Maintaining your super is the lifelong challenge after finding it.
We’ll never know if Dr. King would have retired from advocacy had lived to senior citizenship.
Today’s creative activist juggles motivational; financial and results-oriented dilemmas that can mercilessly exstinguish ones super.
My approach is assessing where I’m at in terms of zeal and resources and operate within those parameters.
I’ve embedded the real life superhero ( RLSH )/extreme altruist ( X ALT ) persona into everyday life.
Most folks here call me ” Black “; short for my ” Capt. Black ” brand name. It gained some local noteriety when I became coordinator for Occupy NOLA’s Community Patrol shortly before our well-publicized eviction from Duncan Plaza across from New Orleans City Hall.
The resulting media exposure further introduced the RLSH/X ALT as participant in ongoing major news as opposed to the occasional special interest piece.
Maintaining my super means further embedding creative activism in our daily lives as a norm- not an exception.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative activism in crime prevention; homeless outreach and political advocacy. (504) 214-3082


They will be how they'll be.

A interesting adventure you can have is the Person you bend over backwards to help, who basically tells you to go F*&^ yourself when you help them. It’s rare, I can think of Hearing about three times that it’s happened over the years (Once to me, And two other RLSH) but it does happen. How will you handle it? That’s up to you but if you’re in it for the right reasons you should be able to blow it off & be the bigger Superhero.
Not letting it hurt you is the biggest thing I’d imagine. They will be how they’ll be.

Who Says I Can't Be A Black Conservative Real Life Superhero?



Icon, Milestone Comics character.

*The above comic book character is an alien who landed in slave era America and is a devotee of legendary Black conservative Booker T Washington. The series addressed what it means to be a Black conservative in modern times.

Icon is a particularly timely back drop for this post’s topic:              
who says I can’t be a Black conservative real life superhero? 

American Blacks who think for ourselves make some White folks nervous. Ones like me seem to give some of them hives!
I’m a real life superhero ( RLSH ) activist who openly promotes conservatism and other American traditionalist solutions to crime and poverty RLSH combat.

The RLSH community is known for its charity and open-mindedness. My being Black was never an issue within this  creative activist group.

After I let it be known I was conservative and promoting this as a RLSH approach to crime and poverty is when some famously open minds closed a bit.

Most haven’t changed their interaction but some have distanced themselves while others have became estranged.

One, a Gay, pro-abortion activist named Zimmer Barnes, tried to smear my activism as “criminal” and even “racist” because I didn’t share his anti-family radicalism.

Another motive was my membership in a creative activist group he co-founded but was expelled from. I quit the group after it became clear my conservatism offended its more extreme left members.

Zimmer’s failed smear campaign joins those of other self-appointed anti-Black conservative crusades. This form of racism meets silence from the liberal mainstream, including the NAACP, in which I’m a life member.   

Google the hate toward US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; Congressman Allen West and activist Deneen Borelli.

While not a conservative, a classic recent example is the pornographic frenzy actress Stacey Dash experienced for endorsing Mitt Romney. 

Ninety-nine percent of real life superhero activists are above such prejudice or at least disguise it well. 
RLSH tend to be, as a group, liberal. This fact doesn’t stop them from assisting police and self-funding outreach. These two facts alone should quiet conservative skeptics quickly  dismissing them as another group of anti-social progressives.

This majority liberal community has a healthy tradition of self-help and can offer conservatives significant insight.

Conservatives, conventional,and otherwise, welcome American Blacks who are patriots with open arms. We share the recognition that Black America is in the grip of super villains far worse that what Marvel or DC comic offers.

The values heroes I discuss and share are all colors. Americanism is a system not confined to any one ethnicity. 

Obviously as a real life superhero activist I’m not super powered. I am powered by America’s super principles, available to all!

Much of what RLSH do is apolitical: stopping fights; giving out food; offering inspiration to the depressed or ill. Many wish to keep it apolitical to avoid partisan ugliness seen elsewhere.

RLSH and related creative activists are involved in the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. That’s the kind of people they are- always willing to help!

Neutrality in this politically charged era is a noble sentiment. I still consider it limiting, but well intended. 

Last year, I stopped two assaults on children; two adult suicide attempts and one shooting. I also secured various protest marches; gave food to the homeless ( including my annual Birthday Food Give Away ) and promoted  numerous Republican causes.

As a creative patriot, there is no limit to my activism. A political philosophy I and other conservatives consider destructive has to be opposed in the inner city and throughout America.

