How to Describe a Suspect To The Police

How to Describe a Suspect To The Police

To capture a criminal in these highly mobile times, it is of utmost importance for the police to promptly obtain an accurate description. Following are some of the most important identifiers the police need to apprehend criminal suspects. Keep this information in mind so that you can give the police an accurate description of any criminal or criminal incident you may observe.
Location information is critical:
Observe where you are and the exact location of the crime. Try to remember if you have ever seen the suspect in the area before.
Note the time as precisely as possible.
Observe if the suspect is carrying a weapon and, if so, what type-revolver, handgun, shotgun, knife, etc.
If the suspect leaves the scene, note the direction of flight.
If the suspect is in a vehicle, note as much of the following information as possible: vehicle type (auto, truck, van, etc.); color; make and model; condition (dirty, damaged, etc.); and license plate numbers.
Note also if the vehicle has no license plates or a “license applied for” sticker in the rear windshield.
Watch for decoys or accomplices.

a variety of general description information about the suspect should be noted:
Race or national origin
Age (estimated)
Height-use comparisons with your own height, a door, or some other standard measure
Weight (estimated)
Build-fat, husky, slim, muscular, etc.

Facial information is also important:
Hair-note the color, texture, hairline, style; also possible dyes or wigs
Forehead-note forehead height, and whether the skin is smooth, creased or wrinkled
Eyes-note the color, shape (round, slanted), whether clear or bloodshot, and the heaviness of eyelashes and eyebrows
Nose-overall shape (long, wide, flat, etc.) and nostrils (wide, narrow, flared) are important
Cheeks-is the flesh sunken, filled out, dried or oily? are there wrinkles around nose or mouth? are cheek bones high or low, wide or narrow?
Ears-note size and prominence (protruding or flat against head)
Mouth-are lips thin, medium, full? do corners turn up, turn down, or level?
Chin-what is the shape (round, oval, pointed, square)? double chin, dimpled, cleft?
Neck-note protruding Adam’s apple or hanging jowls
Complexion-note pores, pockmarks, acne, razor rash, bumps
Facial hair-clean shaven? unshaven? beard, mustache, goatee, sideburns?
Tattoos-shape and style; on what part of the body

Clothing information is also very important:
Hat-note color, style, ornaments, how it is worn (bill forward, backward, to one side)
Coat-note color and style (suit coat, jacket, topcoat, overcoat)
Shirt/Blouse/Dress-note color, design, sleeves, collar
Trousers/Slacks/Skirt-note color, style, cuffs
Socks-note color, pattern, length
Shoes-note color, style, brand name for sneakers (if possible), condition
Accessories-sweater, scarf, gloves, necktie
Jewelry-rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces
General appearance-neat or sloppy? clean or dirty?
Oddities-look for clothing too large or too small; odd colors; patchwork

Look for other physical features or peculiarities:
Voice-pitch, tone, rasp, lisp
Speech-articulate, uneducated, accent, use of slang
Gait-slow, fast, limp
You will never be able to remember all of these details about any one suspect you may see. But remembering as many as possible can be particularly helpful to the police and to your community.

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A small victory.

I managed to get a long-standing crackhouse (that was “doing GOOD business” I might add) shut down after trying for about a two months. Usually I’m faster than that. It’s now boarded up and being watched for a while by the local Task Force AND neighbors.
Might not sound like much, but my “secret identity” had to do a lot of work, and take a lot of risks to get this done, and location had been a “nice” lil link in a chain for the gang running it. At least this chapter of the gang. I can’t really give out any more details, but have a drink for me >:D

The Live Superheroes Of Indianapolis

Orignially posted:
Doktor DiscorD and Mr Silent are self-invented superheroes.

so tonight is the first night in a new era here in indianapolis. the dawn of the age of superheroes. after realizing the total lack of justice in the world, my friends and i have decided to become superheroes in order to balance this fracturing planet of ours. tonight, with my partner in crime fighting “Mr. Silent”, we went around the city helping people and stopping fights,drunk drivers,and a group of young dumb kids hitting an old woman’s car.

Here’s the note the good Doktor sent me the other day:

mr. ellis
hi,i’m a superhero…..seriously.
some friends and i have become tired of the muggers, rapists, and general riff raff causing problems in our city.
this is not a joke.
we’ve started a group called the Justice Society of Justice (offering twice the Justice as the leading competitors) and we go out and fight crime on a semi nightly basis.
we’ve only got about 8 hardcore members that go out with us right now,but we’re hoping to raise that number tenfold.
recently,some japanese street fashion kids have found our myspace pages and added within 3 days we’ve had roughly 3-4 japanese weirdo kids adding us per hour…japan seems much more accepting of this concept than the states.
originally,we just thought it’d be funny to go out as superheroes and “fight crime” as a sort of street theater…but after the first hour and the sheer exhilaration of it all,we completely changed our mind. there are real problems,and no one wants to deal with them. some one has to do something.
many people have read about the adventures of your heroes, but soon (hopefully), they’ll be writing about their own adventures. i made a few blog entries about some of our patrols with pictures and stuff…so if you ever want to see how well superheroes work out in the regular world as opposed to paper one,check it out.
say a small prayer to jack kirby for us.

Mr Silent @ MySpace | Doktor DiscorD @ MySpace