We Stand United

The Wall Street Journal has recently come out with an article about a few real life superheroes disagreeing.  It was actually on the front page.  I believe it  is a pathetic article coming from the Wall Street Journal. The Journal is know for being an elite source of media and they stooped to the level of printing essentially a gossip column about real life superheroes.
The writer spoke to several real life superheroes and heard about some of the amazing work they do and even after continued to write a trash story.  The story focused on some minor disagreements between a few people in a much larger culture.  In any community or culture there are always people who disagree about things and the real life superhero community is no different.  It is really not a big deal and most certainly doesn’t warrant a news article, especially in the Wall Street Journal of all places.
The real story about real life superheroes is the work they do.  There is an amazing and inspirational story to be told which unfortunately was not.  People are going out on their own free time, spending money out of pocket, putting tons of effort in to going out to help others, put their lives on the line fighting crime, finding wrong to right, and making their communities & the world around them a better place.
There were many mis-characterizations about rlsh.  Phoenix Jones fed into it.  He is very unhappy about the way his words were used.  The reporter spent lots of time with him and cherry picked quotes and lead him into saying certain things.
Real Life Superheroes do all types of activities which the writer knew about, but decided to follow the slant of rlsh’s feed the homeless and do charity work while Phoenix Jones does hardcore crime-fighting.  He was trying to further create division and drama.
Fact is the real life superhero movement has been around since the 1970’s.  Many have stopped violent crime and many specifically work to combat violent crime. Real life superheroes have been risking their lives to help protect others, they have been in serious danger, injured, threatened, and so on, all to protect and help others.  Not all real life superheroes fight crime, some focus on homeless outreach, community service, and environmental issues. One must remember being a real life superhero is about making positive change in your community and not necessarily about being a tough guy and fighting crime.
This is a movement working to bring good deeds, community action, public and social awareness to problems, and create a better and brighter society.
The media can slant things the way they want, over-dramatize things, and try to create division, but they will not divide this culture because we are all united in working towards a better brighter tomorrow.
-Dark Guardian-