and the clouds darken, Thanatos says he feels the need to continue his work.  “I’ve helped out over the years as myself.  No one remembers.  No one cares.  The idea of real life superheroes using costumes is to draw attention to what we’re doing.  That draws attention to the problem.”
And there are others, many of them chronicled in the Real Life Superhero Project.
“We are all over the world.  Right now there are probably 300 of us who are active and out trying to actually help the world be a batter place.  Most are in North America, but we have people in Asia, people in the Mid-East and we have quite a few in Europe and Great Britain.  There are a few of us in Canada.”
As the meeting draws to a close, Thanatos has one last thing to add, a challenge to the city.
“We have had terrible riots here in Vancouver.  We had a great outpouring of emotion shown on the plywood, people saying ‘I love you,’ we need to do something, we need to better our city.  So, I’m issuing a challenge to the city of Vancouver.  Everyone go out and help 10 people before the end of July, anything they can do.  If they can keep someone alive on the Downtown Eastside for a day, give them water, give them cereal bars, give them whatever.  If all they can do is stop for five minutes and talk to these people and give them time, that’s fine, too.”
With that, the meeting ends.  Thanatos turns, disappearing deeper into Mountain View, preparing for another night of trying to help Vancouver’s vulnerable and, hopefully, inspiring others to do the same.

Help Capt. Black HELP THA HOOD!

Nadra Enzi
Capt Black
( NEW ORLEANS ): HELP THA HOOD! is my encouragement and food give away campaign for people of all colors who reside within inner city areas. Especially when more Americans are closer to homelessness and hunger than at anytime since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Outreach is the gold standard of creative activism.
Downtown New Orleans is where this currently takes place and first started in Capt. Black’s hometown of Savannah, GA. A new innovation is a ” McDonalds Dollar Menu Blitz ” where I buy a bunch of $1.00 burgers and chicken sandwiches for distribution.  
Any ” super power dollar ” donation is better than none at all. Here’s how you may give:
[email protected] and (504) 214-3082 are my PayPal addresses.
WESTERN UNION; MONEY GRAM AND POSTAL donations may be sent to: NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK 1413 LAFITTE AVE., NEW ORLEANS, LA. 70112 and (504) 214-3082 
Let’s show our fellow Americans that their zip code or lack of income doesn’t make them second class citizens!

Great Lakes Alliance

Whitey Bulger: Real Life Supervillain.

Nadra Enzi 
James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger, Jr is the latest addition to my running list of actual ” real life super villains ” not to be confused with those under the same title whose “evil” is mostly serving as critics of the ” real life superhero ( RLSH ) ” concept.

This Boston crime lord not only ruled the local underworld but had area FBI agents on his payroll- among others. With $800,000 cash on hand when captured, he proved that crime pays for some people.
Activists should ask themselves if the Whitey Bulgers of the world are expending this much effort to do bad, how much are we expending to do good?
His story promises to prove once again that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. The same sense of possibility that allowed him to achieve great wrong can be employed to do great good.
If he didn’t accept limits upon his dreams, can self-appointed do gooders try less?
We should study figures like these because their reigns of terror show how much more complex the world is beyond ” cops and robbers ” simplicity. The scale of corruption shouldn’t be an excuse not to help out where you can.
It should simply serve as a reality check to explain why so much injustice rarely gets stopped by the powers-that-be. Instead of waiting for a perfect world, our job is to improve circumstances where we can and accept when even the best intentions fall short.
Whitey finally was caught after 16 years as a fugitive. Thankfully we can choose to spend that long or lifetimes creating legacies of inventive public service instead.  
Just some food for thought as this case promises to create a multi-media true crime industry all its own over night.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes finding your “super” through creative crime prevention; homeless outreach and political advocacy. (504) 214-3082

Green Sage