RLSH Why The Hell Are You Doing This?

Dark GuardianReal Life Superheores are growing. It is becoming more popular and becoming more mainstream. The media is getting more and more interested in the idea. There are news reports, news aticles, books, photoshoots, magazine articles, talk of TV shows, and more.
I have been a real life superhero for about 8 years now. I did this when there was seriously only a handful of people doing this. I was out patrolling 3-5 times a week for the first few years. I did this for years before I did a news article.
I have spent thousands of dollars doing this of which the majority was spent on food, water, clothes, pillows, blankets, neccesities for the homeless, school supplies for underprivleged kids, donations, presents for sick children, and more. I have reported crime and faced criminals. I have had my life threatened by actual criminals. I have done the little things like picking up trash and removing grafitti. I have a long history of training. I teach martial arts as my job. I have fought amateur kickboxing. I have taken a cpr/first aid course. I have studied private investigation, surveillance, even majored in criminal justice for a while.
I’m not listing things to go wow look how cool I am. I’m showing my history and qualifications in doing this and my dedication.
I see new people coming around looking to be famous. I see people who just put on a costume and are talking about how they should be on a TV show. People doing this for a couple months and acting like they are someone special. I don’t think I’m all that special. I see people talking about fighting criminals with no real training.
I did this, just to do it. I did this to help make a difference. My own little way of trying to change the world and make up for past mistakes.
I never expected to be on TV or in the newspaper. It was the furthest thing from my mind. My focus was on helping people and making a positive impact. The TV and news stuff wound up coming because of the work I have done. I have never pursued a news story or article. In fact I turn down media all the time. The only reason I do TV or news stuff is to spread a positive and inspiring message and to hopefully get more people involved not just in being rlsh but getting everybody a little more involved and aware in their communities.
I titled this article why the hell are you doing this. And that is a question you should constantly be asking yourself as a real life superhero. If you are here to get famous or be in a newspaper, you shouldn’t be doing this. If you are doing this because you want to beat up criminals, you shouldn’t be doign this. If you are here to make a postive difference and hopefully inspire some other people to do good, you are doing the right thing. If you are doing this because it is a fun way to do some positive things, you are doing it for the right reasons.
Please constantly reevaluate why you are doing this and keep working to make a positive change.
I believe in real life superheores and the positive change this idea can bring. Let’s work together and create that change.