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It’s been brought to my attention that a RLSH is planning to lay down in front of a streetcar someplace to get his point across. Two reasons this is a horrible idea:
A. Streetcars don’t stop on a dime.
B. Some guy down here at the RNC just tried that stunt, by laying across the highway and all he did was piss people off for interfering with “their day” . I never even heard what his cause was… just that people wanted to kick his ass. you could die, all you’ll do is piss people off. Think of another way. Chain yourself to a tree or something.

Let no one….

The recent event & all the posts back in forth in our costumed community has put me to thought. In the odd chance I ever get shot while doing what we do…let no one gloat “He got what he deserved.”
Damn right I did…Live by the Sword & Die by it too.
“Carve not with thy hours my love’s fair brow, … he live forever, but he will be eternally young, and the ravages of time will not touch him.”


Our beloved comic book culture, as fans and for some. superhero theme activists, was used as a back drop to commit mass murder inside an Aurora Colorado movie premier of ” the Dark Knight Rises. “
Americans and world citizens who love this medium should look deeply into unfolding events and resolve to use one of its core values, individual vigilance to enhance public safety, to help people better secure what’s always been society’s soft under belly: theaters; malls; stores, eateries, etc.
Members of what media calls ” the real life superhero ( RLSH ) ” now have a golden opportunity to put aside petty squabbles in the face of a masked assault embodying the worst villainy of fact and fiction. Their use of superhero imagery can assume new seriousness in wake of this tragedy.
The Free World is being tested these days. From domestic crime to foreign terrorism free people are being battered by angry dissidents and worse. Those who enjoy comic books unbridled freedom and the few who even take this to the streets should unite to pump new life into tired appeals about being vigilant in public.
Whether this shooter is a loner or part of a plot our beloved comic book culture nonetheless has preached awareness against sudden evil from its inception. We ( meaning fans and activists ) shouldn’t go spastic and stage embarrassing fan boy pr exercises or misguided vigilantism as clumsy attempts to calm a frightened populace.
Using our beloved comic book culture as fans and activists to creatively high light the need for real life vigilance will be more than enough.
Our fictional heroes and heroines once again have shown us the way.
Whether we use their example to make horrible facts like this movie massacre history remains to be seen.
My thoughts and prayers are with the victims; their families and nations wondering if anywhere is safe anymore?
NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082. [email protected] is where Pay Pal donations can be sent to assist my citizen patrol efforts which support civic duty and due process.



How do you tell the heroes from  the trolls?

ATTENTION RLSH, RLSV, X-ALTS, and whatever else you call yourselves…I think I need to clarify something for the sake of the new people…In light of several conversations I’ve had the past few weeks.
I probably recieve an average of three to five friend requests every day from people claiming one of these titles.
I accept most of them because I am host of a Blog Talk radio program that is geared toward this community.
I need to point out that just because I accept your friendship does not mean that I accept your stories, believe your claims, or accept your methods of doing things.
Among those friend requests I often find fake accounts which are being used to troll the community and stir up drama.
I also find people who are simply role playing and think this is an online game community or something.
And I find out right liars…charalatans…and decievers.
When you add me as a friend dont expect to be able to send me a message and expect to be the next guest on SUPERHERO ACADEMY. Its not going to happen.
The visiting professors on SHA are people I have taken the time to observe and get to know. I know what they do and how the do it because I have seen it.
When I recieve an email from Shadow-Ninja-Spider-Wolf-Xtreme-whatever and he is telling em that he’s performed amazing rescues, stopped massive amounts of crime, and has recieved commendations from the local government a red flag pops up.
I only know of a few people in the community who have received commendations from their local government and they had to WORK to get that…and I was privledged to be able to learn of their exploits as they happened and digitally be there when they recieved their reward.
Im also very concerned about those who think the choice to become a RLSH means they go out and act as judge, jury, and executioner. Thats not heroism…its called vigialntism and its against the law.
If you are planning ways to hurt people, kill people, and/or destroy property in a misguided attempt to enforce the law then you are yourself becoming a criminal…and you deserve to be punished if you choose to act in that manner.
Furthermore…if you have this extensive history and ongoing adventures but they are so secret that nobody can ever prove it happened you will set off my Bullcrap alarms and I WILL call you on it…If you are impacting the world the the world will know its being impacted.
If you are a troll…I will delete you.
If you are playing a fantasy online game with me…I will delete you.
If you are discussing things that are not legal or safe…I will delete you.
If you show your rear end every time you post….I will delete you
If you are spreading a load of ridiculous claims and fantasy stories…I will give you one chance to come clean…after that I will delete you.
The purpose of me accepting people as “friends”  is because of the radio show.
The purpose of SUPERHERO ACADEMY is to allow like minded people to share ways to impact the world for the better.
Im not doing this to help you find a spotlight to dance in and Im not here to legitimize your list of fantasy claims and other lies.

