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During yesterday’s SUPERHERO ACADEMY (blog talk radio show) we discussed the possibility of organizing a mass gathering of HEART HEROES (the kids themselves) at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis as a way to bring attention the the cause of CDH (Congenital Disease of the Heart) which is the number one killer of children BTW.
If you don’t know about Heart Heroes, they are my favored charity, so let me tell you about them.
Heart Heroes is a charity that gives custom made superhero capes to children suffering from CDH.  These capes help the children to harness the power of their inner superhero to face the massive challenges they have just to live.  These children face incredible obstacles including multiple open heart surgeries and the capes give them the courage to face these challenges without fear.
Its so simple…and so powerful.
The capes cost $25 each.   The children are given a gift card and then they design and order their own cape online (from Powercapes).
You can learn more about them at the link below…and be sure to read some of the testimonials while you are there…but bring a box of kleenex because you will cry.
I would like to gather together a group of people willing to assist with the planning of this event and coordinate it with Kitty Burton of Heart Heroes and the people from Powercapes (who actually make the capes for them) and make this happen.
I would love to see hundreds of little Heart Heroes standing at the base of the Superman statue surrounded by adult cosplayers and RLSH’s on that Sunday afternoon for an awesome group picture.  That is my goal for 2012.
Anyone who is willing to help with this project, PLEASE let me know so we can get things started. My email is crossfire_[email protected].comThank you
Crossfire the Crusader.
PS:  Anyone who has been planning to donate to the ongoing HEART HEROES CAPE DRIVE ….NOW IS THE TIME.  An anonymous donor has agreed to donate one cape for every two cape donations given between now and Thanksgiving.  At this time last year they had a waiting list of over 200 children.  As of yesterday the waiting list was down to 60 and they average 12 requests per day for capes.  The cape drive and other fundraising events have helped to shorten the waiting list, and we are looking at the very real possibility of seeing that waiting list go away.  100% of the donations go to the kids, and for the next few days your donations are worth even more thanks to this mysterious benefactor.  Thank you for all the help you have and are continuing to give to this amazing charity.



How do you tell the heroes from  the trolls?

ATTENTION RLSH, RLSV, X-ALTS, and whatever else you call yourselves…I think I need to clarify something for the sake of the new people…In light of several conversations I’ve had the past few weeks.
I probably recieve an average of three to five friend requests every day from people claiming one of these titles.
I accept most of them because I am host of a Blog Talk radio program that is geared toward this community.
I need to point out that just because I accept your friendship does not mean that I accept your stories, believe your claims, or accept your methods of doing things.
Among those friend requests I often find fake accounts which are being used to troll the community and stir up drama.
I also find people who are simply role playing and think this is an online game community or something.
And I find out right liars…charalatans…and decievers.
When you add me as a friend dont expect to be able to send me a message and expect to be the next guest on SUPERHERO ACADEMY. Its not going to happen.
The visiting professors on SHA are people I have taken the time to observe and get to know. I know what they do and how the do it because I have seen it.
When I recieve an email from Shadow-Ninja-Spider-Wolf-Xtreme-whatever and he is telling em that he’s performed amazing rescues, stopped massive amounts of crime, and has recieved commendations from the local government a red flag pops up.
I only know of a few people in the community who have received commendations from their local government and they had to WORK to get that…and I was privledged to be able to learn of their exploits as they happened and digitally be there when they recieved their reward.
Im also very concerned about those who think the choice to become a RLSH means they go out and act as judge, jury, and executioner. Thats not heroism…its called vigialntism and its against the law.
If you are planning ways to hurt people, kill people, and/or destroy property in a misguided attempt to enforce the law then you are yourself becoming a criminal…and you deserve to be punished if you choose to act in that manner.
Furthermore…if you have this extensive history and ongoing adventures but they are so secret that nobody can ever prove it happened you will set off my Bullcrap alarms and I WILL call you on it…If you are impacting the world the the world will know its being impacted.
If you are a troll…I will delete you.
If you are playing a fantasy online game with me…I will delete you.
If you are discussing things that are not legal or safe…I will delete you.
If you show your rear end every time you post….I will delete you
If you are spreading a load of ridiculous claims and fantasy stories…I will give you one chance to come clean…after that I will delete you.
The purpose of me accepting people as “friends”  is because of the radio show.
The purpose of SUPERHERO ACADEMY is to allow like minded people to share ways to impact the world for the better.
Im not doing this to help you find a spotlight to dance in and Im not here to legitimize your list of fantasy claims and other lies.

