Alton L Hayes attacked a White man in a Chicago suburb and told police anger over Trayvon Martin was the reason. He also robbed the victim.

MEMO TO CHOCOLATE KLANSMEN: Please refrain from misusing this murder victim’s name as you plunder and pounce your way through society. This case is too important to be associated with your petty crimes. I know you don’t respect Black nor other lives but for once pretend you do.

“Empty your pockets, white boy ” was his snivel rights slogan as he and an accomplice attacked the victim from behind ( typical chocolate klansman tactic )
. I guess he threw poor Trayvon Martin’s name up hoping it would justify his appalling cowardice.
Trayvon Martin supporters must verbally ( and literally where legal ) pimp slap any thug and assorted sub-species of chocolate klansman misusing his name to justify crime. Once again, these fools give aid and comfort to elements considering all Black people criminals.
This case illustrates for the millionth time how out of control a segment of Black America has become. I pray this is an isolated incident but know it probably won’t be.

He is an Emmett Till of the 21st century. His legacy becomes every good Black person’s job to defend, alongside all supporters.

Black criminals in the past have even dared to attack the late Rose Parks in her home…
We cannot allow them to attack Trayvon Martin by misusing his name to justify their evil. His parents have taken the high road in this case and we who call ourselves their supporters can do no less.
Trayvon Martin shouldn’t be used by chocolate klansmen as an excuse to do what they did before his murder- make life unliveable within the inner city and elsewhere!
Keep his name out of your sorry mouths when arrested and take your punishment like men- for once.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082

Nadra Enzi


Nadra Enzi

Lately Occupy Wall St. affiliates and related movements
have had angry liberal White men accused of plotting to blow up bridges and even firebomb the President’s Chicago Campaign headquarters.
” Angry White men! ” is a phrase usually associated with conservatives and Far right hate groups.
Fairness dictates asking are these cases on the Far Left isolated or symptoms of something more sinister… and widespread?
A progressive activist friend called me today with the same concern. He doesn’t want to associate with anyone preaching violence in any way, shape or form. As a Free Security! activist alternatives to criminal use of force are my specialty.
Black men know only too well that our words can be spun to whip millions of frightened White folks into a politically useful frenzy. The same holds true for angry liberal White men. Images of long haired anarchists terrify Mainstream ( i.e White ) America to its core.
From a security perspective please consider anarchists don’t look ” suspicious ” like, say, Arabs  or Black folks  They blend in with the general populace and thus don’t raise threat flags unless they go out of their way to call attention to themselves. Akin to demonic possession being Anarchist While White causes policy makers; homeland security and police officials sleepless nights.
That’s why a White man who calls himself an anarchist makes the alphabet soup more nervous than a dozen brothers holding Black Power theater at a press conference somewhere. Unseen; unsuspected, Anarchists While White can be anywhere; at any time and are impervious to the usual ( sometimes bias driven ) methods of identifying security threats.
Angry liberal White men are a thorn in the side of a Democratic president seeking to hold the center so he can win another four years. More press on Far Left political criminals could mean more reasons for White Independents to vote for a candidate with a more stable base.
But, raging at the machine is a young man’s birth right. Becoming criminals abusing legitimate causes isn’t being a protester- it’s being a predator! Populist activists should keep that thought firmly in mind in coming days. If the system you critique is so wrong and heavy handed you should be the last ones using violence as political expression.
Had the Chicago NATO Summit plotters been successful in fire bombing the President’s Campaign Headquarters and Mayor Emanuel’s home their only accomplishment would have been crossing the aisle to join ranks with civil rights era church bombers; abortion clinic targeters, etc to name a few felons.
Notice bombing people as a sick form of protest isn’t Far Right or Far Left- it’s just wrong!
Angry White liberal males might be on the rise at precisely the time when such rage is better spent registering voters; peacefully protesting and lobbying decision makers. They’re free to choose criminal acts but should understand they’re on their own if they do.
Nobody has the right to hurt people in the name of so-called political expression.
Angry liberal White men who do so are no better than Angry Conservative ones they scapegoat!
FULL DISCLOSURE: My Free Security! activism led me to become involved with Occupy NOLA here in New Orleans. I addressed safety and police liaison issues with this overwhelmingly non-violent group of reformers. They don’t riot; they try to reform society.
Occupy NOLA did however have one would-be mastermind of a foiled murder/robbery in its ranks
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative crime prevention and founded the Face Book group, Real Life Superheroes ( RLSH ) 4 Obama. (504) 214-3082


