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Bizzare Day of Lessons…"Right place for a reason"

So I’m headed out today & decide to go out of my way to get a cup of coffee, So I take a different route then usual & there is this guy sitting at the side of the road banging the  dirt out of his shoes & his feet are kind of “odd” looking so I turn around & offer him a ride. He wants to go to a soup Kitchen (That I didn’t know existed) behind a bar (That I did know existed) so I take him. On the way we pass a bunch of his friends walking to & from the place & he cranks my stereo & waves to everybody we pass yelling “Hey Man! look over here!” & I’m laughing my ass off as I drop him off. He asks if he can have the protein bar on my seat & I give it to him & he waves good bye from the door of the place with a huge ear to ear grin, The Bum who arrives at the soup kitchen in a Corvette…he’s the talk of the town. He’ll remember that on his death bed (which didn’t look far off) & I drop the Vette off for some maintenance & hop in a cab to get the Sentra…the Cabbie, “Oliver”  immediately brings up that he’s a retired trucker…and he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time to help people or “learn lessons” when he traveled around the country. I thought “how bizarre that he brings that up?” & I tell him my story. We decide that you’re in certain places at certain times for a reason. So I head home…and the guy building Ladyhero’s sidewalk tells me if he hadn’t been here he would not have just met the guy who stopped next door & offered him a job! So I tell him the whole story too about certain place at certain time. Every time I turn around today I’m having it put on a platter in front of me that you are in a certain place at a certain time for a reason. Let it happen…and act when it happens.


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As a politically active ” real life superhero ” ( RLSH ) activist my conservatism has lately rankled the community’s liberal center.
This is sad since the common culture of creative activism made for  remarkably open-minded interaction in the four years since I adopted my ” Cap Black ” name to cover my broad range of activities.
They prefer we have a neutral stance on political issues, serving as impartial referees insuring folks on opposite sides of issues play fair.

That’s a commendable position though I feel, limiting.
Inherent in the premise of RLSH activism is unlimited expression of civic duty.
I am an unlimited person. My creative crime prevention and homeless outreach have always been accompanied by political advocacy, especially on cultural and partisan issues where silence is tantamount to death in inner cities I serve.

It seems some more liberal RLSH are extremely uncomfortable with Black members ( not that there are many ) whose activism extends far beyond confines they narrowly consider acceptable.

RLSH are private citizens and as such are free to promote whatever social or political message they are called to champion.
The need for politically active RLSH is at least as great as the need for crime prevention and homeless outreach. One can easily argue that political reform in turn enhances public safety and quality of life.
That’s been my life long position and continues to be so.

Not only are politically active RLSH needed but I add politically conservative ones are definitely required too! America needs creative champions for traditional values liberals in office and conventional activism have all but destroyed.

I am a politically active RLSH. I am also a politically conservative RLSH.
The last time I looked neither fact was a crime.
I’m also not the only one.
I just speak up about it while others do so quietly behind code names and colorful outfits.
Another name for RLSH is ” American. ”
(504) 214-3082


It’s been brought to my attention that a RLSH is planning to lay down in front of a streetcar someplace to get his point across. Two reasons this is a horrible idea:
A. Streetcars don’t stop on a dime.
B. Some guy down here at the RNC just tried that stunt, by laying across the highway and all he did was piss people off for interfering with “their day” . I never even heard what his cause was… just that people wanted to kick his ass. you could die, all you’ll do is piss people off. Think of another way. Chain yourself to a tree or something.