You gotta walk before you can fly,  Ralph.
If you are serious about being a RLSH, then please realize that the first few weeks of your online life you will be screened…vetted…and scrutinized.
We have to do this to weed out the phonies and problem children.We will demand proof…pictures…news articles…video…and probably a few pizzas and cold sodas…LOL

Its not personal…its what we have to do.
In the meantime, go out and impact your world…We’ll be watching proudly as you do!


Concentric Circles of Influence for the RLSH

If you’ve never studied the concept of concentric circles of influence then you probably had to stop and scratch your head for a moment when you read the title of this blog.  This concept has been used to teach everything from door-to-door sales to church ministry to college planning.  And, aside from its overly extended name, its a pretty simple concept that we could all benefit from if we learned how to apply it.
Basically, the circles represent the areas in which we have influence, and place them in order based on the amount of influence we have in a given area.  Understanding these areas in our lives allows us to focus our efforts in the areas most likely to have the greatest impact.
Thats right…I said IMPACT! 
(I love that word)

I first learned of this when I was an insurance agent.  We studied something called “target marketing” and the concentric circles was used to show how we could TARGET our marketing better.
Notice how it looks like a target? 
Well, the idea – just like shooting a target – is to get as close to center as possible.  The closer you are to center, the higher your score or the greater your impact will be.
As an RLSH, our concentric circles are not that different than anyone else.  We may dress weird, do things that others consider crazy, and live in a world one step from complete fantasy, but we still seek to impact the world around.  It doesnt matter if you choose to be a charity hero or a crimefighter, this is a way you can focus your efforts in the areas they will do the most good.
So lets talk about the circles.
In the bullseye of our target is a mirror.  The center of the concentric circles is always ME.  Not me, as in Crossfire, but ME as in the person you see in the mirror everyday.
The one area you will have the most ability to affect is yourself…and thats one area you should never neglect.  Before you can impact the world around you, you have to be sure that YOU are well taken care of. 
You can’t feed the homeless if you are unable to feed yourself.
You can’t fight crime if you are unable to protect yourself.
You cant be effective at anything if you let your own self fall to pieces.
In other words…charity starts at home.
This is one of the things I’ve personally had to face recently and one of the reasons for the current happenings in THE DROP ZONE.  The ONE YEAR FITNESS CHALLENGE is one step in my own effort to IMPACT the center circle of my concentric circles. 
You need to consider your physical fitness and health before you begin looking for ways to serve others.  Make sure you are eating enough…Exercise daily…Get plenty of rest…take time to relax also…An hour or two every week devoted to a hobby can help you more than you will ever know.
And aside from just doing the things necessary to maintain your good health, you need to do things to improve yourself…read a book…take a college course…take martial arts classes…Invest some time in making YOU more prepared for the world around you.
It is very important to make sure YOU are taken care of…because if you neglect yourself, then eventually you will be unable to help anyone else.
And don’t put your RLSH activities ahead of your job or career.  You need that career to support your activities and your life.  You don’t have to set at your desk and ignore a crime going on outside your window – you aren’t Bob Parr and this isn’t The Incredibles – but you don’t want to walk away from a good job just to patrol. 
Remember – you can’t help anyone else if you can’t help yourself.
The next thing you need to consider in the center circle is being prepared.
Make sure you have the proper equipment for what you are planning to do when you step into that next circle.  If you are going to be doing something dangerous, then have the appropriate body armor or equipment.  Make sure your vehicle is running.  Make sure your equipment is maintained properly.
And part of being prepared is planning things out. 
If you are going into an area to patrol at night, walk that area in the daylight first.  Ask yourself where criminals might hide to ambush their victims.  Look for ways to escape if things get out of control.  Make note of terrain features that might cause problems at night.
When you return that night, you will find it much easier to patrol if you know the area already.
Let me give an example of WHY this is a good idea.
Several years ago I was working security at a hospital.  One of the posts I worked was a building that was under construction.  The building had no lights and I would have to navigate through a maze of tools, supplies, and half finished projects every night using just my mini mag light to make sure the building was secure. 
One night I was making my rounds with the flashlight on the ground watcing for trip hazards when I walked into a piece of duct work that was hanging low in the center of the room.  The workers left it dangling about 5 feet off the ground at the end of the day which put it right at face level for me.  I was moving at a pretty good pace when I smashed into this duct with my face.  My feet kept going and my back met the hard concrete floor before I realized what had happened. 
After regaining my senses, I finished my rounds and went back to the security office.  My partner then informed me that I had blood on my face.  They checked me out and found no major injury, just a minor scrape that bled a little.  I did a report about the accident/injury and wrote it in the pass-down log. 
Later that night my partner was making rounds in the same building and almost ran into the same duct.  The only reason he missed was because he KNEW to watch for it.  He knew what had happened to me and still almost ran into it. 
Had I known to watch for it, I might not have crashed into it that night.
Now imagine if you were trying to run away from or after someone in the dark and you didnt know about a particular obstacle…You don’t want to run face first into a low hanging duct during a life or death situation.
Research crime rates in the areas you are partolling.  Know the bar schedules.  Keep a list of emergency numbers in your cell phone.
And most of all…let someone know where you are.  If something bad happens then someone needs to know where to start looking for you.
The next circle is your FAMILY.  This includes people you are related to by blood and those friends who are close enough to be blood.  These are the people who if they were any closer you would have to share the same skin.  Not all relatives are found in the second circle, nor are all friends. 
These are the people who know all your deepest secrets.
When you are trying to save the world, these are the people you think of first:  Your parents, your spouse, your children, your siblings, & your closest friends
The decision between helping your second circle and someone else should be simple.  This might mean cancelling a patrol because your child is sick.  It might mean taking a few weeks off from RLSh activities because a parent is in the hospital.  I might mean postponing something for an hour so you can go help your best friend when his junky old car leaves him stranded somewhere.
When you put these people first in your priorities, they will return the favor…And that helps YOU to be better able to do what it is that you do.
The third circle is two parts:  1) – your extended freinds and family & 2) Your neighborhood
These are people you have a bond with in some way.  Distant relative, old friends, acquantances, former co-workers, and neighbors are people with whom you have a mild familiarity if not a strong relationship.  However, this minor connection gives you an opening to be helpful to them. 
Imagine an elderly person falls down in front of you.  You rush to their aid, but they refuse and possibly become combattive because they don’t know you.  I’ve had it happen to me.
Now imagine that same person falls, but someone else rushes up to them and offers to help…only this time its someone they know.  “You’re Bob’s son?”  The elderly person says as they are helped back to their feet.
The connection here allows you a little more freedom than a complete stranger.
The neighborhood is included in this because the connection between you and where you live is just as important.  You live there and as a result you become familiar with things there.  You know which cars belong and which ones do not.  You know the people who live there.  Its the easiest area to learn because you are always there.
It was this familiarity that led to my stopping a murder attempt last year…Hows that for IMPACT.
The fourth circle would be the city and county in which you live.  This is where you reach random people, but still have a familiarity with the area.
The fifth circle would be the counties surrounding you.  These are areas you are less familiar with, but still close enough to make a difference occasionally
The sixth circle is your state…or a states sized area around where you reside.  For example – a RLSH in Texarkana Arkansas  would count parts of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma in his sixth circle.  When you start spreading out into these areas you are going to be in areas that are sometimes familiar but often times not.  This is an area where you will face more problems and have less ability to make a difference.
the seventh circle would be your nation – You still have some freedom to operate in your own country…Your influence here is probably not that great…and your efforts here are not going to gather results nearly as fast. 
And the final circle – is the rest of the world.  Extending yourself beyond the borders of your nation will stretch you to amazing lengths.  Your impact on these areas will most likely not be very great.  It will take a great deal of difficulty to make a difference at this level.
And there you have it…my thoughts on the Concentric Circles of Influence for an RLSH



