So Symbiote Rlsh was in town for one of his students fight down in St.Pete so we decided to patrol. Mostly uneventful night, hit the alleys, posed for pictures, had some dinner, etc. so we’re walking past this 6 story parking garage & we hear “OHMYGAWD!AAAAAHHHHHHAAHHHHAHHH!HELLLLLLPPPPPPP!HELLLLLPPPPPP! Sym & me both look at each other like “huh?” and he yells “it’s on the 5th floor! You go that way I’ll go this way!” I yell “Right!” & we take off in different directions. You have to wait til he posts his half of the story to find out what happened at his end, but my end I go crashing around the corner in my little blue Boots and right into the entry gate of the garage where a guy in a Izod with a radio is standing so I stop & say “Sir! somebody is screaming on the fifth floor!” & he’s all like “Huh?” probably because of how I’m dressed so I say again…”SIR! somebody is SCREAMING on the fifth floor…and they ain’t playing!” so this guy casually walks around the corner to a security booth while I’m thinking “OMG Sym is up there by himself!” & in light of recent events in Florida I don’t dare say F-you guys & take off up there now that I’ve made contact with the proper authorities…but fortunately the security guard took me WAY more seriously & we hit the elevator fast. I’m praying in the back of my head “we’re taking the elevator…so maybe Sym hasn’t been up there long…but wait…he’s fast….he’d get up there quick” & I’m thumbing my Ka-bar pack as we get off the elevator on the fifth & there is Sym Gasping for breath. and he says..”the…girl…waved…and…said…oh…I’m…fine…when…I…got here.” An the Guard & I are all like “What the Hell” and there is another girl up there with the Daily Planet tatooed across her chest…I’m not lying ask Sym and she says “What the Hell are you?” and apparently Sym scared the Hell outta her when he rounded the corner on the fourth floor & said “DID YOU SCREAM?!?” with his flash-launcher in his hand. But she was cool and had Count Chocula Tattooed on her arm & Slimer too. So Sym caught his breath & we apologized to the Guard but I said “Sorry Sir, but better safe then sorry right?” And he agreed and wanted to know about what RLSH’es do. A few moments of sheer terror in a otherwise routine patrol. How Sym knew the screams were coming from the fifth floor & was dead on? I’ll never know.