Well…that was interesting & weird.

I got done with my client & dropped his check off at the front office when I hear this faint “beeeeeeeeeeeep” and I say “Damn that’s annoying. it’s not a car alarm…it sounds more like(I look up & see smoke pouring out of one of the apartments) a FIRE Alarm!” I look behind me & one of the managers is coming up behind me dressed as a cat & I yell “call 911 you got a fire!” and take off over there. The front door is open & I run in yelling hello & it turns out to be some Old man who left eggs on his stove & they exploded. :/ so as the smoke is clearing & the manager is chewing his ass I leave & think “Hmmm…this is the second small episode I’ve been involved in within like a week” usually these things start happening to me & then something BIG happens I need to help out in. I wonder what is coming?


Saving the world on a sneaker string budget is what activists of all sorts and average Joes and Janes do daily without fanfare or, cynics accuse, impact.  My short hand phrase for such modest philanthropy is ” micro-good. “

While not as well financed as the United Nations or the USDA, micro-gooders nonetheless possess certain advantages.

There is no exacting, time consuming grant review process one endures until “yeah” or “nay” is heard. Micro-gooders decide with the aid recipient(s) before them and thus by pass bureaucratic inertia.Micro-good has the distinct advantage of operating beyond the clutches of big government and what I call ” big Givers ” i.e. well known charities whose paperwork pyramids delay service delivery to those in need.
I prefer micro-good because of its availability.
I regularly give food; small amounts of money and other iteams without awaiting permission from some distant home office. Other superhero themed activists alongside conventional micro-gooders offer on site help while big givers are inside far away service centers.
One model isn’t better than the other but the case for micro-good ( especially in this grinding Recession ) needs to be made. Big government and big givers don’t often visit doorways; libraries; abandoned buildings; alleys and confrontations to assist people.
The war against hunger and homelessness extends beyond budget debates; soup kitchens and EBT cards. Along with such large components are micro-gooders acting as frontline troops against persistent problems big government and big business haven’t conquered either.
Conventional Left/Right bickering doesn’t serve Americans whom the safety net perhaps hasn’t caught.
Into this void, undeterred by its enormity are micro-gooders who help when the offices of big peers are often closed.
Folks don’t worry about not being big enough to eradicate hwat has plagued mankind for millenia.
Micro-good is what free people do within the scope of their imagination; limited resources and network.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative crime prevention & homeless outreach. [email protected] is where dollar super power can be sent to help me help others.

CAPT BLACK: (504) 214-3082

Nadra Enzi

Zimmer Barnes' Apollo Solar Panel Generator Arm Band

About This Project:
This project started with a tragedy: while crossing the street, I was clipped by a car’s sideview mirror and my arm was broken. While wearing a plastic, futuristic looking arm brace at a technology conference, many of the other attendees had ideas for tech I could rig up to it for added functionality. Among some blinking red LEDs, a class IIIA laser and an iPhone dock, was my original armband solar generator.
While out wearing the generator, which I named Apollo, out at New York Comic Con, I had many people asking me if I was selling it. The more friends I talked to, the more excitement I saw in having something like this available. I started to see how valuable it would be to have hours of extra energy for mobile devices with you as long as the sun shined. I worked to design a new Apollo, one that would be simple, aesthetically pleasing, light-weight and could be mass produced.
With the new third generation Apollo, that vision is complete. However, I can’t mass produce a large amount of them on my own steam. If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to DOUBLE THE BATTERY LIFE for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, this is it. If there’s 25 or more people committed to that reality, I can get these Apollos shipping out by next month. Let’s make it happen!
Voltaic Systems, the company that manufactures the solar panel and battery for my project, have been very helpful in the pursuit of this goal. I use their 2 Watt, 6 Volt Panel, which retails for $25, as well as their USB Battery V11, which retails for $40.
While the solar panel is rugged, I further protect it with a quarter inch layer of clear acrylic sheet, which is laser cut to exactly fit the size and shape of the panel. Costs for the material and laser cutting is roughly $4.38 per acrylic shield.
Additional costs include black Velcro strips, black nylon strapping with plastic buckles, a black cotton armband and some type of super glue. I’ve found Loctite All Temperature Repair Extreme to be the strongest and clearest of glues sampled. Altogether these materials amount to roughly $5.50 per unit.
Tea Krulos has also featured Zimmer’s device on his blog: http://heroesinthenight.blogspot.com/2012/05/zimmer-takes-apollo-armband-to.html