When I first started doing SUPERHERO ACADEMY ON BLOG TALK RADIO we had a weekly feature called THE DROP ZONE  where each week I would share my weight loss (or gain) and thereby hold myself accountable to my listeners to actually keep on my diet.
Then life went a little crazy (mixed up schedules/moving/family issues) and we lost half our show time (forcing the streamlining of the program) and the DROP ZONE
As of October 1st, that has all changed.
I am embarking on a one year fitness experiment designed to take me from couch potato to spud muffin (pun intended) and I wont be doing it alone.
Joining me on this adventure thus far are Midnight Detective, Skyman, Levionne Clay,  and Silver Sentinel…Valerie Finnegan of Heroes Fallen Studios, and a few others have also joined in to show support for the rest of us…there are a some who have been invited but have not officially signed on yet…AND I am issuing an open invitation to anyone else who wants lose weight and get into shape to join us.
This program is based loosely on military basic training.  We have a thirteen week pre-basic schedule, a thirteen week intense shape up, and a 26 week advanced training to reach our ultimate fitness goals.
The plan is set up using weekly benchmarks.  Each week we have a set of goals that we are working toward being able to achieve by the end of the week.  For example if your Benchmark on Sunday is 10 push ups then you have to be able to do 10 push ups by Saturday of that week in order to pass the benchmark for that week.  If you dont make it, you dont stop there…you just work toward the next week’s goal.  Everything progresses in small steps so it shouldn’t be that difficult.
The reason for using this system instead of a daily “do this” kind of workout is because we are all different.  We have different strengths and weaknesses and we will have different challenges to overcome as we go through this.  I already know that
chin ups are a problem for me, so I will have to tailor my training to compensate for that or I will not be able to make the grade in that area.
I’ll be keeping a food and training log and sharing the highlights of it on the CROSSFIRE ACADEMY FOR SUPERHEROES blog…and encouraging the others to share their victories there as we progress.  We will also be sharing training tips, new exercises, and much more on the blog as we move forward with this.
And I will be keeping a group weight lost tally there as well…I might even do some sort of funky pie chart or bar graph to show our success.
I have even enlisted the aid of our resident personal trainers Flora V Arbor and Amazonia to assist us with any problem areas we may encounter along the way…and we couldn’t ask for better coaches.
SO…if you are one of the RLSH communities “heavy hitters” and you want to give this a try then please feel free to join us…we launched October 1st.   You’ll need your list of weekly goals so message me and I’ll send you the full one year list of benchmarks.
In the meantime, here is the first quarter (pre-basic) training schedule for anyone that wants to get started right away.

