Nadra Enzi
Capt Black
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EQUATION FOR DEVASTATION: Social decline + prolonged economic suffering + a president whose delivery is seen as falling short of campaign rhetoric = potential riots easily overshadowing those following the first Rodney King verdict if we’re not very alert.
BTW, this isn’t Obama-bashing by a long shot!
This is an appeal for coalition building between police and the public, especially segments most vulnerable to seduction by thugs and political operatives to misbehave like European soccer hooligans! Episodes like this aren’t only wrong they also give government license to shred what’s left of the constitution in defense of law and order!
I hope none are naive enough to think that Obama ( or any sitting president ) wouldn’t crush preelection disturbances with a hand heavy as any assumed Third world dictators or communist premieres would use.
Black America’s social powder keg has been smoldering since the Bush era. The current Administration added jet fuel to these social embers. Whether they ignite remains with individuals involved and relationships ( hopefully ) in place throughout society.
I don’t want Black youth or anyone used as cannon fodder for thugs and political operatives.
Perceived lack of presidential follow through; misery and ( anti ) social networking can easily duplicate ” London riots ” in America if conditions deteriorate.
People seeing themselves as outcasts have little compunction about rioting.
Society ignores this fact at its peril!
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