Unarmed schools invite armed fools

“Unarmed schools invite armed fools!” -Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

December 14th, 2012 is a date sure to life in infamy.  Twenty elementary school children were killed by a suspect not much more than a child himself.

Twenty six people were murdered today at an elementary school. Its magnitude was such that I first thought the report was about an overseas tragedy.

Voices pro and con regarding gun control shriek, while a recession-weary populace numbly hugs its children, thanking God this didn’t happen to them.
There may be an organic solution to this appalling vulnerability,
After September 11th, select airline crew men were trained as ” Federal Flight Deck Officers “, authorized to carry firearms whose ammunition is designed not to de-pressurize aircraft.
They are the last line of defense in occasionally unfriendly skies. Should all else fail, they will defend the aircraft with lethal force if needed. 
After today, hardening America’s soft under belly of gun free school systems ( assailants exempted ) may require a radical thought for some: 
Arming select teachers and/or support staff.
Let it sink in before you react.
There are only so many school resource officers and private ones to go around. When budgets tighten, security is the first thing eliminated or severely cut.
Our ally Israel arms school support personnel ( including designated parents ) while on campus. Critics may say, ” but they have a terrorism problem ” as grounds for such action.
Active shooters facing unarmed students, faculty and staff is more than enough terrorism for average Americans.   
Chronically unsafe inner city neighborhoods could use this option since armed criminals and psychotics happen there more often.
Today’s tragedy in Connecticut reminds us that disarming the law abiding means attackers can press lethal advantages long before law enforcement arrives.
If airline crews are armed as an airborne last line of defense, why are school’s first line of defense, teachers, left too often with their bodies as the only protection when children are attacked?
Save the children: arm faculty. 
Make criminals and crazies think twice.
 Cap Black, The Hood Conservative, says,
” Unarmed schools invite armed fools!”
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Maintaining your super is the lifelong challenge after finding it.
We’ll never know if Dr. King would have retired from advocacy had lived to senior citizenship.
Today’s creative activist juggles motivational; financial and results-oriented dilemmas that can mercilessly exstinguish ones super.
My approach is assessing where I’m at in terms of zeal and resources and operate within those parameters.
I’ve embedded the real life superhero ( RLSH )/extreme altruist ( X ALT ) persona into everyday life.
Most folks here call me ” Black “; short for my ” Capt. Black ” brand name. It gained some local noteriety when I became coordinator for Occupy NOLA’s Community Patrol shortly before our well-publicized eviction from Duncan Plaza across from New Orleans City Hall.
The resulting media exposure further introduced the RLSH/X ALT as participant in ongoing major news as opposed to the occasional special interest piece.
Maintaining my super means further embedding creative activism in our daily lives as a norm- not an exception.
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Private Security: A Dangerous & Necessary Service

11/22/2012  Murder of Critical Intervention Services Officer Michael Valentin

My brothers at Critical Intervention Services ( http://www.cisworldservices.org/news.html#94 ) lost an officer Thanksgiving Eve.

CIS officer Michael Valentin died patrolling a Tampa community his company specializes in serving. As an anti-crime activist and security professional, this is beyond tragic on many levels.
A teen  with an extensive record has been arrested for this crime and two armed robberies.
Please consider:
A father and husband fell serving America in a profession many may not consider dangerous and necessary. Private Officer International ( POI), of which I’m a proud member, documented these sobering 2011 statistics:
*Over 37,000 reported assaults against contract and proprietary officers; loss prevention agents and private police officers.
*These assaults resulted in 13, 700 injuries,
* 114 reported deaths while on duty, broken down by POI, is as follows:

54 Gunshots
11 Stabbing
19 Trauma/Assault
10 Car Accidents
6 Industrial Accidents
14 Unclassified

The average age of the security officer killed in the line of duty was 38.