Week 1: October 1-7
Push ups, Sit ups, & Jumping Jacks – as many as you can do for 30 seconds
Walk for 5 minutes
Week 2: October 8-14
Push ups, Sit ups, Jumping Jacks, & Crunches – as many as you can do for 30 seconds
Walk for 5 minutes, jog or run for 1 minute, walk for 1 minute
Week 3: October 15-21
Push ups, Sit ups, & Jumping Jacks – as many as you can do for 45 seconds
Crunches and Flutter Kicks (or Reverse Flutter Kicks) – as many as you can do for 30 seconds
Walk for 5 minutes, jog or run for 1 minute, walk for 1 minute
Week 4:  October 22-28
Push ups, Sit ups, Jumping Jacks, & Crunches – as many as you can do for 45 seconds
Flutter Kicks (or Reverse Flutter Kicks), & Chin Ups – as many as you can do for 30 seconds
Walk for 5 minutes, jog or run for 1 minute 30 seconds, walk for 2 minutes
Week 5:  October 29-November 4
Push ups, Sit ups, & Jumping Jacks – as many as you can do for 1 minute
Crunches and Flutter Kicks (or Reverse Flutter Kicks) – as many as you can do for 45 seconds
Chin Ups – as many as you can do for 30 seconds
Walk for 5 minutes, jog or run for 2 minutes, walk for 3 minutes
Week 6: November 5-11
Push ups, Sit ups, Jumping Jacks & Crunches – as many as you can do for 1  minute
Flutter Kicks (or Reverse Flutter Kicks) and Chin Ups- as many as you can do for 45 seconds
Walk for 5 minutes, jog or run for 2 minutes, walk for 4 minutes
Week 7: November 12-18
Push ups, Sit ups, & Jumping Jacks – as many as you can do for 1 minute 15 seconds
Crunches and Flutter Kicks (or Reverse Flutter Kicks) – as many as you can do for 1 minute
Chin Ups – as many as you can do for 45 seconds
Walk for 5 minutes, jog or run for 2 minutes, walk for 5 minutes
Week 8:  November 19-25
Push ups, Sit ups, Jumping Jacks & Crunches – as many as you can do for 1 minute 15 seconds Flutter Kicks
(or Reverse Flutter Kicks) & Chin Ups – as many as you can do for 1 minute
Run 1/4 mile (walk before and after)
Week 9: November 26 – December 2
Push ups, Sit ups, &Jumping Jacks – as many as you can do for 1 minute 30 seconds
Crunches & Flutter Kicks (or Reverse Flutter Kicks) – as many as you can do for 1 minute 15 seconds
Chin Ups – as many as you can do for one minute
Run 1/4 mile (walk before and after)
Week 10:  December 3-9
Push ups, Sit ups, Jumping Jacks, & Crunches – as many as you can do for 1 minute 30 seconds
Flutter Kicks (or Reverse Flutter Kicks) & Chin Ups – as many as you can do for 1 minute 15 seconds
Run 1/2 mile (walk before and after)
Week 11:  December 10-16
Push ups, Sit ups, & Jumping Jacks – as many as you can do for 1 minute 45 seconds
Crunches & Flutter Kicks (or Reverse Flutter Kicks) & Chin Ups – as many as you can do for 1 minute 30 seconds
Run 1/2 mile (walk before and after)
Week 12: December 17-23
Push ups, Sit ups, Jumping Jacks, Crunches & Flutter Kicks (or Reverse Flutter Kicks)
& Chin Ups – as many as you can do for 1 minute 45 seconds
Run 3/4 mile (walk before and after)
Week 13: December 24-30
Push ups, Sit ups, Jumping Jacks, Crunches & Flutter Kicks (or Reverse Flutter Kicks)
& Chin Ups – as many as you can do for 2 minutes
Run 3/4 mile (walk before and after)
These are the basic exercises we will be doing for our weekly benchmarks.  Other exercises will be added to help us reach the goals each week, but these are the ones we are testing ourselves with.
Lie chest-down with your hands at shoulder level, palms flat on the floor and slightly more than shoulder-width apart, your feet together and parallel to each other.
Look forward rather than down at the floor. The first contact you make with the floor with any part of the face should be your chin, not your nose.
Keep your legs straight and your toes tucked under your feet.
Straighten your arms as you push your body up off the floor. Keep your palms fixed at the same position and keep your body straight. Try not to bend or arch your upper or lower back as you push up.
Exhale as your arms straighten out.
Pause for a moment.
Lower your body slowly towards the floor. Bend your arms and keep your palms in fixed position. Keep body straight and feet together.
Lower body until chest almost touches the floor. Try not to bend your back. Keep your knees off the floor, and inhale as you bend your arms.
Pause for a moment. Begin straightening your arms for a second push-up. Exhale as you raise your body.
