Doktor DiscorD's Letter

In January of 2006, Doktor DiscorD took the liberty of announcing to the internet of the possibility of Real Life Superheroes. He wrote a letter to comic book writer, Warren Ellis, of he and Mr. Silent’s exploits and social network page.
Here is a copy of that letter-
Originally posted:
The Live Superheroes Of Indianapolis
January 13th, 2006 | researchmaterial
Doktor DiscorD and Mr Silent are self-invented superheroes.
so tonight is the first night in a new era here in indianapolis. the dawn of the age of superheroes. after realizing the total lack of justice in the world, my friends and i have decided to become superheroes in order to balance this fracturing planet of ours. tonight, with my partner in crime fighting “Mr. Silent”, we went around the city helping people and stopping fights,drunk drivers,and a group of young dumb kids hitting an old woman’s car.
Here’s the note the good Doktor sent me the other day:
mr. ellis
hi,i’m a superhero…..seriously.
some friends and i have become tired of the muggers, rapists, and general riff raff causing problems in our city.
this is not a joke.
we’ve started a group called the Justice Society of Justice (offering twice the Justice as the leading competitors) and we go out and fight crime on a semi nightly basis.
we’ve only got about 8 hardcore members that go out with us right now,but we’re hoping to raise that number tenfold.
recently,some japanese street fashion kids have found our myspace pages and added within 3 days we’ve had roughly 3-4 japanese weirdo kids adding us per hour…japan seems much more accepting of this concept than the states.
originally,we just thought it’d be funny to go out as superheroes and “fight crime” as a sort of street theater…but after the first hour and the sheer exhilaration of it all,we completely changed our mind. there are real problems,and no one wants to deal with them. some one has to do something.
many people have read about the adventures of your heroes, but soon (hopefully), they’ll be writing about their own adventures. i made a few blog entries about some of our patrols with pictures and stuff…so if you ever want to see how well superheroes work out in the regular world as opposed to paper one,check it out.
say a small prayer to jack kirby for us.
Mr Silent @ MySpace | Doktor DiscorD @ MySpace

I Think I May Have Created a Monster

The Real Life Superhero story starts a few years ago..
There were a few people who dressed up as superheroes in order to promote public safety (Captain Jackson, Super Barrio, etc) Mr. Silent and I thought it was time someone dressed up like a superhero and actually FOUGHT CRIME. We started doing semi-nightly patrols in Indianapolis in full costume, helping break up fights, handing out food to the homeless, and doing generally all we could to help out those in need.
After a while, we decided to reveal what we were doing to the rest of the world.
I went to Warren Ellis hoping to give him a bit of a shock/laugh/whatever. (
I told him the story of how Mr. Silent and I were real life superheroes protecting the citizens of Indianapolis from crime. He posted our story on his site, and almost immediately, his story was reposted EVERYWHERE on the internet. We had become “viral”. (great)
All these years later, I wonder if we should have went public. The massive amount of press has been nice because it helped inspire others to make a stand against fear and HELP OUT THEIR OWN COMMUNITIES.
Alternately, the press is mostly laughing. Hardly anyone takes it seriously at all. While I understand this, I also think it may cause danger for other real life superheroes. How hard will it be to help others when you yourself are the center of attention and you’re being followed around by gawking onlookers? How do you stay in the shadows when all the lights are on you? It only ended up harming our patrols. Mr. Silent and I stopped doing interviews and started patroling the streets in plain clothes just so people wouldn’t notice us as “those guys from the internet”.
This is TROUBLE. Also, I have a big problem with the so called “real life superheroes” who have turned this into some bullshit “FIGHT CLUB” sort of mentality. We’re helping people who need it, NOT just walking around looking for fights. This has happened too much as of late, and it’s going to get someone seriously hurt.
Maybe it will take one of us being killed for the world to take notice that this shit is REAL and it’s NOT GOING AWAY.
Whatever your take on this, we need to be smart. We need to watch our backs, and we MOST DEFINITELY need to DO WHAT’S RIGHT TO HELP PROTECT OUR STREETS.
Stay brave, people. It’s OUR DUTY to HELP THOSE WHO NEED IT THE MOST!
Peace on the streets,
Dok Discord
Dark Guardian
Long time no talk. Glad you and Mr S are still around. I like where you are coming from and have been right there with you all these years. We should talk sometime soon.
The Prowler
The Prowler Great to see you back. You were one of my biggest influences to protect and help people as a superhero, ever since I first read about yo and Mr. Silent, I think it was in INTake.
Daisy Hibbard
Daisy Hibbard I respect you guys so much! I think it’s brilliant what you do, but it must be hard trying to actually protect our city while people try and follow you around. I know if I ever saw you and Mr. Silent downtown I would probably stop walking and just think, “WOW. I just saw superheroes!” and I would be filled with some sort of Indy pride. 😀
Amazonia Thanks for those words. I had not gone public back when I started because I was afraid of what people would think of me. I had started back in May ’02 and I had no idea there were any others out there. Not until ’06 when I finally looked it up online. Your right, there has been a change in mentality from people doing this since I first started and came online. A lot of them just want to go around and bash heads in and fight crime period. There is more to this than that and I have been lucky enough to be exposed to most of the other things you can do to make a difference in the world. Mostly I do patrols and help people where ever I can. But I don’t go looking for a fight, but if one comes to me, I am ready for it.
Master Legend
Master Legend i been at this for like 25 years and was so happy to find out i wasn’t alone and i owe it all to you and MR Silent.thank you very much and so you know Team Justice has helped thousands and we aren’t stopping there.
Optimyst I agree with everything you said my good docktor. I am glad that you posted this. I really missed your blogs. O