The states with the most incidents of security officer injuries, assaults and deaths included New York, California, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee, Louisiana, Virginia, Indiana, and Nevada.  
High risk communities like those CIS serves also base my activism. My urging urban males to ” Make Peace With America”,  resembles CIS innovative Community and Character Protection Initiative ( CCBPI ).
Officers like Michael Valentin are applied theorists serving communities whose infrastructures shudder under rampant social disorder. These men and women partner with residents and other stakeholders to reclaim these areas as prequel to restoring them.
Losing such a compassionate and competent person is incalcuable. Valentine was a force multiplier equivalent to several professionals from other disciplines. 
It’s particularly painful to read that conflict deescalation was one of his specialties. Zip codes like mine are short on viable referees, making this loss even more tragic.
America; his family; CIS and urban stakeholders lost a rare ally in these trying times. 
The upside is Critical intervention Services attracts those like Officer Valentine, who privately do the work of many during their shifts.
I celebrate the life and service of CIS officer Michael Valentin and ask patriots to share their condolences with the great institution which employed him. 
Private security is a dangerous and necessary public service. We should consider that next time we see a private officer on duty.
RIP Officer Valentin. Thank you for your service to our country.
http://privateofficernews.wordpress.com/2012/01/05/2011-private-sec… Private Officer International 2011 Private Security Officer Deaths link.
Nadra Enzi ( Cap Black, The Hood Conservative )
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Cuddy Didn't Make Peace With America!


Cuddy is dead. One of the most famous ( or infamous- ) Gen Y street hustlers on New Orleans Canal Street was recently murdered.

Yet another Black man in the drug game dead  because he met a scenario he couldn’t hustle his way out of. 

I knew Cuddy. I’d marvel at his amorality and charisma- a potent combination,  Diplomatic for a card carrying Chocolate Klansman, he worked to ingratiate instead of intimidate.

Raised in combative housing projects; coming of age on volatile streets, Cuddy was the Black Male Crisis writ large.

The same talent which fatally convinced him he could talk his way out of anything could have been successful in the traditional world.

While responsible for his actions, the tradition of illegal drug use and sales he embraced exerted a death grip! Hundreds of thousands of urban males walk the same death march.

I don’t mourn Cuddy. His life had God-given value, so don’t think I dismiss its end. It’s simply the sober recognition that men hell bound on self-destruction mustn’t be mourned.

They got what they were looking for. Any mourning is rightfully reserved for families and shell shocked communities left behind.

Selling phony narcotics was his alleged MO. An endless war scenario saw him convincing perpetual customers he had real stuff.

Whether this led to his death remains to be seen. What is clear is this is very dangerous yet also very wide spread.

This outcome is why I urge urban males to make peace with America. Self-imposed imitation of life as con men or America haters is ultimately self defeating.

Good intentions are meaningless when a Black boy or man resides in ” Ghettostan ” between their ears.

Cuddy’s hustling has come to end. Another score for the merciless metric ruling Ghettostan.

This is what happens when urban boys and men refuse to make peace with America.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative & One Man Tea Party. asks:
” When will urban boys and men make peace with America? “

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Who Says I Can't Be A Black Conservative Real Life Superhero?



Icon, Milestone Comics character.

*The above comic book character is an alien who landed in slave era America and is a devotee of legendary Black conservative Booker T Washington. The series addressed what it means to be a Black conservative in modern times.

Icon is a particularly timely back drop for this post’s topic:              
who says I can’t be a Black conservative real life superhero? 

American Blacks who think for ourselves make some White folks nervous. Ones like me seem to give some of them hives!
I’m a real life superhero ( RLSH ) activist who openly promotes conservatism and other American traditionalist solutions to crime and poverty RLSH combat.

The RLSH community is known for its charity and open-mindedness. My being Black was never an issue within this  creative activist group.

After I let it be known I was conservative and promoting this as a RLSH approach to crime and poverty is when some famously open minds closed a bit.

Most haven’t changed their interaction but some have distanced themselves while others have became estranged.

One, a Gay, pro-abortion activist named Zimmer Barnes, tried to smear my activism as “criminal” and even “racist” because I didn’t share his anti-family radicalism.

Another motive was my membership in a creative activist group he co-founded but was expelled from. I quit the group after it became clear my conservatism offended its more extreme left members.

Zimmer’s failed smear campaign joins those of other self-appointed anti-Black conservative crusades. This form of racism meets silence from the liberal mainstream, including the NAACP, in which I’m a life member.   

Google the hate toward US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; Congressman Allen West and activist Deneen Borelli.

While not a conservative, a classic recent example is the pornographic frenzy actress Stacey Dash experienced for endorsing Mitt Romney. 

Ninety-nine percent of real life superhero activists are above such prejudice or at least disguise it well. 
RLSH tend to be, as a group, liberal. This fact doesn’t stop them from assisting police and self-funding outreach. These two facts alone should quiet conservative skeptics quickly  dismissing them as another group of anti-social progressives.