This is Bee Sting, a costumed activist from Michigan accused off firing his shotgun while grappling with someone he’s confronted. Facts are sketchy and after George Zimmerman rushing to judgement just got warp drive.
I practice neighborhood watch; citizens patrol and real life superhero ( RLSH )/extreme altruist ( X ALT ) activism. Best practices and avoiding situations where we can be accused of misconduct are our best defense. Private citizens walk a tight rope with the legal system when taking action. Private citizens with costumes and/or code names walk a tight rope without a safety net because of how unusual their choice of civic duty appears.Bee Sting will have his day in court. As a broad community we’d do well to think twice before taking any action that could backfire.We’re private citizens, not cops! This fact is made painfully clear when one of us finds himself pursued more aggressively by police and prosecutors than career criminals with rap sheets blocks long!I’m not saying neighborhood watchers; citizens on patrol; RLSH or X ALTS ought to second guess every move they make or close up shop.I am suggesting that being even more careful from now on isn’t bad… especially with the bad press cycle currently under way.
We don’t want anyone’s rights violated or harmed because of what we do.
[email protected]
(504) 214-3082



I’m a citizen who patrols the community. Obviously I support this public safety concept.
Police aren’t the only ones who should walk ( or ride ) the streets on the alert for trouble. Nobody should act like he’s above the law while doing so.
George Zimmerman, Florida neighborhood watch captain-cum-possible murder suspect also believes in citizens patrol. State and federal officials will determine if his beliefs include homicide.
News accounts of his fatal shooting of Black teenager Trayvon Martin should cause citizen patrollers to pause and seriously assess what we do.
We aren’t police officers and, unlike bad cops, are easily liable for civil and criminal offenses. Stopping people on the street without evidence of crime is outside our scope. Suspicions should be either documented or reported to police for investigation.
That issue troubles me- greatly.
Playing police officer ( if that’s what Zimmerman was doing ) undermines the citizens patrol concept.
We’re supposed to be vigilant not vigilantes. Confronting people and shooting them if we’re on the confrontation’s losing end isn’t what citizens patrol represents.
George Zimmerman is strongly suspected of acting like a vigilante; has placed an entire movement in a bad light and inflamed already lit racial tensions to boot.
Just what good citizens needed.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative crime prevention, citizens patrol included. Good Citizens Supporting Good Cops is his group. (504) 214-3082.