Ignoring this means ignoring a major driver in why there’s so much fatherlessness; crime and bad choices in communities like mine.   
While some have unsuccessfully hinted I shouldn’t, my ” Cap Black, The Hood Conservative ” role is my creative patriotic contribution.

Who says I can’t be a Black conservative and a real life superhero activist? 
My daily answer is ” Yes! “

Photo: Always wanted to shot this brother in #BlackandWhite #washingtondc #DepartmentOfEducation #JourneyForJusticeRalley <a href=
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative. asks:
” Why Can’t I Be A Black Conservative Real Life Superhero? “
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Help Cap Black Promote Patriotism! 

” Be your OWN Superhero!”


Photo: Always wanted to shot this brother in #BlackandWhite #washingtondc #DepartmentOfEducation #JourneyForJusticeRalley <a href=
As a politically active ” real life superhero ” ( RLSH ) activist my conservatism has lately rankled the community’s liberal center.
This is sad since the common culture of creative activism made for  remarkably open-minded interaction in the four years since I adopted my ” Cap Black ” name to cover my broad range of activities.
They prefer we have a neutral stance on political issues, serving as impartial referees insuring folks on opposite sides of issues play fair.

That’s a commendable position though I feel, limiting.
Inherent in the premise of RLSH activism is unlimited expression of civic duty.
I am an unlimited person. My creative crime prevention and homeless outreach have always been accompanied by political advocacy, especially on cultural and partisan issues where silence is tantamount to death in inner cities I serve.

It seems some more liberal RLSH are extremely uncomfortable with Black members ( not that there are many ) whose activism extends far beyond confines they narrowly consider acceptable.

RLSH are private citizens and as such are free to promote whatever social or political message they are called to champion.
The need for politically active RLSH is at least as great as the need for crime prevention and homeless outreach. One can easily argue that political reform in turn enhances public safety and quality of life.
That’s been my life long position and continues to be so.

Not only are politically active RLSH needed but I add politically conservative ones are definitely required too! America needs creative champions for traditional values liberals in office and conventional activism have all but destroyed.

I am a politically active RLSH. I am also a politically conservative RLSH.
The last time I looked neither fact was a crime.
I’m also not the only one.
I just speak up about it while others do so quietly behind code names and colorful outfits.
Another name for RLSH is ” American. ”
(504) 214-3082


It’s been brought to my attention that a RLSH is planning to lay down in front of a streetcar someplace to get his point across. Two reasons this is a horrible idea:
A. Streetcars don’t stop on a dime.
B. Some guy down here at the RNC just tried that stunt, by laying across the highway and all he did was piss people off for interfering with “their day” . I never even heard what his cause was… just that people wanted to kick his ass. you could die, all you’ll do is piss people off. Think of another way. Chain yourself to a tree or something.


Inspiration is what keeps me going.
Consequently I’m always on the look out for people; philosophies, etc that send my spirit soaring.
Here are some fictional real life superheroes whose footage I review when I need extra stardust sprinkled on my motivation:
Hero at Large Poster
HERO AT LARGE (1980 ) I saw this as a kid and decades later it STILL makes me feel like running around in a costume inspiring people! Check out the trailer and tell me how you feel
I liked this movie so much I even bought the trade paperback so I could find out more about what made John Ritter’s characterization tick. Years later after discovering real life superheroes ( RLSH ) this movie lurked in the back of my mind, along with this one:
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze

DOC SAVAGE: THE MAN OF BRONZE ( 1975 ) I grew up on Doc’s Bantam paperback reprints and Marvel Comics adaptations. As THE prototype for iconic archetypes Superman and Batman it was only logical I’d be a Doc-Fan, second generation actually,  since my maternal grandfather and ” man of bronze ” in his own right read the original pulps in the 1930s!!!

Doc Savage no costume  option  also impacted my choice of dress when I decided to place activism under a RLSH user name. I run around in t-shirt and jeans most days.
I wear hoodies and jackets when it’s cold.
Still working on the whole gimmick ( uniform ) thing.
A late comer to my fictional real life superhero list is:
Blankman Poster
BLANKMAN ( 1994 ): This film put all the whimsy and charm of the preceding movies in a context closer to my direct experience, an urban setting where violent crime turned a young Black man’s life upside down.
Same here when Crack hit my neighborhood.
On my first internet radio show appearance as ” Cap Black ‘ ( my RLSH user name ) one of the hosts accidentally called me ” Blankman. ” While my approach isn’t slapstick Damon Wayans send up of Adam West’s TV Batman brought two worlds, fictional real life super hero and factual inner city, together.
For that alone he has my thanks.
While I live a Life Fantastic it’s nonetheless lived in a real world where poverty; prejudice and other leeches sap even the most inspired creative activist- which I why I watch these gents.
Doc Savage; Captain Avenger and Blankman are my favorite fictional real life superheroes- relentlesly wholesome peeks into parallel universes we can visit after escaping the ordinary.
Nadra Enzi

NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK, BLACK LIFE SUPERHERO FOR EVERYBODY! promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082.