crisis on infinite indys

so tonight is the first night in a new era here in indianapolis.
the dawn of the age of superheroes.
after realizing the total lack of justice in the world,my friends and i have decided to become superheroes in order to balance this fracturing planet of ours.
tonight,with my partner in crime fighting “Mr. Silent”,we went around the city helping people and stopping fights,drunk drivers,and a group of young dumb kids hitting an old woman’s car.
we met the mayor of the bums here named ronald whom i will refer to now as Mayor McCheese..he said we have the bums support and that they have some weapons to protect themselves.we’re going to make shirts with pics of our superhero group and hand them out to the city’s homeless..they will state something along the lines of “our heroes”
for the most part,people accepted us right away,and many saluted us as we would walk by.we got a lot of support from the fair people of this city,and that is the kind of positive reinforcement i needed to help me fight crime all night.
the sad thing is this,while trying to stop a fight between two drunken latinos,the police pulled up..they watched them fighting,and us trying to break it up,and after about 2 minutes,they just left.
no help or anything.we were in front of the greyhound station at the time and people said things like “the police here don’t do anything,do they?” which we replied “of course not!which is why this city is in such dire need of us!”..there the cops were,getting paid to fight crime,and they just drove by,but us poor superheroes get nothing,yet we’re the ones making a know,i really dont care though,i dont need money to do this…fighting crime is the cherry on top of my sundae of justice,and i’ll eat those cherries until i get sick.
and then i’ll eat some more.
…that’s just the type of crime fighter i am.
i think the idea of superheroes are so ingrained in the collective unconscious of america,that people just accept the idea that people are doing it..and once they see that we’re doing something they’ve always wanted to do,they will follow suit.
we’ve already amassed a rather formable team under the name
The Justice Society of Justice (now offering twice as much justice as the competitors!).
Our roster so far is: team leader Captain Glory,Mr. Silent,myself (as both The Human Robot,Mr. Geisha and very rarely i break out the german kung fu stylings of Doktor Deutschland),The Apostolic Avenger,Absurdo,The Plunisher,The Hamburger Helper,our jewish rapper friend Dr.Dreidel and his sidekick the Kosher Kid,plus help from our newest comrade,the gynecological justice of The Green Discharge!
..we have affiliate super heroes around the midwest like Cap’n Whiskey in chicago, and Liquid Courage (m.i.a. last seen picking on huge jocks in a bar,downtown louisville)
..separate from the JSJ,but still equally worthy of praise are the michigan based crime fighting family of Captain Jackson,The Queen of Hearts and Crime Fighter Girl.(yeah,i know her name sucks,but come on..she’s only 15)
slowly but surely we as superheroes will help bring this fallen nation of corruption to it’s full glorious potential!
you know what im saying is true!..stand up,fight for justice,put on a mask and cape,and get mad at bad!we have nothing to lose but our identities.we have a world to win!
while doing our rounds,various security guards all over town gave us thumbs up and many citizens waved and wished us well in our non stop fight against tyranny…well,maybe not “nonstop”,because i need to recoup for tomorrow night’s patrol.
so it’s time for bed.
everything i’ve told you is true.this is not satire.
god speed.
and remember
if you’re not sure if you’re super yet,
and you see a crime…….please report it.
leave crime fighting to the professionals.