Real Life Superheroes

Originally posted:  on November 15, 2011 by

Jolie Lassen
Do you think superheroes exist? No?
But in America a real subculture of so called heroes do exist. There are men and women wearing costumes, adopting pseudonyms and doing good deeds. The Real Life Superheroes. They act anonymous and selfless and try to make Americas streets a bit more secure and the world a bit better.
They bridge the gap between the fantastic and the practical.
They combat crime, hand out supplies to the homeless, comforting the sick or just cleaning up their neighborhood.
Of course The Real Life Superheroes have no supernatural power. They have tear gas, taser, a bit of self-defense and the will to change something.
But who are these modern heroes? Everyone could be one of them. They are every kind of people – clerical assistants, doctors, streetworker, politicians or ex-junkies. It is irrespective of the sex, the profession, the status or what ever.
Their actions serve as reminders. People have blinded themselves to simple principles and goodwill. They lost their readiness to help others.
The different Superheroes focus on different actions and locations.
Terrifica for example is roaming the streets, clubs and bars of New York. She got her tear gas, mobile phone and camera with her and. The thirty year old woman with blond hair and red battle dress wants to defend young woman against violation of men. In case of doubt she uses her camera to be able to proof the criminal act.
Geist acts in Minnesota. He is there where the police just no longer get. He appears out of the blue, doing good deeds and disappears again. He helps the homeless, victims of violence and homeless animals.
Thantos is a sixty two years old Superhero helping drug addicted people in the streets of Vancouver. He shares out blankets, clothes and food wearing a green mask, a black trench coat and a tie with skulls.
The Real Life Superhero Project first should make people recognize this new breed of activism and altruism. But more and more people get interested and the scope and purpose expanded very fast.
Due to the financial crisis many people lost a lot of money, their jobs and even their homes. Their desire for security increases.
In the middle of instability and political uncertainty those heroes offer a bit stability to the people. There are those benefactors in disguise who dispread optimism and confidence through their brave. That is – as it seems – what America needs right now.
It started as a gallery exhibit but it became the base of something much greater. The Real Life Superhero Project is a living community which inspires the general public to be part of the positive flow to change something in the world we all have to live in.
Thereby they could become more active, more involved, stronger and a little bit more “super”.
Their gain is to help the poor and underdogs and to make other people help too.
The Real Life Superheroes have a website where they explain the world who they are, what they do and what they want. At the end there is that one sentence we all should keep in mind. “And hopefully, you will come to realize that it doesn’t take a cape to go out and help someone, just the desire to become an active force in your own life, and see how that can affect others.”
So, do you think superheroes really exist? It doesn’t matter how we call them it’s about what they do. We all are able to be a kind of superhero. So why don’t we start?
Today there are twenty nine of those Real Life Superheroes in America. Maybe even tomorrow there will be more.
Let’s find the hero in all of us.

Vigilantes should be able to fight crime without being interfered with

Originally posted:
By Ron Rokhy
Since its inception, America has had its fair share of criminals — and people who fight them.
But before there even was a Supreme Court to combat crime, one group did: we, the people. In 1760, citizens in North Carolina took up arms against corrupt officials, marking the first known instance ofvigilantism in America’s history.
Branded as vigilantes, citizens who skip due process and punish criminals in the name of justice are seen as heroes by their peers, but many times, their actions are deemed unlawful by the government — and could land them in hot water.
But should their actions be illegal? Is it wrong for private individuals to take matters into their own hands and fight for what’s right when it can’t be done through legal means?
Absolutely not. Vigilantes, in a way, are like a bandage. When the legal system’s armor cracks and people like OJ Simpson use loopholes to get away with murder, or when victims get hit with frivolous lawsuits from burglars who injure themselves during break-ins, they step in and try to  glue everything back together.
America has a certain law that makes little sense: If someone witnesses a non-violent crime, such as a break-in or a theft, they’re not allowed to physically interfere. Putting their hands on a criminal could result in assault charges, such as the case of the Phoenix Jones, the real-life Seattle superhero, who pepper-sprayed two people he said were fighting.
Crime-fighters like Jones and his rag-tag group of criminal fighters, who patrol streets donning capes and costumes, shouldn’t be arrested for stopping criminals, they should instead be given medals for supplying the public with the swift kind of justice that our government can’t always provide.
People shouldn’t be forced to sit idly by and wait for police to show up. If they feel they can stop a criminal in the process of an illegal act, they should do so without the fear of getting hit with excessive force charges.
In 2010, a man in Washington was brought up on assault charges because he kicked a burglar in the face as police arrived and witnessed the event. Indicting people for forcefully punishing those that wronged them is counterproductive because it shows tolerance towards crime.
Criminals caught in the act shouldn’t enjoy protection just because a citizen busted them instead of a police officer — they should have little to no rights at all.
Don’t want to get beat? Don’t do something stupid. Simple, really.
However, some people argue that vigilantes risk getting the wrong person, violating the “innocent until prove guilty” presumption. For example, Michael Zenquis was wrongly beaten in the summer of 2009 because a group of people thought he was a child rapist.
That being said, it’s important to note that the legal system faces the same kind of downfall.
Alton Logan spent 26 years in a prison after being falsely convicted of a murder he did not commit. If mistakes are grounds for deeming something illegal or immoral, then our justice system fits the bill as well.
As a society, we should embrace self-policing and actively be involved in it, even if it means cracking down harshly on criminals.