Lie on the ground with your back to the floor.
Bend your knees into a 90 degree angle, but keep your feet on the floor.
Place your hands across your chest. Make sure to keep them there throughout the duration of the exercise.
Using your abdominal muscles, raise your upper body completely off the ground. At the peak height of the exercise, only your feet and buttocks should be touching the
Lower your upper body back to the original position.
Perform this movement in a slow and controlled manner.
Stand with your arms at your sides. Be sure your feet are straight and close together.
Hold your head straight, but in a comfortable position to avoid strain.
Bend your knees. Jump up while spreading your arms and legs at the same time. Lift your arms to your ears and open your feet to a little wider than shoulder width. This should all be done in a fast fluid movement.
Clap or touch your hands above your head. As you return from jumping up bring your arms back down to your sides and at the same time bring your feet back together.
Continue with as many jumping jack repetitions as you can do.
Reach up and grip the bar with your palms facing toward you. The bar should sit close to your fingers, rather than in the center of the palm of your hand.
Lift your feet off the ground so you are hanging from the bar with your arms fully extended. Keep your legs bent and your feet crossed.
Take a deep breath and pull yourself up toward the bar by bending your arms. Lead with your chest and keep your shoulders back.
Drive your elbows toward the floor until your chin is just above the bar.
Lower your body slowly to the original hanging position in one controlled movement by straightening your arms and keeping your legs slightly bent.
Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor in front of you.
Lie on an exercise mat rather than a hard floor to prevent back strain.
Position your feet as wide as your hips.
Place your hands behind your head so that your thumbs are tucked behind your ears.
Hold your elbows slightly out to the sides and keep your chin pointing upward.
Curl up and forward so that your head, neck and shoulder blades lift off the floor.
Make sure you’re not pulling your head forward with your hands. If your chin is making contact with your chest, the abdominal muscles aren’t being used in the exercise.
Pause for a moment. Lift your head up enough so that your middle and lower back stay on the floor. Squeeze your abdominals as you pause.
Slowly lower your head, neck and shoulder blades to starting position.
Keep your knees bent, your feet in the same position and your back straight throughout the entire exercise.
Lie flat on your back, with your arms resting palm-down by your sides.
Lift your heels about six inches off of the floor. Keep your legs fully extended, with a slight bend in your knees.
Now, quickly move your legs up and down, alternating in small, rapid and scissor-like motions – as one leg goes up, the other comes down. Use your arms to stabilize you, but keep your lower back flat against the ground as best as you can.
Continue these motions for 5-10 seconds per rep. Keep your abdominal muscles contracted throughout the exercise – they should be doing most of the work.
Lie on your stomach with your arms extended in front of you palms down.
Lift your hands and feet approximately 4-6 inches from the ground supporting all your weight on your abdomen.
Move your hands and feet up and down, alternating in small, rapid and scissor-like motions – as one arm/leg goes up, the other comes down.
Continue these motions for 5-10 seconds per rep. Keep your abdominal muscles contracted throughout the exercise.
This can be walking in place, treadmill, or on the track. Walking should be quick time (standard marching pace – 120 steps per minute) and running should be double time (180 steps per minute).    Walk/run will be based on time for the first few weeks and will change to a distance goal as time progresses.  The idea is to be ready for a one mile run by the time we start our “basic training” in January.
There you have it..the first quarter of the RLSH ONE YEAR FITNESS CHALLENGE
Everybody go ahead and weigh in.  Record your weight in your journal or wherever, and if you’re brave enough, share it with us at .



