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Well…that was interesting & weird.

I got done with my client & dropped his check off at the front office when I hear this faint “beeeeeeeeeeeep” and I say “Damn that’s annoying. it’s not a car alarm…it sounds more like(I look up & see smoke pouring out of one of the apartments) a FIRE Alarm!” I look behind me & one of the managers is coming up behind me dressed as a cat & I yell “call 911 you got a fire!” and take off over there. The front door is open & I run in yelling hello & it turns out to be some Old man who left eggs on his stove & they exploded. :/ so as the smoke is clearing & the manager is chewing his ass I leave & think “Hmmm…this is the second small episode I’ve been involved in within like a week” usually these things start happening to me & then something BIG happens I need to help out in. I wonder what is coming?

Man-Tracking for Search and Rescue Operations

At the time I’m writing this, it is Fall in the Adirondacks, an area that is mountainous, and covered in endless miles of forests, rivers, and lakes. Thousands of hunters, hikers, photographers, and even locals just going for a stroll, leave the roads and pathways to make their way into the Great Outdoors. Some of these folks, both experienced and inexperienced, sometimes get lost or injured, and need to be rescued. This is what most people think of when they think of Man-Tracking, but this subject encompasses much more than that. Man-Tracking is about the location missing or hiding people for either rescue, or fugitive recovery, even in urban settings.
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CERT Training

From the Citizen Corps website..

“The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help. CERT members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their community.”

As an active CERT member in my community, I can not recommend this program enough to other capes and regular citizens alike.  The training is free, but invaluable.  It also opens the door for RLSH and citizens to work with local organizations, and the authorities, during times of emergency where untrained volunteers would be more of a liability than assistance.
As RLSH work towards legitimacy and acceptance in their home communities, taking actual training and working with existing organizations is important, if not vital, to accomplishing those goals.  Certification, training, volunteering, and service mark the difference between active legitimate RLSH, and their keyboard counterparts.  Being a superhero is much more than being photographed with women outside of bars, or having a thousand friends on Facebook.  It’s about doing what you can to make an actual difference in your community.

No Super Powers & Police Powers

Anyone interested in becoming an active RLSH neighborhood watch patrol needs to understand that they have absolutely no rights, privileges, nor powers, over and above what every other citizen possesses.. and absolutely NO POLICE POWERS! 
This can not be emphasized enough.  Several RLSH have actually been arrested for interfering with police during the performance of their duties, or for confronting citizens in an illegal manner.  Wearing a mask and cape makes you no different than the people you seek to help.  Remember that.
Also keep in mind that criminals do not have more rights than you do, but they do have the same rights you do, and those rights have to be respected or you will open yourself up to the legal troubles of possible charges and/or litigation.
Might does not make Right.. nor does thinking you are right make you right.  You can make a difference on the streets, but not if you are no longer on the streets.  Know the law, know the consequences of your actions, and stay out of trouble.
Stay Safe

Do you ever look behind the scenes at events where you participate?