Phoenix Jones back on patrol after his dramatic unveiling

Originally posted:
By Lindsay Cohen
SEATTLE – An extra set of eyes is watching the streets of downtown Seattle, as self-styled superhero Phoenix Jones returned to his patrol after enduring a week filled with controversy.
ones, whose real name is Benjamin Fodor, was back walking the streets of Seattle on Saturday night. He patrolled with other members of the Rain City Super Heroes, as well as regular citizens he invited to tag along.
The group left from Pike Place Market around 10 p.m. and made a stop at Occupy Seattle before heading to Belltown.
Fodor says he wants to clear up confusion about his role and continue his mission.
“Theres been a lot of confusion about people thinking, like, I’m delusional or I’m crazy or that I don’t understand what I’m doing,” he says. “And I wanted people to walk around and understand what it is I’m doing.”
He says last week started off as one of his worst ever, but then quickly became liberating.
He was arrested early on the morning of Oct. 9, after an alleged fight that was caught on video by a friend.
On the videotape, Fodor runs up to a crowd while dressed in his superhero outfit, pulls out a can of pepper spray and appears to shoot it at several people.
He was arrested on suspicion of assault, but prosecutors earlier this week declined to file charges.
Outside court on Thursday, he dramatically took off his mask and revealed his true identity – and said he plans to keep fighting crime on the streets of Seattle, as he did Saturday night.
In fact, it’s something that everyone can do, in his or her own way, he says.
“Everyone’s doing it – they just don’t know,” says Fodor. “If you walk from your car to a show and back to your car, that’s being on patrol. The only difference is, when I see crime, I call 911 first, wait, and when it gets dangerous I step in. And I feel like every citizen could do that.”
Fodor adds that he’s in a backup suit, because what he calls his “super suit” was taken into evidence by police, after last week’s arrest.

Phoenix Jones, real-life Seattle superhero, arrested for pepper-spray assault

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By Elizabeth Flock
Phoenix Jones
Masked crusader Phoenix Jones, who says he often patrols the streets of Seattle in a superhero suit to stop crime, may have accidentally gotten involved in a crime.
In a situation almost straight out of the movie “Kick-Ass,” Jones is fighting an assault charge for allegedly spraying pepper spray on people, who he says were fighting. Seattle police say the people were dancing.
Jones is out of jail after being held Sunday night.
“Just because he’s dressed up in costume, it doesn’t mean he’s in special consideration or above the law,” Seattle police spokesman Det. Mark Jamieson said of the incident. “You can’t go around pepper spraying people because you think they are fighting.”
Jones, who has been unmasked by police as Benjamin Francis, insists he “witnessed a hit-and-run/attempted murder of a man and he responded to stop it,” according to a Facebook post.
Jones has posted this video as proof that a crime had taken place, though the video is shaky and unclear. In the video, it appears Jones and his sidekick, known as Ghost, run toward a group of people and try to break them up. A woman is then seen running after Jones and hitting him with her shoe. A BMW car appears, almost hits an unidentified man, and a person with Jones says to call 911 to report a hit-and-run.
In an interview with local station 97.3 FM, the woman who hits Jones with her shoe says she didn’t need the help.
Jones was wearing a black and gold superhero costume and a bullet-proof vest, and carrying two cans of pepper spray when police arrived at the scene.
Police took the suit, boots and mask from him, but Jones says he has a backup suit.
Jones is married to a woman he calls PurpleReign, another masked vigilante.
He is also the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement, a group of self-proclaimed superheroes that has previously been credited with preventing a carjacking. Watch the report from that carjacking below:

