Alton L Hayes attacked a White man in a Chicago suburb and told police anger over Trayvon Martin was the reason. He also robbed the victim.

MEMO TO CHOCOLATE KLANSMEN: Please refrain from misusing this murder victim’s name as you plunder and pounce your way through society. This case is too important to be associated with your petty crimes. I know you don’t respect Black nor other lives but for once pretend you do.

“Empty your pockets, white boy ” was his snivel rights slogan as he and an accomplice attacked the victim from behind ( typical chocolate klansman tactic )
. I guess he threw poor Trayvon Martin’s name up hoping it would justify his appalling cowardice.
Trayvon Martin supporters must verbally ( and literally where legal ) pimp slap any thug and assorted sub-species of chocolate klansman misusing his name to justify crime. Once again, these fools give aid and comfort to elements considering all Black people criminals.
This case illustrates for the millionth time how out of control a segment of Black America has become. I pray this is an isolated incident but know it probably won’t be.

He is an Emmett Till of the 21st century. His legacy becomes every good Black person’s job to defend, alongside all supporters.

Black criminals in the past have even dared to attack the late Rose Parks in her home…
We cannot allow them to attack Trayvon Martin by misusing his name to justify their evil. His parents have taken the high road in this case and we who call ourselves their supporters can do no less.
Trayvon Martin shouldn’t be used by chocolate klansmen as an excuse to do what they did before his murder- make life unliveable within the inner city and elsewhere!
Keep his name out of your sorry mouths when arrested and take your punishment like men- for once.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082

Nadra Enzi


Working on the set of a RLSH Film today…

…And¬†it was a “Vigilante Superhero” short. I heard them talking about the Heroes rig & gimmick while he was suiting up & heard some of the things they were thinking about & recomending like “He needs a cape” etc. You just bite your lip & be humble…They didn’t hire me as a technical advisor ūüôā
It was made for the “48 hour Gorilla Film fest” where they apparently have 48 hours to shoot a genre film. they got action hero. That night there were plenty of squibs & blanks going off. It’s also funny to watch for me, Nobody would hit S&^% shooting this way ūüôā


During yesterday’s SUPERHERO ACADEMY (blog talk radio show) we discussed the possibility of organizing a mass gathering of HEART HEROES (the kids themselves) at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis as a way to bring attention the the cause of CDH (Congenital Disease of the Heart) which is the number one killer of children BTW.
If you don’t know about Heart Heroes, they are my favored charity, so let me tell you about them.
Heart Heroes is a charity that gives custom made superhero capes to children suffering from CDH.  These capes help the children to harness the power of their inner superhero to face the massive challenges they have just to live.  These children face incredible obstacles including multiple open heart surgeries and the capes give them the courage to face these challenges without fear.
Its so simple…and so powerful.
The capes cost $25 each.   The children are given a gift card and then they design and order their own cape online (from Powercapes).
You can learn more about them at the link below…and be sure to read some of the testimonials while you are there…but bring a box of kleenex because you will cry.
I would like to gather together a group of people willing to assist with the planning of this event and coordinate it with Kitty Burton of Heart Heroes and the people from Powercapes (who actually make the capes for them) and make this happen.
I would love to see hundreds of little Heart Heroes standing at the base of the Superman statue surrounded by adult cosplayers and RLSH’s on that Sunday afternoon for an awesome group picture.¬† That is my goal for 2012.
Anyone who is willing to help with this project, PLEASE let me know so we can get things started. My email is crossfire_[email protected].comThank you
Crossfire the Crusader.
PS:¬† Anyone who has been planning to donate to the ongoing HEART HEROES CAPE DRIVE ….NOW IS THE TIME.¬† An anonymous donor has agreed to donate one cape for every two cape donations given between now and Thanksgiving.¬† At this time last year they had a waiting list of over 200 children.¬† As of yesterday the waiting list was down to 60 and they average 12 requests per day for capes.¬† The cape drive and other fundraising events have helped to shorten the waiting list, and we are looking at the very real possibility of seeing that waiting list go away.¬† 100% of the donations go to the kids, and for the next few days your donations are worth even more thanks to this mysterious benefactor.¬† Thank you for all the help you have and are continuing to give to this amazing charity.


Nadra Enzi

Capt Black

One fact sets creative activists ( RLSH & X ALT ) apart from their larger communities: our impressive absence of racial hangups (or good sense not to air them- take your pick! lol ).

Real life superheroes and extreme altruist community members come in all shades. That much is obvious. Why we unite around this sub-culture is the next logical question.

The sub-culture we share uses fictional themes to inspire inventive dogooding. These themes transcend racial categories and instead become an entirely new category all its own.