zero hour

Justice Society of Justicewell,another night of patrolling the city.
word is starting to spread about the justice society of justice’s exploits..someone even came up tonight and said “hey,aren’t you those superheroes?”..ahh,the curiousness of it all.
we only ran with a 3 man patrol group this evening,which is kind of dangerous,but we did it anyway (it’s tuesday for chrissake)…Captain Whiskey,instead of fighting along side of us,decided to sleep..(crime doesn’t sleep!)..the Apostolic Avenger,and his wife the Green Discharge had to stay home and study for college exams.Redundo was busy at his job wrangling tards,and Powerful Man had to get up early to do a 12 hour security shift..*sigh*
come on guys…a little more professionalism,ooook?seriously though..good hereos are hard to find nowadays,so i’ll let it slide.
tonight we were fortunate enough to have a surprise visit from Doom Bunny..his military training is always a good thing to have on your side,but fortunately,we didn’t have to use any of our might. (besides almost getting into a impromptu kung fu fight with some mexicans)
i see it this way..
if the streets are quiet and there’s no crime to stop,then that just means we’re doing our jobs well.
the popularity of this thing is going thru the roof..everyone who hears about it instantly wants to suit up and come along with their own moronic character ideas and ridiculous costumes..a good friend of mine who is overly busty has come up with a great cliche patriotic female superhero identity…The TWIN TOWERS.she’s planning on having images of tower one and two over her crime fighting busoms of hope.
Cap’n America would be proud,lord knows i am.
things have gotten strange since i started fighting crime,everything seems so black and white…
i’m hoping that when supervillains start coming out of the woodwork,we’ll be prepared…i’m hoping for more joker style villains than say,lex luthor style…the lex type villain would have lots of money and gadgets at his disposal to further his sinister ends,while the joker type would just be a clown.
and i’ll kick a fuckin clown’s ass anyday.
peace in the streets

NPR called us "heroes for the zeros" and they used lots of irony

Justice Society of Justiceanother busy night.
circle city classic.
a massive gathering of african americans from across the midwest.
60,000+ people within 10 square blocks.
cops everywhere with riot gear and horses.
while investigating some trouble outside of a parking garage,we were asked to stand back from the entrance as the police went in with shot guns..i still have no idea what happened,but i heard no gun shots..another citizen was trying to get into the garage,and we began talking..within seconds he said..”hey,are you justin?”…i played it off and told him i wasn’t,of course….it was some kid i haven’t seen for years who remembered me from the performance art stuff i’d do downtown.
tonight our squad got some help from the newest member of the JSJ,Kid Christ..
some guy said “oh,thank you jesus for putting all them big ass hos in my building”..we said amen and walked on.. thing i’ve noticed is,black girls LOVE Mr. Silent.
he got 3 different phone numbers tonight and some girl said “i bet you tha bomb in bed”..
i about shat.
yeah bebe.
so 1nce again
peace on tha streets,dawg.
Doktor DiscorD

bitches all up on my cape

i got my first super-groupie tonight too..she loved my outfit,and told me she’d help me fight the crack dealers downtown while making googly eyes at me..but i realized she doesn’t love me,just the suit and the idea of me..and to make things worse, some random woman at the bus stop tried to get Mr. Silent to strip…but none of that on the job!please ladies,we’re trying to do the city a service,and we’re very flattered at the intentions and sexual attention,but please..not while we’re on patrol,ok?