What Do You Stand For?

There are lots of people who call themselves real life superheroes.  I have seen thousands of people make up myspace or facebook profiles proclaiming themselves real life superheroes. I have seen hundreds of people come on forums proclaiming themselves real life superheroes.  Out of these thousands and thousands of people I have seen only a small amount actually live up to the term.  Many people who actually go out and do things don’t necessarily live up to the term.
Being a real life superhero is not just about wearing a costume and hitting the streets.
It is about working consistently to make positive change in your community.  It is about being a good person in and out of your uniform.
Being a positive example.
Acting appropriately.
Operating safe and efficient.
Following the law.
Helping all those that you can.
Being a role model.
Being humble.
Going above and beyond to help others and make a difference.
I have been witness to many calling themselves RLSH and many who are widely known and accepted as RLSH not being what they claim.
Many have made false claims, made up stories, fake exploits, fake injuries, fake accomplishments, etc.
Many act inappropriately.  Saying and doing irresponsible things, talk of violence & vigilantism, objectifying women, committing illegal acts, pulling out weapons on unarmed civilians, showboating, seeking fame, and doing this for selfish reasons.
People who do these things have no right being called a real life superhero.
Anyone involved in this I ask what do you stand for?
What do you stand for as a person?
What do you stand for as a real life superhero?
Are you a liar or jerk with a costume or someone who bring superhero ideals in to the real world and truly creates positive change?