The Beginning

by Geo Punk
I only recently found out about rlshs. I was a boy scout all through middle and high school, so I have always enjoyed helping people, but when I got into college, I stopped being able to do stuff to help because of my ridiculous schedule. While I am still in college, I have decided to become an rlsh so I can once again help my community. Although I cannot do much now, when I return home in May I will actively serve my community. As of now, though, I can patrol campus and the surrounding area every now and then. I think I could be a real help to the campus now, because there tend to be attacks and muggings here when the weather starts to warm up at night. This blog will serve as a journal more than anything. I only refer to myself as an rlsh due to lack of any other description. I don a uniform and go out to help people. But, honestly, I’m just winging the superhero thing.
Last night, I was on patrol alone (As I will be most of the time. I am the only rlsh in my area as far as I know.) and I spotted a man looking into a rather nice car on the side of the road. The man looked and acted like he was probably drunk, and, honestly, he looked like he probably didn’t own the car. I turned on my flashlight and pointed at him, as I was going to ask if he needed any help, but when the flashlight beam hit him, he looked at me briefly and took off. I’m not sure whether I stopped him from breaking into the car, or if I just scared the crap out of him.
-G. P.