Catherine "Kitty" Genovese

Catherine “Kitty” Genovese

There seems to be a lot of controversy in the RLSH/RLSV community concerning KITTY GENOVESE DAY.
Some people feel it should be remembered. Others feel it should not. Still others seek to find the truth of the situation amidst a sea of urban legends and yellow journalism.
Let me state my position on this…I (and visiting professor AMAZONIA) chose to do a show on Kitty Genovese this past Sunday not because of any Watchman reference – in truth I was unaware of the reference until I read it a few days ago – but because I believe we can all learn from the past.
We’ve done shows on the real lives of Saint Nicholas, Saint Valentine, Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Kitty Genovese because in looking at how they lived – or in Ms. Genovese case how she died – we can see the proper ways to serve the world around us.
Hindsight, as the proverb says, is 20/20 and those who forget the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat the same mistakes…therefore I stand by my decision to honor the life of Kitty Genovese on the anniversary of her death by encouraging others to be aware of the world around them and to step up when someone else is in need.
It was not a person patrolling that failed to call the police, it was the neighbors who witnessed it. It doesnt matter if it was the 28 witnesses claimed by the papers or the real 10-12 that actually saw parts of the attack because it would only have taken ONE…COUNT IT – O N E…person to intervene and possibly have saved her life that night.
For her that help was too late and her tragedy now serves as a reminder to act and a shout out against apathy and indifference.
For those who feel that its unfair to single her case out when there are so many tragic stories that are just as worthy, Let me assure you that she is not the only one who will be remembered on my blogs and my show. Hers is just the one remembered on that day – the anniversary of her death.
There are other examples that can – and will – be presented on SUPERHERO ACADEMY in the weeks and months to come…precious lost lives like Adam Walsh…missing children like Morgan Nick…tragic happenings like 9-11 and Columbine…and historic or mythical figures like St Patrick and Robin Hood…Each will serve as a glimpse into the souls of mankind and point the way for those of us who wish to serve the world in a better way.
If that offends you I am sorry. You have my permission to go off and pout somewhere if thats what you want.
Im not going to change the way I choose to honor her memory or the memory of so many others like her that have been lost to the evil of this world. But you can be assured that I will do my best to present each of these cases as accurately as I can with the facts available to me. No urban legends. No modern mythology. No Hallmark poem in a folded paper sentiments to mark another big sales day. Just the facts!
In the meantime I encourage each and every one of you to be alert for your OWN Kitty Genoveses – those people around you who need your help – and to put aside the apathy, indifference, and complacency that allows you to justify not acting on their behalf.
Its not about doing something for nothing.
Its not about doing something to make you feel good about yourself.
Its not about being altruistic.
Its about doing the right thing…and thats what it requires to change this world for the better


