Do people even watch the news?

So I swing thru the Mickey D’s parking lot & there’s these two young guys, one tall & really thin the other really short but put together. Tall thin guy is trying to get away from the short one & short one is staying right on him telling him “Yeah you keep walking ” and other BS. So I put it in park & pop my seat belt & just wait for shorty to grab tall & skinny & start weighing my options:
1. grab shorty: I’ve got just as much Muscle & I’m well outside the 30 Lbs rule on him, I’m no miraculous Fighter but once I’ve got a hold of you you’re in trouble. Put a choke on him & toss him around like raggedy Andy while I’m doing it & tell tall guy to call 911.
2. Climb out with my 9mm.
Fortunately neither happened & tall skinny reached his car. I was surprised he didn’t pull out a gun & then I’d have to jump out to cover shorty in a complete flip of events. Shorty gets to his car & it has a out of state plate on it. You’d think these people would realize, especially in light of recent events that Florida isn’t a good state to threaten people in…Dumb-asses.