[email protected] is where Pay Pal donations can be sent to assist my Hood Conservative efforts which rescues ENDANGERED traditional values like respect for the law and FIRST ourselves inside ” OCCUPIED TERRITORY  ( THE INNER CITY! ) ” * I can also run down to the nearest Western Union too! LOL



Dangerman Urban Superhero

While respectfully differing with his enhanced gun control stance I am a Danger-Fan and fellow “real life superhero ( RLSH ) anti crime activist under my Cap Black user name.

Great guy. Great message.
As always my thoughts and prayers are with the victims; their families and nations wondering if anywhere is safe anymore?

NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082. [email protected] is where Pay Pal donations can be sent to assist my citizen patrol efforts which support civic duty and due process.


Nadra Enzi
Cap Black Anti Crime Activist



Stunned Americans and good people globally await revelation about WHY suspect James Holmes went on a historic masked murder spree that one ” real life superhero ( RLSH ) ” activist named Anti Hero labeled as the work of a ” real life super criminal. ”

Let’s take comfort in stories of real life heroism which media is sharing.

Even in the face of such terrifying danger some thought of others and acted accordingly. Caring about the next person even if it risks our lives is one sure defense against what I hope will NEVER become a trend:” real life super criminals” using comic book culture to embellish rampages.
Our hands are full enough with so-called “normal” sociopaths; gangs and the like.
Marvel at the real life heroism Holmes encountered.
As always my thoughts and prayers are with the victims; their families and nations wondering if anywhere is safe anymore?
NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082. [email protected] is where Pay Pal donations can be sent to assist my citizen patrol efforts which support civic duty and due process.

Nadra Enzi
Cap Black Anti Crime Activist

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Ordinances Concerning the Feeding of the Homeless

Ordinances Concerning the Feeding of the Homeless

Reviewing a number of these laws has shown that the average RLSH has no concerns whatsoever.  Preparing a pot of soup, or making some sandwiches, does not generally fall into the scope of these ordinances.  There would only be a problem if the RLSH took it upon themselves to set up a “feed”, a prearranged time and place to meet and give food to the homeless.  But any clever RLSH group worth its salt would simply make friends with an existing organization, such as a church, or soup kitchen, and work under their direction, thus passing legal scrutiny.
Passing out packaged foodstuffs, or foods prepared at a place of business, where the product already meets currently established health codes, is not illegal.
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The worst part of my crooked ( thankfully former ) employer’s pre-Independence Day pay check delay is this: placing my ability to help on ” pause??? ”
This eclipses any personal threat of lifestyle insecurity- though considerable ( LOL ).
The worst part is the sudden halt imposed upon my giveaways of food and small amounts of money. I live for bridging the gulf between myself and r souls in need.
That’s the gift free people share without some bureaucrat or strongman twisting our arms ( i.e. taxes; repressive regulations; liberty limiting laws etc. )
Critics consider this unworthy of ” real life superhero ( RLSH ) ” themed activism but I counter this is the essence of being a  RLSH.
Micro-good offerings of food; clothing and other items separates RLSH from fictional counterparts. Imagine Iron Man handing out sandwiches or Batman whipping out his Bat-card to pay for free meals inside an inner city McDonalds?
I hate turning down folks I routinely assist- HATE IT WITH A PASSION!!!
God put me here to give comfort in direct proportion to my motivation and resources, not become stalemated by small minds and greed.
Recalling what was possible just last week and even years ago provides some small comfort.
I’m striving to un-press this proverbial ” pause ” and absent outside input must wait until my until delayed check arrives or new work starts.
When your ability to help is on “pause” it’s not a happy time!
Helping others is a form of happiness better than the strongest legal or illegal drugs on the market!

NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative crime prevention.[email protected] is where you can Paypal donations to help me help others. 
Chocolate Klansmen Alert! & Finding Your “SUPER! ” are his two main presentations offered to raise consciousness about trends in urban safety and creative activism.
CAPT BLACK: (504) 214-3082
Nadra Enzi