You gotta walk before you can fly,  Ralph.
If you are serious about being a RLSH, then please realize that the first few weeks of your online life you will be screened…vetted…and scrutinized.
We have to do this to weed out the phonies and problem children.We will demand proof…pictures…news articles…video…and probably a few pizzas and cold sodas…LOL

Its not personal…its what we have to do.
In the meantime, go out and impact your world…We’ll be watching proudly as you do!


It’s a bird, it’s a plane…never mind

Originally posted: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/bluebyline/2011/10/24/its-a-bird-its-a-plane-never-mind/
By Brian O’Neill
I love superheroes.
As a boy my closet was piled high with comic books. The Defenders and the Avengers were my favorite groups, and my brother and I would spend hours reading and re-reading each one. When we were finished we would pretend to rake some leaves and then run down to the drug store with our unearned quarters to get the latest edition.
Even as an adult I have watched, though not without a guilty sense of pleasure, the newest round of cartoons, movies and features involving classic superheroes, such as Superman, Batman, the Flash and Phoenix Jones.
Okay, I slipped that last one in – Phoenix Jones is the nom de guerre of one Benjamin Fodor, aka a real person. Fodor, who recently blew his own secret identity following an assault arrest, is a member of the Seattle (sorry, Rain City) Superheroes.
When I first heard about this group I experienced a boyish thrill that has lain dormant in my imagination for the better part of thirty years. But then came the realization that this new phenomenon of flesh and blood superheroes do not necessarily possess the chiseled physiques, unwavering morality and mind-blowing abilities of my comic book heroes.
Instead, Phoenix Jones and his fellow superheroes (insert air quotes as needed) are a living testament to our times. We now exist in an era where reality blends with virtual reality, where our sense of fantasy can overlap with the fantastic identities we are able to assume in the alternate universe of online gaming.
Either way, it is time to redefine the notion of superhero.
As it turns out, nothing could be simpler. According to the website entitled reallifesuperheroes.org (of course they have a website!), the group’s creed is as follows:  We are Real Life Superheroes. We follow and uphold the law. We fight for what is right. We help those in need. We are role models. We will be positive and inspirational. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Through our actions we will create a better brighter tomorrow.
I doubt the Justice League could say it much better.
There is, however, the troubling question of the vigilante in our society. As Phoenix Jones found out, following his extensive use of pepper spray on a group of people, there are a lot of issues surrounding the use of force. Adding my thick policy manual to his website would probably crash the system.
In all seriousness, public safety is a demanding profession requiring substantially more than a decent creed. The propensity for abuse of power is as likely for members of the Rain City Superheroes (and cops) as it would be for members of the Green Lantern Corps (and look what happened with Yellow Lantern!).
And yet. The combination of imagination and good intentions makes news stories of these real life superheroes a singular positive note on an otherwise negative page. Let’s face it, if we were all to stand as tall in our neighborhoods we would be much safer. Unless we got carried away with pepper spray.
The whole idea makes me wish I still had a few of my old comic books around. Since my mother tossed those about 5 seconds after I left for college my only alternative is to stay tuned to the same bat channel for the next edition of the Rain City Superheroes.
I can see it now, “Revenge of the Meter Maid.”