hero_capes_2A few months back I was honored to have an interview with some amazing people from a charity called HEART HEROES.   (You can listen to the interview at the link below.)
These folks are doing something simple, yet powerful.   They provide custom superhero capes for children with congential heart disease. These capes help the kids to find their inner hero and gain the courage they need to face the surgeries and other issues that plague them in their day-to-day lives.
At the beginning of 2011, they had given out over 200 capes.  However, they still had a waiting list of over 200 more kids who needed capes but could not afford to send them yet.
So I had an idea.
We have decided to take the path of being a real life superhero…why dont we take this side path and help these little ones who need help finding their own inner heroes.
What I am proposing is a pledge drive. Each hero…or villain…or citizen…or Wal-Martian being…or whatever…that reads this, please search your soul and see if you can help out by donating to this cause. The cost to purchase and ship one cape is $25. Thats not much to give the gift of hope and courage to a child in need. How many capes do you think you could provide to HEART HEROES in the year of 2011?
I would like to see us step up and provide enough capes to overcome their backlog, and possibly even provide enough to see that they dont get behind again. If we use their numbers from 2010, we can estimate a need of 400 capes plus the 200 they need already…thats 600 capes heroes…I believe we can do it?
I have  personally pledged to provide at least 6 capes to HEART HEROES in 2011…I will do more as I am able. Who will join me in this mission? Add your name to the list and lets see how fast we can reach 600 capes for 600 little heroes!
Another friend has pledged a portion of the income from her online business toward this cause.
Donations can be made at your discretion – be it weekly, monthly, or one lump sum – and should be sent to HEART HEROES directly…just follow the link below.



While riding my motorcycle to work the other day something happened to me that made me start thinking.  I met another biker and without a thought, we each extended out left arm and pointed toward the  center line of the road.  This is not unusual.  It happens all the time.  That day, however it struck a chord in my mind that has led me to write this blog tonight.

Im not a stereotype “biker” by any means.  I dont ride a Harley and I dont wear leather.  As a matter of fact, in my plaid hoodie and blue backpack, I probably look like a fat nerd who got talked into buying a bike in an effort to look cool on his way to college.  In truth, I bought the bike for a cheap form of transportation because I couldnt afford another car payment…I keep it because its fun to ride and gets over 60 MPG…You just can’t beat $5 every two weeks for gas back and forth to work.

However, even though I am different from the stereotype, I almost always get a salute from passing bikers.  It doesnt matter if its someone in black leather, a blue jean vest, a flashy professional looking jumpsuit, or whatever, the ritual repeats itself over and over.  A simple salute is exchanged between men and women who have a common bond in their joy of riding motorcycles.

Im sure many of these people and I would have a hard time riding an elevator together if all we had to go on was our individual personalities, yet as we ride past one another we salute as if to tell each other that we are part of a brotherhood that overcomes those differences.  We may never speak to each other in person, but we honor each other with a simple hand gesture…A Salute.

knight080706_228x326Tradition tells us that the salute originated from the practice of knights in armor tipping their visors to show their faces to other knights when they rode past each other.  It has evolved over the years to become a sign of respect for authority.  Ranking officers in the military are saluted by enlisted men and lower ranking officers,   The Flag is saluted during the national anthem, revielle, and taps.  We salute heroes, elected officials, and people we genuinely respect,

The salute is a sign of respect, but at the same time, it does not say that you agree with 100% of what the person you salute represents.  A soldier can salute his commanding officer while not liking the oficer as a person.  He can salute that officer, accept his orders, and (so long as those orders are lawful) he can carry out those orders even if he does not agree with them.