The bonds formed in practicing this sub-culture are often stronger than those usually found in conventional ties.
While politicans; political parties and pundits racebait to promote prejudice for some narrow purpose ( like the 2012 presidential campaign ), RLSH and X ALT consistently demonstrate our one elegantly simple truth:
“Super” has no color.

NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes¬†finding your “super” through creative crime prevention; homeless outreach and political advocacy.¬†He also reminds readers that, “…the ‘Black’ in Capt. Black is an acronym (brotherhood-loyalty-ability-courage-kindness )defining five core principles instead of skin color. ”¬†(504) 214-3082.


NOLA Public Library Computer Use Allegation

(504) 214-3082
Ms. Valencia Hawkins
Associate Director,
New Orleans Public Library Main Branch
Re: Attempt To Violate My Access To A Public Accommodation.
Greetings Ms. Hawkins:
The director of the African-American Resource Center just brought it to my attention ( at approximately 3: 30pm today, 6/15/11 ) that the Library IT Department ( which has incidentally engaged in blocking of the New Orleans Urban League site along with other reputable Black sites) has stated I’m engaged in “over-use” of the computer here!
Given the literacy rate here any excessive use by a Black man should be applauded. lol.
I used the two hours time on my card and two hours time on the card of retired New Orleans Police Department officer Mr. Shahed Wali Muhammad, with his permission. I am assisting him in his capacity as president of the Kelly Family Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit registered with the IRS.
It was also alleged that I obtained a guest pass today, which is an outright lie and an insult.
Denying Black citizens access to public accommodations was addressed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the interpretation of the Interstate Commerce Clause used to desegregate public facilities like the New Orleans Public Library System.
As a Muslim; Savannah GA FBI Citizens Academy graduate and an NAACP life member moments like these aren’t novel but are no less unwelcome. I think the IT Department is upset I’ve challenged its unlawful censorship several times; and perhaps the race and religious affiliation of Mr. Muhammad and myself- which is to be expected.
I am not engaged in unsavory nor criminal activities ( unlike a regrettable percentage of indigent patrons on these grounds ) and consider this attempt to limit my access to a public accommodation comical.
I suggest those responsible raise their opinion of Black male patrons- or at least this one. Being Black; male and Muslim isn’t a crime- yet!
Thank you,
Mr. Muhammad can be contacted at ( 504 ) 723-1141 to corroborate my claim.

The Beginning

by Geo Punk
I only recently found out about rlshs. I was a boy scout all through middle and high school, so I have always enjoyed helping people, but when I got into college, I stopped being able to do stuff to help because of my ridiculous schedule. While I am still in college, I have decided to become an rlsh so I can once again help my community. Although I cannot do much now, when I return home in May I will actively serve my community. As of now, though, I can patrol campus and the surrounding area every now and then. I think I could be a real help to the campus now, because there tend to be attacks and muggings here when the weather starts to warm up at night. This blog will serve as a journal more than anything. I only refer to myself as an rlsh due to lack of any other description. I don a uniform and go out to help people. But, honestly, I’m just winging the superhero thing.
Last night, I was on patrol alone (As I will be most of the time. I am the only rlsh in my area as far as I know.) and I spotted a man looking into a rather nice car on the side of the road. The man looked and acted like he was probably drunk, and, honestly, he looked like he probably didn’t own the car. I turned on my flashlight and pointed at him, as I was going to ask if he needed any help, but when the flashlight beam hit him, he looked at me briefly and took off. I’m not sure whether I stopped him from breaking into the car, or if I just scared the crap out of him.
-G. P.

Phoenix Jones: Standard Bearer

Superheroes have leapt from four color entertainment to the evening news. As a member of this community I follow related developments closely.
Phoenix Jones seems to be our break out person- the one deemed a standard bearer for what the media calls real life superheroes ( RLSH ).
As I always preach, simply doing creative good doesn’t mean you’ll be well received. Alongside unprecedented coverage come haters and folks with legitimate concerns. Jones has plenty of both, even within his own extended real life superhero community.
Many of us have done this for years without fan fare. Some are rubbed the wrong way by his notoriety while others, myself included, are enjoying his experience from afar. Whenever you stretch reality the way we do, raw nerves are bound to be exposed.
Much has been made of the intervention where his nose was broken. It serves notice to supporter and skeptic alike that risk is part of the real life superhero experience. The same holds true for public safety professionals; private security security and anyone who has potentially combative encounters.
Phoenix Jones may be a standard bearer for the real life superhero community. Meanwhile there are hundreds of us doing the same and, like Jones, hopefully inspiring fellow citizens to help out.
That’s a standard worth bearing in these uncertain times and for that alone Phoenix Jones deserves considerable credit.
Also, it appears he’s also an African-American beneath his mask. The fact this hasn’t been emphasized implies more concern with what he does, as opposed to who he is.
Not bad considering the state of race relations.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes crime prevention and self-development.

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