When you step up and help, I ask you to step back and look as well. . .look at those that are setting up tables. . .or signing people in. . .or after the event. . .those that are sweeping up the mess everyone left behind. . .or putting chairs away. . .or picking up the garbage. . .
Any event. . .great or small requires work. . .not just showing up and walking for cancer. . .or delivering toys for tots. . .it requires a great deal of effort and planning. . .by people who are not only participating in the given event. . .but by people who are up for weeks if not months prior setting up every detail of the event. . .
The domino process to get something off the ground. . .is vast. . .expand that if it is more than just a few people. . .contacting people. . .getting people to accept the responsibility to work behind the scenes. . .raising money to just hold the event. . .permits. . .refreshments. . .publicity. . .getting tables to set up. . .or table cloths. . .or auction items. . .the list goes on only as far as your imagination will take it. . .
Each volunteer. . .again I’m talking about those that man the tables for those who march. . .participate. . .or enjoy the event. . .i’m talking about the background. . .
We have all seen them. . .the runners. . .who take messages back and forth. . .those that keep the event running smooth. . .the 10 year old who helps carry the water that you drink or the 50 year old who signs you in and gives you the t-shirt that someone else had to run their behind off to get. . .just so you can take something home. . .
It doesn’t matter what area you’re talking about. . .politics. . .charity. . .school. . .community support. . .or support for the penguin swamp rat. . .whatever it is. . .it takes action. . .it takes motivation. . .often times the only reward is the complaints that the water was too warm. . .or the t-shirt isn’t the right size. . .or the gift was not what was expected. . .
Going to an event is a great experience. . .helping out a worthy cause is a tremendous opportunity. . .and a valued obligation. . .if you are only attending events. . .or helping out your neighborhood by walking a patrol. . .keep in mind that there are people who have busted their behinds to make the event happen. . .they are not looking for recognition. . .or applauds. . .they are doing it for the love of others. . .but this does not mean you should simple take the gift and move on. . .a simple thank you. . .or politely stepping in when you see others harassing them because it wasn’t perfect. . .taking the time to say thank you can make a world of difference in someone’s life. . .
It might prompt them to take the next step and do greater things in the world. . .who knows. . .what I do know is that it does depend on you seeing more than just the end result. . .you need to learn and appreciate what it takes to get to that end result. . .don’t forget to say thank you to those in the background. . .life would not be as good as it is if they didn’t step up. . .and at a minimum. . .saying thank you is the right thing to do. . .everyone brings something to the table. . .small or large. . .it’s all important. . .recognizing that is a great beginning in making a difference. . .dc

America: Super Hero Nation

Imagine a super-smart; super strong every man; war hero; former police commissioner; who topped it all off by becoming president of the United States!!

Doc Savage? No.

Definitely Superman, right? Nope
Batman? Gotta be Batman? Not even!
A man in a batsuit, with a cowl on his head, a utility belt, and a cape flowing behind him.

Teddy Roosevelt holds this distinction of being a larger-than-life example of what America can really produce!
teddy roosevelt

President Roosevelt reminds us how using our nation’s super principles can produce results just as miraculous as those of fictional super heroes.
Our values produce real life super heroes of every size, shape and color. This universal wealth is what allows Americans  to triumph.
As two political parties peacefully ( for the most part lol ) battle for the White House during a really bad economy it’s worth remembering that America, for all her faults, is still a super hero nation!
Have you found your “super ” today?
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The Black Panthers are supporters of Barack Hussein Obama in his quest for reelection as President.

Where were UN vote monitors in 2008 when members of the new Black Panther Party intimidated White citizens entering polls? 
Silly me, I forgot the UN supports bands of thugs strong arming elections- that’s how the leaders of most of its member nations got in office.
Please review the following:… New Black Panther Panther head says they may patrol polling places for the 2012 election
Is it too much to ask the Obama administration to tell the UN we can monitor our own elections???
I forgot, since suspected conservative election fraud is the cause I guess the government is welcoming them with open arms.
Politics trumps national sovereignty it seems.
* Specifically the monitors are with a UN partner organization named the Organization For Security and Cooperation In Europe ( OSCE ). I won’t state the obvious that the United States isn’t Europe. 

HOODCONSERVATIVE, MY ONLINE NEWSPAPER Traditional Values From The ‘Wrong” Side of Town! 
#CAPBLACKTHEHOODCONSERVATIVE, MY BLOG  Defiant Defenses of Traditional Values Amid Black America’s Cultural Implosion! 

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it has been awhile. . .

too much time has gone by. . .i’ve placed myself out of the loop to get my bearings again. . .i know much has been said and much has gone on. . .well. . .i’m leaving it all where it should be. . .in the past and i’m leaving it alone. . .it is time to dust off. . .gear up. . .and go forward. . .i look forward to begining again. . .doing what i can to help. . .i have been active. . .in my little corner. . .and it’s been good. . .i’ll write more about that later. . .i just wanted to say hi. . .and that it’s okay to start fresh. . .don’t let anyone drag you down. . .even if you need to step away for awhile. . .it’s not worth letting others dictate what you do. . .or what you say. . .it may take you awile to figure that out. . .but when you do. . .you’ll be stronger for it. . .don’t let the noise bother you. . .find your foundations. . .if you need to refocus and refine them. . .that is what life is all about. . .drop what doesn’t add to your life. . .and go forward. . .enjoy your day. . .be safe. . .and be that good example the world needs. . .destorying things doesn’t help the world. . .even if you think things evil. . .change the world by your heart. . .by your goodness. . .by your example. . .don’t fight evil with evil. . .it only engergies it. . .


