You're Already "Ready"…

You are already “Ready”….
So I’m at the gym to day hitting the bag & working on combos with Brother Power & “E” and during minute breaks somebody asks me “What do I have to do to become a Superhero?”. They hear my numerous (& humorous) stories about what goes on & want to throw their hats in the ring. Well one of the things I always contest to is I have the most boring Origin stories of anybody who does this…I just kind of fell into it after years of
Reading Comics as a kid (& giant kid)
The military
The Police academy
Professional Wrestling School
So W/O even realizing it I kind of “Groomed” myself to end up doing this anyway.
The two guys in question, one was a PKA fighter & the other Fought Muay Thai both are in constant awesome shape & train like pro athletes, one already does the “Big Brothers” program & the other just got his Masters & is a Sikh (The Klingon Warriors of the religious world) so I told them “You guys are already “ready” put the Kybosh on it & get your Gimmicks & get out there.”
I tend to think that most of the people who end up doing this have already unintentionally prepared for it all their lives in one fashion or another.
When you’re ready to go….go.