So where am I going with this?

I’m glad you asked.

I feel we need something similar to the biker salute in the RLSH community.  We have message boards.  We have My Space and Facebook pages.   We have Blogs and You Tube accounts.  We even have new articles and reality TV shows.  What we lack is the common courtesy to acknowledge each other as peers if only in the sense that we are ALL people who have chose to be creative activists in colorful costumes.

Imagine if we took a moment to simply salute those who chose to don the cape and join us in trying to impact the world.  Imagine if we didnt worry about if the person wore spandex, leather, or denim.  Imagine if we didnt care if they wore a cape or a trenchcoat.  Just imagine if we didnt care of they wore a mask, goggles, or a visor.  What if only for a moment we just acknowledged that they were trying to do something positive in a creative way just as we have chosen to do.

Perhaps the media wouldnt be so quick to splash our disagreements on the evening news and in the morning papers if we were united by the act of respect that is attached to a simple salute.  Perhaps not…but that doesnt change my opinions on the matter.

We need to stop greeting newcomers with the hard line stance that turns them away and greet them with a brief moment of respect.  “Welcome the the RLSH community.  Let’s make this world a better place together.” Should be the greeting that a RLSH recieves from another RLSH long before hearing “You’re doing it wrong!”

And while we are at it, lets learn to agree to disagree.   Im not going to agree with everything you say or do.  Im sure you wont agree with everything I say and do either.  But, we can each learn to operate individually without having a big flame war or chest puffing contest.  In other words, we dont have to like each other but we should show respect for each other.

Im sure many of you will think Im wrong.  You feel that there is no hope for the various factions to get along.  I would offer that I am not asking you to dance together, but merely to remain cordial and keep the infighting between us while showing a united front to the world in general.

The US Navy and US Marine Corps have a well known rivalry.  However, sailors and marines work together to protect this nations interests on a daily basis.  When there is a threat that affects one, you can be sure the other will be there to watch their back.

Why can’t we have that in the RLSH community?


If you’re a crimefighter, I salute you.

If you’re a charity hero, I salute you.

If you’re hero support, I salute you.

If you are an oracle, I salute you.

If you’re trying to make this world a better place in any way, then I salute you.

Keep up the good work!


Crossfire stops attempted murder

Blog report from Crossfire
Just got home from the police station…Heres the story
I was not in gimmick – I was in bed trying to catch a nap before work tonight. I grabbed a pair of shorts as I ran for the door and responded. I told Silver that I was in my Submariner costume.
Earlier this week my neighbor was attacked by her ex boyfriend and we were afraid he would come back to try again so we’ve been on guard. The ex boyfriend hid in the building that time and attacked them when they came home. Tonight he got into their apartment somehow and waited for them there. He was in their shower with the knife when they arrived home. He sat there for hours with his knife watching for them to come home tonight.
I had just drifted off when I heard a commotion outside my door. I grabbed a pair of shorts and my nightstick and ran out the door. I could hear fighting from the room across the hall. The downstairs neighbor came running up and I told him to call the police. I banged on the door with the nightstick and the young lady opened the door. She had been cut on the hand and was covered in blood. She shouted “Help us!” and pointed to the living room.
I ran in and found her boyfriend struggling with her ex boyfriend who had an eight inch knife. They were half on the couch with the knife between them and the blade was between the boyfriends shirt and his skin. The boyfriendwas holding the blade away from him and had the ex pinned to the couch with his bodyweight.
I stuck the nightstick between the blade and the man’s chest and ordered the ex boyfriend to release the knife. He refused and I told him several more times. I noticed that he had released his grip on the blade a little and asked the girlfriend to grab the knife if she could get it. He tightened his grip and I moved the nightstick and put it to his forehead and told him “let it go NOW!”
He dropped the knife and we wrestled him to the floor and held him there until the police arrived.
When the police arrived the neighbors told them that the superhero stopped him…they said I was going to trade my clown suit in for a cape. (None of them know about Crossfire yet…LOL)
The perp has been arrested and the young lady is safe once again.
I got a good laugh at the station as I heard the perp telling the officers how the fat guy with the bat took his knife away.
That’s the story and now Im dealing with an adrenaline hangover…and I gotta get ready for work.