Los Angeles to have On-Call Superhero

Originally posted:
Launch of new website,, to ease burden on law enforcement by fighting crime.
Self-described real-life superhero, HERO MAN, today announced the launch of a new website ( that allows Angelenos in distress to request his help. David Filmore, the man behind the cape, turned to fighting crime after his home was robbed and was dissatisfied with the justice he received.  Filmore vowed then and there that he would strike a blow against crime by helping those who had been similarly victimized.
“This city needs the help of a superhero, there just aren’t enough police to go around. If someone is being bullied or is the victim of a crime, I’m ready to step in.  I just want to make sure these ruffians get what’s coming to them.”  Filmore said when asked why he was embarking on his quest.
“But I want to make it clear that I am not a vigilante!  My goal above all is to see that justice is served, and to stand in protection of those who have nowhere else to turn.” As an orthodox Jew, Filmore says he gets his true motivation from the Torah “It is never about revenge, only justice.  It’s about repairing the world and being a mensch.  That’s the code every superhero lives by.”
Filmore’s work as a yarmulke-wearing superhero hasn’t gone unrecognized by the Jewish community.  He was recently nominated for the ‘Jewish Community Heroes Award,’ a national annual campaign designed to spotlight and celebrate people working to make the world a better place.  The winner receives a $25,000 grant to be used in a non-profit community project.
“It’s an honor to be nominated, but it’s the work I do helping people that really matters to me.  I’m just happy to be alive and to know that I’m making a difference in people’s lives.”  Filmore being alive isn’t something that was certain not so long ago. “I was severely anemic and hospitalized for 30 days.  Lying in hospital I knew what it was like to be truly helpless.  That experience prepared me for being a superhero.  I can identify with the victims of crime, I know how they feel.”
But there is also a very practical reason HERO MAN’s services have been in demand.  “To be blunt, L.A. is in a budget crisis right now and people are hurting as a result.  The police can’t be everywhere at once, so it’s only logical that well-meaning people try to help fill that need in our community.” Filmore added a precaution “I’m not recommending other people take this action, it is extremely dangerous.  But on the other hand it is the right thing to do.  The police should deputize me.”
When Officer Wong of the LADP was asked about HERO MAN, he responded, “This activity isn’t illegal, but I would strongly discourage anyone from trying be a superhero.  Life isn’t a movie, and chances are the police will end up having to rescue HERO MAN from a situation he wasn’t prepared for.”
But in this case, life does seem to be in part a movie.  A documentary crew followed Filmore as he made his transformation from hospital patient to a lightsaber-carrying superhero in a black cape. “A lot of my close friends work in film and TV.  When they saw what was happening in my life they pointed their cameras at me and started recording.  Somehow we ended up with a movie.  It’s all kind of amazing actually.”  Filmore said looking back.
The movie, also called ‘HERO MAN,’ is a documentary but Filmore insists that doesn’t fully describe it. “It’s an uplifting story, but it’s also got plenty of action and fights, the kind of fireworks you’d want from a movie about a superhero. And having the cameras there definitely pushed me to do things I might not otherwise have done. Luckily, I only broke one bone.” Filmore added, when recalling an accident that happened on one of the last days of shooting.
“I’m excited about seeing the movie screen at festivals and finding a distributor.  But it’s the real work of being a superhero that keeps me going.”  Filmore explained about his relentless drive for justice.  “If someone is in trouble I want to be there to protect them from harm. Besides, I totally love the action. I’ve always enjoyed wearing combat gear and jumping off roofs anyway. This just makes it official.”
After having handled almost fifty “cases,” Filmore insists he’s just getting started. “Tonight’s another night, I’ll be out there again like always, hunting for scofflaws and troublemakers.”