Desert Sage

“Hey…” she said, “go give that guy a water bottle.”
The homeless man she was nodding toward was sitting on a bench with an overstuffed shopping cart.
“Man,” I chided myself as I made my way toward him with my water in tow, “I didn’t even see this guy. She’s better at this than I am!”
Later, I smiled as she beckoned a waitress in a conspiratorial tone. ?See that older couple at the table on the other side of the dining room?” she asked, “Do you think you can put their meal on our bill, please? Don’t tell them though, it might be seen as a bit creepy.”
The couple, previously invisible to me, was sharing a small meal and positively glowed as the waitress removed their bill.
She’s much better at this than me!
Using her Facebook account, my wife gathered donations of soap, shampoo, lotions, and other toiletry items to place in bags to distribute with the water bottles. As we sat at the table at home, she commented “I read your blog…I had no idea you talked about me so much.”
“Of course,” I affirmed, “All of my best ideas came from you.” In fact, it would be helpful if you would choose a name so I can stop referring to you constantly as “My Wife” when I write.
She thought for a second. She bounced around names of muses, mythological deities, and a few Shakespearean characters. Finally, she decided.
“Watson!” she exclaimed proudly. Soon, she had determined her logo. The silhouette of a Victorian gentleman with a bowler making an “At-Your-Service” bow. It was humble, and emphasized her service orientation.
While stuffing the bags, she thought of the Rook labels that I place on the water bottles.
“Perhaps we should label these bags with both of our logos.” She mused.
She had indeed done most of the work with these.
“True. However, many RLSHs, when they combine forces, often form a kind of team, with a new logo.”
“Yes, but just two of us, we hardly constitute a ‘team,’ and I really don’t want to form a team with a bunch of people I don’t know.” She confessed.
A new voice joined the conversation. Our daugther’s fiancee’, who sidled up to the table and began stuffing bags noted “I’ve already chosen my name…Sage.”
“Nice!” I nodded, “It’s a plant indigenous to this area, it is often used for cleansing, and has a double-meaning for wisdom.”
My daughter wasn’t too far behind. “My name’s always been ‘Ember.’ I’ll use that one.”
I grinned over at my wife and she nodded.
It looks like we have a team now.
Soon, our new RLSH group had chosen a name (Desert Sage), adopted a logo (a simple line drawing of a sage leaf) and made plans to create a Facebook page to generate awareness, contributions, and support. Alas, “Desert Sage” was taken in Facebook, so we had to create it under a different name. The RLSH team Desert Sage, consisting of Watson, Ember, Sage, and myself can be contacted at the “Arid Sage” Facebook page at:

So I'm washing the Supermobile…

So I’m washing the Supermobile at one of those do it yourself car washes today. And this guy walks up admiring the car & tells me he just walked all the way across the causeway (12 miles) and about how he was trying to stop this woman from killing horseshoe crabs so she tried to run him over in her car and when he got back here CPD has taken all his stuff from the Drain pipe he was living in…Screw it…I took him to Hess & bought him a case of Bud & two packs of Smokes. In a case like that I think it’s OK to promote Sloth….He’d had enough.  Creepy thing was at the end we found out we have the same first name. He said he’d pay me back somehow But I just told him to pay it forward.
Live the Gimmick