This majority liberal community has a healthy tradition of self-help and can offer conservatives significant insight.

Conservatives, conventional,and otherwise, welcome American Blacks who are patriots with open arms. We share the recognition that Black America is in the grip of super villains far worse that what Marvel or DC comic offers.

The values heroes I discuss and share are all colors. Americanism is a system not confined to any one ethnicity. 

Obviously as a real life superhero activist I’m not super powered. I am powered by America’s super principles, available to all!

Much of what RLSH do is apolitical: stopping fights; giving out food; offering inspiration to the depressed or ill. Many wish to keep it apolitical to avoid partisan ugliness seen elsewhere.

RLSH and related creative activists are involved in the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. That’s the kind of people they are- always willing to help!

Neutrality in this politically charged era is a noble sentiment. I still consider it limiting, but well intended. 

Last year, I stopped two assaults on children; two adult suicide attempts and one shooting. I also secured various protest marches; gave food to the homeless ( including my annual Birthday Food Give Away ) and promoted  numerous Republican causes.

As a creative patriot, there is no limit to my activism. A political philosophy I and other conservatives consider destructive has to be opposed in the inner city and throughout America.

Ignoring this means ignoring a major driver in why there’s so much fatherlessness; crime and bad choices in communities like mine.   
While some have unsuccessfully hinted I shouldn’t, my ” Cap Black, The Hood Conservative ” role is my creative patriotic contribution.

Who says I can’t be a Black conservative and a real life superhero activist? 
My daily answer is ” Yes! “

Photo: Always wanted to shot this brother in #BlackandWhite #washingtondc #DepartmentOfEducation #JourneyForJusticeRalley <a href=
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative. asks:
” Why Can’t I Be A Black Conservative Real Life Superhero? “
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America: Super Hero Nation

Imagine a super-smart; super strong every man; war hero; former police commissioner; who topped it all off by becoming president of the United States!!

Doc Savage? No.

Definitely Superman, right? Nope
Batman? Gotta be Batman? Not even!
A man in a batsuit, with a cowl on his head, a utility belt, and a cape flowing behind him.

Teddy Roosevelt holds this distinction of being a larger-than-life example of what America can really produce!
teddy roosevelt

President Roosevelt reminds us how using our nation’s super principles can produce results just as miraculous as those of fictional super heroes.
Our values produce real life super heroes of every size, shape and color. This universal wealth is what allows Americans  to triumph.
As two political parties peacefully ( for the most part lol ) battle for the White House during a really bad economy it’s worth remembering that America, for all her faults, is still a super hero nation!
Have you found your “super ” today?
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative
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The Black Panthers are supporters of Barack Hussein Obama in his quest for reelection as President.

Where were UN vote monitors in 2008 when members of the new Black Panther Party intimidated White citizens entering polls? 
Silly me, I forgot the UN supports bands of thugs strong arming elections- that’s how the leaders of most of its member nations got in office.
Please review the following:
http://newsone.com/2043086/can-the-new-black-panthers-voter-intimid… New Black Panther Panther head says they may patrol polling places for the 2012 election
Is it too much to ask the Obama administration to tell the UN we can monitor our own elections???
I forgot, since suspected conservative election fraud is the cause I guess the government is welcoming them with open arms.
Politics trumps national sovereignty it seems.
* Specifically the monitors are with a UN partner organization named the Organization For Security and Cooperation In Europe ( OSCE ). I won’t state the obvious that the United States isn’t Europe. 

http://paper.li/f-1349949651 Traditional Values From The ‘Wrong” Side of Town! 
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Deneen Borelli brings reassuring frankness to high profile political discussions. She’s the calm conservative making salient points amid chaotic commentary from louder voices left and right.

I just got her book, ‘ Blacklash ” from the library today and am enjoying it. Far from stale sound bites driven, it outlines in readable fashion why she’s conservative and ( shh! ) how what she calls ” closet conservatives ” reach out to her- a major point.
Critics contend Black conservatives are sparse. Accounts like Mrs. Borelli’s suggest otherswise. Fear of retaliation keeps many silent.
Read some of what she’s been called and tell me there isn’t a war within Black America between politburos and patriots over political freedom.
This time the segregationists are Black liberals and socialists demonizing anyone who disagrees with the Eastern European White supremacist ideology they feel will save us. 