Address to RLSH and Lurker alike.

Attention ‘RLSH’
Need I remind you all, we are on reallifesuperheroes.org? We need the organization! A RLSH is about serving the community, not the number of convictions or notches on your belt!
Why are you doing this?
Why are you going around in costume? Is it to attract attention to yourself, or your deeds?
Why are you helping those who can’t help themselves? If you are doing it for the Kudos, take off the costume and volunteer for a charity!
Why are you ‘defending’ the weak?  If you are doing it for the admiration take off the costume and do something beneficial!
Why are you ‘joining in’ a fight? To prove your ‘Martial prowess’ or to separate the sides involved?
These are the questions I want each one of you to answer. I will most likely get the banhammer for stepping on The Watchman’s toes by saying this, but if I don’t say this, there will be no-more need for this site:
If you want to go gung-ho “Beat’em up” and act as judge, jury, executioner and PR show-pony, please leave and join the Rain City Superheroes (RCS). No hard feelings, just please clarify the difference between RCS and RLSH when you get into trouble.
Thank you very much;
Grey Guardian.
PS: To the reporters, the headline makers are hopefully heading off to the RCS forums, so for the front page scoop, you’d be better to head there… If you are just after a gap-filling Human Interest Story, feel free to lurk here, just please have your press-pass on you visible at all times. My PC’s mic is down ATM, so skype is not really viable, but I am willing to do email interviews;
[email][email protected][/email]

The real Kick-Ass with Superheroes

Originally posted: http://flickeringmyth.blogspot.com/2011/10/55th-bfi-london-film-festival-brings.html
Superheroes the movieThe BFI London Film Festival brings you the real Kick-Ass with Superheroes
If, like Aaron Johnson’s character in the award-winning film Kick-Ass, you’ve ever had the urge to don a mask and fight crime, it seems you’re not alone as insightful documentary Superheroes hits the big screen at the 55th BFI London Film Festival this month.
Journeying into the world of real-life caped crusaders, Superheroes follows a group of superhero fans from across North America, who are taking the law into their own hands. From the steel-plated ‘Master Legend’ in Orlando to evil-defeating ‘Thanatos’ in Vancouver, director Michael Barnett uncovers and documents this growing cultural phenomenon of vigilantes inspired by their comic book idols.
Introducing several of the US’ most famous masked heroes, the feature documentary follows individuals such as real-life Kick Ass, Mr Extreme, a 33 year old security guard by day who by night patrols the streets protecting the innocent, and organised crime-fighting group, The New York Initiative who bait traps to lure evildoers. Though their motives may differ and there powers are less than super, their intentions to protect the community and fight for the greater good unites them along with a shared love of comics.
With interviews from Marvel Comics supremo, Stan Lee, psychologists and police representatives, Superheroes smartly addresses a number of serious issues about an individual’s responsibility, and provides a compelling portrait of these real-life superheroes as they try to make the world a better place.

Castle: “Heroes and Villains”

Originally posted: http://lawandthemultiverse.com/2011/10/03/castle-heroes-and-villains/
Last week’s episode of Castlefeatured a new twist for Rick and Kate: a real, live, caped crusader!
Or, well, someone dressed up as one, who goes around fighting crime. This is another instance of pop culture taking a more-or-less serious look at the real phenomenon (apparently with its own website) of people putting on costumes and patrolling the streets, basically looking for trouble in which they can get involved. We talked about the implications of real life superheroes when we reviewed Kick-Ass a while back.
It sounds like about as good an idea as it turns out to be. There really isn’t any way to talk about this one without some pretty major spoilers, so here goes.
More at http://lawandthemultiverse.com/2011/10/03/castle-heroes-and-villains/