6 on 1 Odds – Patrol Summary for Oct. 21-22

Last night Divine Force and I saw a big fight break out between approxiimately 12 individuals, at first we tried to break up and deescalate the situation, telling people to calm down and such. But no one listened, one guy tried to grab a metal street sight to use as a bludgeoning device, luckily it was chained to the ground and didn’t go very far. At one point there was a group of 4 or 5 guys fighting, as I tried to break that up, someone off to the side took a wild swing and got me in the side of the face, that knocked me back and I spun around, bewildered. After that things were a little blurry, not literally I just have a hard time remembering specific details. I remember someone punching me in the back of the head after that. Saw some guy kicking another guy on the street, so I hit him with my stun gun in the back and he backed off, then his buddy tried to kick me (poorly) and it deflected off my armor. His buddy was like, he has body armor dude, then I got punched in the back of the head again. I think when I got punched the second time divine force grabbed that guy and pulled him away from me (may have even been the guy who punched me the first time, I never actually saw anyone hit me). That guy then pushed him.
Cops showed up right after that, they asked why I was using my tazer, I explained to them many of the details mentioned above, they warned me if someone got it away from me it could be used against me. Yes, this is true of most weapons. Maybe I would have been better off using pepper spray instead, who knows.
So the cops arrested a coupla guys, and some more got away. We left and continued on our patrol, met up with mr. Xtreme, patrolled the same area as before and saw someone being chased across the street, so we ran over to see the guy being chased on the ground being hit by a guy about twice my size, I put my stun gun to his back for a coupla seconds and he backed off. I told him and his buddies to leave him alone and that he was really hurt. I instructed divine force to help him up. Mr. Xtreme helped him. They were claiming this man hit them, so they chased him down, knocked him to the ground and beat them. I told them I don’t know that, that I saw a guy being chased and beaten, he looked like the victim. Eventually they went away, and we called the ambulance, but they never showed. His friend showed up and they limped away, but he was showing signs of severe trauama. He was not coherent and couldn’t walk on his own.
so while I did the best I could, it could have been done better. I need new batteries for my stun gun, and I’m thinking of switching back to a helmet, since everyone seemed to want to avoid my armor. I guess they didn’t want to hurt their hands on it or something. I’m just glad I didn’t lose any teeth, someone else did.

Concentric Circles of Influence for the RLSH

If you’ve never studied the concept of concentric circles of influence then you probably had to stop and scratch your head for a moment when you read the title of this blog.  This concept has been used to teach everything from door-to-door sales to church ministry to college planning.  And, aside from its overly extended name, its a pretty simple concept that we could all benefit from if we learned how to apply it.
Basically, the circles represent the areas in which we have influence, and place them in order based on the amount of influence we have in a given area.  Understanding these areas in our lives allows us to focus our efforts in the areas most likely to have the greatest impact.
Thats right…I said IMPACT! 
(I love that word)