Deneen Borelli brings reassuring frankness to high profile political discussions. She’s the calm conservative making salient points amid chaotic commentary from louder voices left and right.

I just got her book, ‘ Blacklash ” from the library today and am enjoying it. Far from stale sound bites driven, it outlines in readable fashion why she’s conservative and ( shh! ) how what she calls ” closet conservatives ” reach out to her- a major point.
Critics contend Black conservatives are sparse. Accounts like Mrs. Borelli’s suggest otherswise. Fear of retaliation keeps many silent.
Read some of what she’s been called and tell me there isn’t a war within Black America between politburos and patriots over political freedom.
This time the segregationists are Black liberals and socialists demonizing anyone who disagrees with the Eastern European White supremacist ideology they feel will save us. 

” Liberty Lady ” is my nick name for her and it sums up her approach. She really believes in liberty and has devoted her life to its promotion.
Open minded American Black liberals  should appreciate this most since liberation is their battle cry! If we lynch each other over politics, are we any better than Jim Crow era haters?
Being hated because of your politics; race; sex and even the color of your husband is a heavy burden to bear. It’s shameful that Black haters don’t recognize similarities between their tactics and those of 1960s segregationists.
Filthy language; threatening supporters; anonymous death threats; heckling; even assault fit perfectly within the Klan playbook from that era. 
Congratulations ” sisters ” and ” brothers ” you’ve joined trigger happy crack dealers in being chocolate Klansmen instituting a reign of terror against your own people.
Keep up the ‘ good ‘ work. 
The days when mobs dictate what Black folks think are thankfully over. I’ve begun  asking liberty lovers to form ” Freedom Friends ” free security groups when speakers like her come to town.
Let the haters know decent Americans refuse to allow anyone to be bullied into silence,  
Before I forget, lest some socialist somewhere try to accuse me of inciting vigilantism these Freedom Friends security groups would operate under the strict letter of the law.
A possible loss for president Obama precariously hovers on the horizon as does rising anger toward Black conservatives and patriots of all colors.
The Stacey Dash case should have been a wake up call to what’s simmering in sullen segments of Black America.
Deneen Borelli has taken up the torch and drawn alot of unwanted attention to herself. Let’s do our part by making sure she and fellow spokes persons have citizen protectors wherever they go.
Liberty Lady, we’ve got your back!
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HOODCONSERVATIVE, MY ONLINE NEWSPAPER Traditional Values From The ‘Wrong” Side of Town! 
#CAPBLACKTHEHOODCONSERVATIVE, MY BLOG  Defiant Defenses of Traditional Values Amid Black America’s Cultural Implosion! 

” Be your OWN Superhero!”

I invite readers to view this video and reflect upon similar scenes seen daily in Hood America. While we know Ghetto women and girls use loud intimidation tactics the unspoken question is:
” Is it now ok to hit women? ” 
Here’s my Face Book post about the case:
” My high intensity activism & security work are centered in the Hood, IRONICALLY the MOST vulgar; violence instigators are Ghetto women and girls, bar none. They earn their chocolate klansmen hairnets daily in public from coast 2 coast! LOL Whether the driver was legally justified remains 2b seen but this much is clear: LOUD; ANGRY Black women & girls hold our public space hostage. What we eventually do about this remains 2b seen. For myself I let them know in no uncertain terms I refuse 2 submit 2 their histrionics. I was raised not 2 hit women. Today’s Ghetto female requires being as verbally firm as one would with a man. That defuses 99% of encounters because 4 all their bluster they’re used 2 intimidation- not confrontation with male strangers. Can’t wait to see what the investigation reveals. MAKE PEACE WITH AMERICA! FEATURING CAP BLACK ( Google me! ). “
Ghetto women and girls are often more vulgar than male peers. Those concerned with ” taking back our streets ” to use a popular phrase now wrestle with how to address such widespread civil disorder.
This case should spark a national debate. We can’t pretend it’s the 1970s when I grew up. 21st Century Hood America has large numbers of loud females who make already unstable environments even more so.
Whatever its outcome this case has brought the morality of hitting disruptive women to the front of the bus in many minds.