Let no one….

The recent event & all the posts back in forth in our costumed community has put me to thought. In the odd chance I ever get shot while doing what we do…let no one gloat “He got what he deserved.”
Damn right I did…Live by the Sword & Die by it too.
“Carve not with thy hours my love’s fair brow, … he live forever, but he will be eternally young, and the ravages of time will not touch him.”

Supermobiles…Classic Coke is still better, and here's why.

Supermobiles…Classic Coke is better & here’s why.
I don’t usually go for “training Manuals” so to speak. I feel that everyone’s experience & talents are different & what applies to one RLSH doesn’t apply to another ones situation. But that being said I feel Supermobiles are a topic I’m qualified to speak on. THE Supermobile has been in the game for quite some time and is considered by many to be a Flagship of sorts for the RLSH community. She was a brief & fun focal point of the HBO Documentary “Superheroes” and is requested for appearances & events.
One thing about older cars is they have “quirks” or odd problems that you don’t get with a 2010 Nissan Sentra…like a 37 year old fuel line finally giving up the Ghost on you…and the car being in the shop for a month having the mufflers cut & the Tank dropped so the line can be reached.

This prolonged down time is what inspired me to actually consider “Updating” the Supermobile with a much newer model. I started looking at 2006 & 2007 Corvettes in parking lots with Ladyhero, and then finally started shopping for them online. Like This one

One gorgeous car and it’s a 2007 going for about $26,000, here is where I discovered that a Classic one…even with the unusual quirks & maintenance demands is still better.
Initial Price: The Supermobile cost initially a little less then HALF of what the 2007 does, saving me a tremendous sum of money to tweak the car with. The other half of the money I’d have spent on the new one is what put the 383 into the Supermobile.
Car Payment: Even if you put half down on the new one, after financing you’re looking at a $230 or $250 Dollar a month Car payment for five years. You could by a classic one outright…avoid the payment all together…and that brings us to the BIGGEST killer of a new Supermobile VS a Classic…
INSURANCE: Unless you can afford to buy the New Corvette outright, you are going to have to have full coverage on it until it’s paid off. Insurance of any kind on a new car that has a 6.0 400 HP Engine in it is not cheap. The Classic Supermobile has even MORE Horsepower…but since it’s a classic (Over 25 years old) I can have classic insurance on it…I pay just over $200 dollars a year for awesome coverage with Roadside, agreed value, windshield etc. on the Supermobile because she’s considered a classic.
So when you weigh it all it seems to me that your best bang for the buck is still a classic Supermobile as opposed to a new one. Sure, you’ll put up with the occasional pain in the rear from a older car, but even if you drop $3000 a year into repairs it still beats the payment on the new one. This will apply to any classic car as well not just Corvettes so when it’s time to slide down your bat poles & into the cave you keep your Super car,  I say make it  Classic Coke…it’s better anyway.

"Lame Duck" but no less important missions:

EXCITING: Driving across the State to a con to meet Celebs and talk up the Public. Telling people about doing the right thing, with a Gimmick or Without…and basically Recruiting for the cause.
EXCITING: taking the Supermobile at Warp 9 to St.Pete and running up a parking garage when you hear a chick screaming or maybe even preventing a mugging.
NO SO EXCITING: Spending half the day sitting in the Social Security Office, then on the phone pushing more one’s & zeroes then are on Zimmer Barnes Gimmick to try & help a 91 year old lady get additional assistance to make ends meet. Really to no avail either.
But the reality is that this kind of mission is no less important then the other two.
It’s not all glamor, gals, and Galactus.

Brian Knobs…The "not so" nasty Boy

Most people think of Brian Knobs as the Robin to Hulk Hogan’s Batman in Hogan knows best & Sports fans probably remember him as the enraged fan that ripped Third Base out of the ground & dropped numerous Atomic Elbows on it when it wasn’t treating the Tampa Bay Rays very nicely a few years back. Wrestling fans know him as a hardcore legend, in the ranks with the likes of Mick Foley Mankind, and The Sandman.
Brian & his Tag Partner Jerry Saggs make up the tag team “The Nasty Boys” and they have a ferocious reputation in AND outside of the ring.
Brian is a Clearwater resident & Icon and I’ve been a casual acquaintance, usually running into him at various functions & gyms in the area and the most recent time I ran into him was at The Florida Supercon in Miami. Being a fan or “Mark” as they call them in the biz I scarfed up autographs from the likes of Greg Valentine, Raven, and Brutus the Barber on Saturday then relaxed in the hotel lounge that night…when along comes Brian, hardly knowing me from Adam, and yells to me across the lounge “We’re going to the V.I.P. party! Come on!”  
Ladyhero & I jumped at the offer & tagged along with Brian and his friends (Including Greg valentine!) to the party where security tried to stop Ladyhero & I from entering, a quick “They’re with me.” from Brian fixed the problem & we were in with the likes of Scott Adsit, Dana Snyder, and Dino Stamatopoulos (all of whom I pointed out to Brian and what they were famous for to really let him know how much we appreciated him letting us tag along). After awhile we headed back down to the hotel lounge where some older ladies came in with a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier and sat across from us. Brian pulled out his phone showing them pictures of his Maltese (swear to God with a bow on its neck) and telling the women “This is MY baby! She’s spoiled!”
Brian kept us all in more stitches then his former opponents and was the life of the Party.
I checked up on him & Jerry at their table the next day to see if they needed anything & thanked Brian for letting us tag along. I guess the point of the story is for all the ferocious reputation I was really surprised to find out what a nice guy Brian is. Never judge a book by its cover & if you ever see him out & about say hi…he won’t drop you through a table.  🙂
EDIT: He DID however give me a bunch of grief for having a Appletini though.

"Breaking the spell" of Bystander effect???

So follow me on this one… “Bystander effect” where something happens & people stand around and watch…or worse Video a drowning person for their youtube channel.
Sunday I was headed home up McMullen Booth when all the traffic in my lane slows to a dead crawl & gets all swervie up ahead…when I finally get up there there is a Damn BOX SPRING off a King or Queen size bead laying across the lane! No body is doing anything accept trying to get around it. I stop & dive out to grab it, and suddenly the guy behind me does the same thing. We grab it together, toss it in the grass, & take off.
So…did my stopping “Break the spell” of Bystander effect? This is not the first time this has happened to me, just the first time I’ve realized it fully that people act after I do. Has this happened to any of you? does this make what we do actually more important? Opinions? Thoughts?

Working on the set of a RLSH Film today…

…And it was a “Vigilante Superhero” short. I heard them talking about the Heroes rig & gimmick while he was suiting up & heard some of the things they were thinking about & recomending like “He needs a cape” etc. You just bite your lip & be humble…They didn’t hire me as a technical advisor 🙂
It was made for the “48 hour Gorilla Film fest” where they apparently have 48 hours to shoot a genre film. they got action hero. That night there were plenty of squibs & blanks going off. It’s also funny to watch for me, Nobody would hit S&^% shooting this way 🙂 http://youtu.be/u-8RP8owjas

A quick shout out for Tothian.

I gave him one on Facebook…then realized since I don’t have a Facebook anymore nobody wold see it. The other night when I was desperately trying to get a hold of somebody in the Orlando area to check up on Master Legend, Tothian was all over it. I had no idea you could 911 from anywhere in the country…Tothian knew.
By the time I got a hold of somebody (I’m two hours away) they arrived to find the paramedics already there.
Way to go Tothian, way to be on top of it.