RLSH & Police

Real Life Superheroes believe in working with the police.  They work to make a positive difference in their communities.   While many RLSH actively do safety patrols and neighborhood watch activities, they do not seek to act as a police officer.  Many real life superheroes have fought crime, but only within the confines of the law.   RLSH’s report suspicious activities and crime to the police.  They act as an extra set of ears and eyes for the police.  They only intervene if necessary.
Real life superheroes are about going out to make a positive difference in their communities.  The RLSH movement is based around altruism and community service.
We do not support vigilante justice.  We do not seek to hurt or scare anyone.  We can not control everyone who throws on a mask and goes out on the streets.  If anyone goes out seeking vigilante justice or puts innocent people in danger they are not accepted here.