” Liberty Lady ” is my nick name for her and it sums up her approach. She really believes in liberty and has devoted her life to its promotion.
Open minded American Black liberals  should appreciate this most since liberation is their battle cry! If we lynch each other over politics, are we any better than Jim Crow era haters?
Being hated because of your politics; race; sex and even the color of your husband is a heavy burden to bear. It’s shameful that Black haters don’t recognize similarities between their tactics and those of 1960s segregationists.
Filthy language; threatening supporters; anonymous death threats; heckling; even assault fit perfectly within the Klan playbook from that era. 
Congratulations ” sisters ” and ” brothers ” you’ve joined trigger happy crack dealers in being chocolate Klansmen instituting a reign of terror against your own people.
Keep up the ‘ good ‘ work. 
The days when mobs dictate what Black folks think are thankfully over. I’ve begun  asking liberty lovers to form ” Freedom Friends ” free security groups when speakers like her come to town.
Let the haters know decent Americans refuse to allow anyone to be bullied into silence,  
Before I forget, lest some socialist somewhere try to accuse me of inciting vigilantism these Freedom Friends security groups would operate under the strict letter of the law.
A possible loss for president Obama precariously hovers on the horizon as does rising anger toward Black conservatives and patriots of all colors.
The Stacey Dash case should have been a wake up call to what’s simmering in sullen segments of Black America.
Deneen Borelli has taken up the torch and drawn alot of unwanted attention to herself. Let’s do our part by making sure she and fellow spokes persons have citizen protectors wherever they go.
Liberty Lady, we’ve got your back!
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I invite readers to view this video and reflect upon similar scenes seen daily in Hood America. While we know Ghetto women and girls use loud intimidation tactics the unspoken question is:
” Is it now ok to hit women? ” 
Here’s my Face Book post about the case:
” My high intensity activism & security work are centered in the Hood, IRONICALLY the MOST vulgar; violence instigators are Ghetto women and girls, bar none. They earn their chocolate klansmen hairnets daily in public from coast 2 coast! LOL Whether the driver was legally justified remains 2b seen but this much is clear: LOUD; ANGRY Black women & girls hold our public space hostage. What we eventually do about this remains 2b seen. For myself I let them know in no uncertain terms I refuse 2 submit 2 their histrionics. I was raised not 2 hit women. Today’s Ghetto female requires being as verbally firm as one would with a man. That defuses 99% of encounters because 4 all their bluster they’re used 2 intimidation- not confrontation with male strangers. Can’t wait to see what the investigation reveals. MAKE PEACE WITH AMERICA! FEATURING CAP BLACK ( Google me! ). “
Ghetto women and girls are often more vulgar than male peers. Those concerned with ” taking back our streets ” to use a popular phrase now wrestle with how to address such widespread civil disorder.
This case should spark a national debate. We can’t pretend it’s the 1970s when I grew up. 21st Century Hood America has large numbers of loud females who make already unstable environments even more so.
Whatever its outcome this case has brought the morality of hitting disruptive women to the front of the bus in many minds. 




” “I’ll tell you what’s different ( than in other countries ). I’ll tell you what the fundamental difference in America is, it, it is a war against black people in America. It’s black people that 85 percent of people who go to prison in America for taking drugs is black people. They don’t take more drugs, but it’s a racist law against black people in America.”

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative
” I like Branson the adventurer but PASSIONATELY DISAGREE with Branson the narco-policy analyst for disparate impact. Crack dealers & crack gangs destroy more Black lives, directly & indirectly, than all the police brutality & private racist vigilantes in America combined. NOT jailing them at rates consistent with the long term havoc they wreak is racist!  Short answer- BALONEY! “
When what I call ” chocolate klansmen ( inner city thugs ) ” have billionaire White lobbyists, ” saving inner city traditional values is almost lost!
The Crack Lobby elevated chocolate klansmen to folk hero status and thereby signed death certificates for thousands of innocent American Blacks without batting an eye.
Nice work guys.
We won’t be able to survive your encore.
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative urges urban males to MAKE PEACE WITH AMERICA and transform their pain into patriotism. Otherwise we die under the sneakers of chocolate klansmen and their enablers who could care less! 
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