I first learned of this when I was an insurance agent.  We studied something called “target marketing” and the concentric circles was used to show how we could TARGET our marketing better.
Notice how it looks like a target? 
Well, the idea – just like shooting a target – is to get as close to center as possible.  The closer you are to center, the higher your score or the greater your impact will be.
As an RLSH, our concentric circles are not that different than anyone else.  We may dress weird, do things that others consider crazy, and live in a world one step from complete fantasy, but we still seek to impact the world around.  It doesnt matter if you choose to be a charity hero or a crimefighter, this is a way you can focus your efforts in the areas they will do the most good.
So lets talk about the circles.
In the bullseye of our target is a mirror.  The center of the concentric circles is always ME.  Not me, as in Crossfire, but ME as in the person you see in the mirror everyday.
The one area you will have the most ability to affect is yourself…and thats one area you should never neglect.  Before you can impact the world around you, you have to be sure that YOU are well taken care of. 
You can’t feed the homeless if you are unable to feed yourself.
You can’t fight crime if you are unable to protect yourself.
You cant be effective at anything if you let your own self fall to pieces.
In other words…charity starts at home.
This is one of the things I’ve personally had to face recently and one of the reasons for the current happenings in THE DROP ZONE.  The ONE YEAR FITNESS CHALLENGE is one step in my own effort to IMPACT the center circle of my concentric circles. 
You need to consider your physical fitness and health before you begin looking for ways to serve others.  Make sure you are eating enough…Exercise daily…Get plenty of rest…take time to relax also…An hour or two every week devoted to a hobby can help you more than you will ever know.
And aside from just doing the things necessary to maintain your good health, you need to do things to improve yourself…read a book…take a college course…take martial arts classes…Invest some time in making YOU more prepared for the world around you.
It is very important to make sure YOU are taken care of…because if you neglect yourself, then eventually you will be unable to help anyone else.
And don’t put your RLSH activities ahead of your job or career.  You need that career to support your activities and your life.  You don’t have to set at your desk and ignore a crime going on outside your window – you aren’t Bob Parr and this isn’t The Incredibles – but you don’t want to walk away from a good job just to patrol. 
Remember – you can’t help anyone else if you can’t help yourself.
The next thing you need to consider in the center circle is being prepared.
Make sure you have the proper equipment for what you are planning to do when you step into that next circle.  If you are going to be doing something dangerous, then have the appropriate body armor or equipment.  Make sure your vehicle is running.  Make sure your equipment is maintained properly.
And part of being prepared is planning things out. 
If you are going into an area to patrol at night, walk that area in the daylight first.  Ask yourself where criminals might hide to ambush their victims.  Look for ways to escape if things get out of control.  Make note of terrain features that might cause problems at night.
When you return that night, you will find it much easier to patrol if you know the area already.
Let me give an example of WHY this is a good idea.
Several years ago I was working security at a hospital.  One of the posts I worked was a building that was under construction.  The building had no lights and I would have to navigate through a maze of tools, supplies, and half finished projects every night using just my mini mag light to make sure the building was secure. 
One night I was making my rounds with the flashlight on the ground watcing for trip hazards when I walked into a piece of duct work that was hanging low in the center of the room.  The workers left it dangling about 5 feet off the ground at the end of the day which put it right at face level for me.  I was moving at a pretty good pace when I smashed into this duct with my face.  My feet kept going and my back met the hard concrete floor before I realized what had happened. 
After regaining my senses, I finished my rounds and went back to the security office.  My partner then informed me that I had blood on my face.  They checked me out and found no major injury, just a minor scrape that bled a little.  I did a report about the accident/injury and wrote it in the pass-down log. 
Later that night my partner was making rounds in the same building and almost ran into the same duct.  The only reason he missed was because he KNEW to watch for it.  He knew what had happened to me and still almost ran into it. 
Had I known to watch for it, I might not have crashed into it that night.
Now imagine if you were trying to run away from or after someone in the dark and you didnt know about a particular obstacle…You don’t want to run face first into a low hanging duct during a life or death situation.
Research crime rates in the areas you are partolling.  Know the bar schedules.  Keep a list of emergency numbers in your cell phone.
And most of all…let someone know where you are.  If something bad happens then someone needs to know where to start looking for you.
The next circle is your FAMILY.  This includes people you are related to by blood and those friends who are close enough to be blood.  These are the people who if they were any closer you would have to share the same skin.  Not all relatives are found in the second circle, nor are all friends. 
These are the people who know all your deepest secrets.
When you are trying to save the world, these are the people you think of first:  Your parents, your spouse, your children, your siblings, & your closest friends
The decision between helping your second circle and someone else should be simple.  This might mean cancelling a patrol because your child is sick.  It might mean taking a few weeks off from RLSh activities because a parent is in the hospital.  I might mean postponing something for an hour so you can go help your best friend when his junky old car leaves him stranded somewhere.
When you put these people first in your priorities, they will return the favor…And that helps YOU to be better able to do what it is that you do.
The third circle is two parts:  1) – your extended freinds and family & 2) Your neighborhood
These are people you have a bond with in some way.  Distant relative, old friends, acquantances, former co-workers, and neighbors are people with whom you have a mild familiarity if not a strong relationship.  However, this minor connection gives you an opening to be helpful to them. 
Imagine an elderly person falls down in front of you.  You rush to their aid, but they refuse and possibly become combattive because they don’t know you.  I’ve had it happen to me.
Now imagine that same person falls, but someone else rushes up to them and offers to help…only this time its someone they know.  “You’re Bob’s son?”  The elderly person says as they are helped back to their feet.
The connection here allows you a little more freedom than a complete stranger.
The neighborhood is included in this because the connection between you and where you live is just as important.  You live there and as a result you become familiar with things there.  You know which cars belong and which ones do not.  You know the people who live there.  Its the easiest area to learn because you are always there.
It was this familiarity that led to my stopping a murder attempt last year…Hows that for IMPACT.
The fourth circle would be the city and county in which you live.  This is where you reach random people, but still have a familiarity with the area.
The fifth circle would be the counties surrounding you.  These are areas you are less familiar with, but still close enough to make a difference occasionally
The sixth circle is your state…or a states sized area around where you reside.  For example – a RLSH in Texarkana Arkansas  would count parts of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma in his sixth circle.  When you start spreading out into these areas you are going to be in areas that are sometimes familiar but often times not.  This is an area where you will face more problems and have less ability to make a difference.
the seventh circle would be your nation – You still have some freedom to operate in your own country…Your influence here is probably not that great…and your efforts here are not going to gather results nearly as fast. 
And the final circle – is the rest of the world.  Extending yourself beyond the borders of your nation will stretch you to amazing lengths.  Your impact on these areas will most likely not be very great.  It will take a great deal of difficulty to make a difference at this level.
And there you have it…my thoughts on the Concentric Circles of Influence for an RLSH


