Nadra Enzi

Capt Black

One fact sets creative activists ( RLSH & X ALT ) apart from their larger communities: our impressive absence of racial hangups (or good sense not to air them- take your pick! lol ).

Real life superheroes and extreme altruist community members come in all shades. That much is obvious. Why we unite around this sub-culture is the next logical question.

The sub-culture we share uses fictional themes to inspire inventive dogooding. These themes transcend racial categories and instead become an entirely new category all its own.

The bonds formed in practicing this sub-culture are often stronger than those usually found in conventional ties.
While politicans; political parties and pundits racebait to promote prejudice for some narrow purpose ( like the 2012 presidential campaign ), RLSH and X ALT consistently demonstrate our one elegantly simple truth:
“Super” has no color.

NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes finding your “super” through creative crime prevention; homeless outreach and political advocacy. He also reminds readers that, “…the ‘Black’ in Capt. Black is an acronym (brotherhood-loyalty-ability-courage-kindness )defining five core principles instead of skin color. ” (504) 214-3082.