Stay out of it Dumbass….

Q: Will you patrolling the RNC?
A: No, I don’t want to be cavity Searched by the Secret Service.
Q: Well it seems like it would be right up your alley
A: Once the Legit authorities are on the scene, NOTHING is up our alley.
This should not be “training” or advice. Wanna spend a night in the Clink? Show up at a domestic you just heard about on your scanner where some trailer Diva has her nose under her right eye wearing a Guy Fawkes mask you’ve spray painted black & shoved thumbtacks in & tell the cop “I’m here to help.” See what happens.
If the legit Authorities (Cops, paramedics, I.C.E. whatever) are already there walk away. If you’re there first & they arrive turn it over to them & walk away. If they need a statement from you they’ll ask. (And then ask WTF you’re doing wearing a Guy Fawkes mask with thumbtacks shoved in it.) There are F*&^ing SEAL teams at the RNC, I’m sure they don’t need me ducking in & out of alleys looking for The Yellow Claw to show up…Or you.
(Note: I WILL probably go over during a day in my gimmick because I’m a hardware Junkie & there’s supposed to be F-15’s flying around & V-22’s Flying by & Tampa PD will have their V-100 parked someplace….F(*& yeah.)