Copyright your likeness

Copyright your likeness…
This hasn’t been brought up in forever, but with the HUGE influx of new RLSH/X-ALT/ RLSV/ WTHE (What-the Hell-ever…this is a new term for people that don’t like any of them.) it’s time to bring it up again. Anybody remember THE REPO MAN? Not the B-movie. the WWF wrestler from the 1980’s. Well, back in 1998 the ORIGINAL REPO MAN stopped by our School for a afternoon & told us the this story.
He invented the gimmick & was using it at a INDY show when somebody from WWF approached him & “Asked him all about it” He told them about the gimmick hoping they would sign him, the scout said “that’s very interesting” & left.
A few months later he gets a Cease & desist order from WWF who now owns the gimmick of THE REPO MAN. He had to quit or they’d sue him, and he invented it.
… Oh I’m sure you’ve all heard about “Poor man’s copyright” where you mail yourself a picture of yourself in your gimmick & that protects you. He had heard that too and done it. That & a Quarter will get you into a pay toilet. They don’t hold up in court. and his didn’t. He didn’t have a leg to stand on. Now you’re probably saying “I don’t care” or “Who gives a crap” or whatever, but this is how I explained it years ago…say you’re in the right place at the right time & thwart a Bank robber & a news crew happened to be there, & you’re a overnight sensation. Even if you want nothing from it some schmuck copyrights your likeness & sells a script or book or whatever. You don’t get a dime to give to charity or do whatever you see fit with.
Go to http://www.copyright.gov/ & fill out a COPYRIGHT VA (Visual arts) pay the fee & send it off. it is a easy three page form & the fee is like $65 bucks nowadays & you’re protected for life. The sweet part is the second you drop it in a mail box you have COPYRIGHT PENDING which I’m sure you’ve seen on a few items over the years. You’re even protected until you get the official paperwork back. Do it…it’s worth your time. I HAVE heard of a case on here where somebody owned somebody Else’s likeness & forced them to stop using it.