My Evolution

I myself am finding less and less “need” to work in my costume, even as dangerous as it can be to do what I do. For one thing, I don’t drive. Therefore looking inconspicuous comes in handy more often than not when gettin to the site. For more “high profile” fuzzy wuzzy occasions (I almost threw up when I typed that.) I have devised a secondary mask that’s a little more colorful; pics comin soon. One more of many to come >:D

bitches all up on my cape

i got my first super-groupie tonight too..she loved my outfit,and told me she’d help me fight the crack dealers downtown while making googly eyes at me..but i realized she doesn’t love me,just the suit and the idea of me..and to make things worse, some random woman at the bus stop tried to get Mr. Silent to strip…but none of that on the job!please ladies,we’re trying to do the city a service,and we’re very flattered at the intentions and sexual attention,but please..not while we’re on patrol,ok?