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Well Boom goes the Dynamite…remember that nice NY Cop who handed out the $100 pairs of boots to the Homeless people last week? Well one of the Scumbags now wants Money for any profit made from the YouTube Videos etc. Oh and quick note, he no longer has the boots, He sold them for Drugs & Booze. And this is why I switched my Emphasis from Helping the Homeless to helping Kids, and Families in need. Now I’m sure I’ll get a slew of comments saying “Well you’re wrong Old super Hero because the Homeless Douche I help is actually the Arch Angel Gabriel in disguise & rainbows shoot out his butt etc.”
Spare me in advance….and help some people who deserve your help.

Cuddy Didn't Make Peace With America!


Cuddy is dead. One of the most famous ( or infamous- ) Gen Y street hustlers on New Orleans Canal Street was recently murdered.

Yet another Black man in the drug game dead  because he met a scenario he couldn’t hustle his way out of. 

I knew Cuddy. I’d marvel at his amorality and charisma- a potent combination,  Diplomatic for a card carrying Chocolate Klansman, he worked to ingratiate instead of intimidate.

Raised in combative housing projects; coming of age on volatile streets, Cuddy was the Black Male Crisis writ large.

The same talent which fatally convinced him he could talk his way out of anything could have been successful in the traditional world.

While responsible for his actions, the tradition of illegal drug use and sales he embraced exerted a death grip! Hundreds of thousands of urban males walk the same death march.

I don’t mourn Cuddy. His life had God-given value, so don’t think I dismiss its end. It’s simply the sober recognition that men hell bound on self-destruction mustn’t be mourned.

They got what they were looking for. Any mourning is rightfully reserved for families and shell shocked communities left behind.

Selling phony narcotics was his alleged MO. An endless war scenario saw him convincing perpetual customers he had real stuff.

Whether this led to his death remains to be seen. What is clear is this is very dangerous yet also very wide spread.

This outcome is why I urge urban males to make peace with America. Self-imposed imitation of life as con men or America haters is ultimately self defeating.

Good intentions are meaningless when a Black boy or man resides in ” Ghettostan ” between their ears.

Cuddy’s hustling has come to end. Another score for the merciless metric ruling Ghettostan.

This is what happens when urban boys and men refuse to make peace with America.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative & One Man Tea Party. asks:
” When will urban boys and men make peace with America? “

Help Cap Black Promote Patriotism! 
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Deneen Borelli brings reassuring frankness to high profile political discussions. She’s the calm conservative making salient points amid chaotic commentary from louder voices left and right.

I just got her book, ‘ Blacklash ” from the library today and am enjoying it. Far from stale sound bites driven, it outlines in readable fashion why she’s conservative and ( shh! ) how what she calls ” closet conservatives ” reach out to her- a major point.
Critics contend Black conservatives are sparse. Accounts like Mrs. Borelli’s suggest otherswise. Fear of retaliation keeps many silent.
Read some of what she’s been called and tell me there isn’t a war within Black America between politburos and patriots over political freedom.
This time the segregationists are Black liberals and socialists demonizing anyone who disagrees with the Eastern European White supremacist ideology they feel will save us. 

” Liberty Lady ” is my nick name for her and it sums up her approach. She really believes in liberty and has devoted her life to its promotion.
Open minded American Black liberals  should appreciate this most since liberation is their battle cry! If we lynch each other over politics, are we any better than Jim Crow era haters?
Being hated because of your politics; race; sex and even the color of your husband is a heavy burden to bear. It’s shameful that Black haters don’t recognize similarities between their tactics and those of 1960s segregationists.
Filthy language; threatening supporters; anonymous death threats; heckling; even assault fit perfectly within the Klan playbook from that era. 
Congratulations ” sisters ” and ” brothers ” you’ve joined trigger happy crack dealers in being chocolate Klansmen instituting a reign of terror against your own people.
Keep up the ‘ good ‘ work. 
The days when mobs dictate what Black folks think are thankfully over. I’ve begun  asking liberty lovers to form ” Freedom Friends ” free security groups when speakers like her come to town.
Let the haters know decent Americans refuse to allow anyone to be bullied into silence,  
Before I forget, lest some socialist somewhere try to accuse me of inciting vigilantism these Freedom Friends security groups would operate under the strict letter of the law.
A possible loss for president Obama precariously hovers on the horizon as does rising anger toward Black conservatives and patriots of all colors.
The Stacey Dash case should have been a wake up call to what’s simmering in sullen segments of Black America.
Deneen Borelli has taken up the torch and drawn alot of unwanted attention to herself. Let’s do our part by making sure she and fellow spokes persons have citizen protectors wherever they go.
Liberty Lady, we’ve got your back!
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http://paper.li/f-1349949651 Traditional Values From The ‘Wrong” Side of Town! 
 http://capblackhood.blogspot.com/  Defiant Defenses of Traditional Values Amid Black America’s Cultural Implosion! 

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Medgar Evers

Medgar Evers image has always conveyed the strength to shake the status quo to its foundations while respecting the law.
His example is all the more important now as civil rights activism has largely lost its life-or-death dimension. His strength is majestic counter point to recent rampages by men who happen to be White occurring against daily backdrops of epidemic Black male fratricide.
Violence is the language used too often by kaleidoscopic Klansmen public and private to intimidate everyone into subservience. Non-violent resistance tugs at my soul despite being an active self-defense advocate.
But, overshadowed by this giant, if my turning the other cheek will save at-risk lives; feed the hunger and shelter the homeless then turn it I must. Though I reserve the lawful right to use reasonable force after I’ve run out of cheeks to turn.
His example speaks across the decades and urges moderate yet steely determination toward slaying today’s dragons of brutality; hunger and homelessness, whom I call the ” Big Three Evils. ”
Our era proliferates rubbery spines in high places with situational morality and symbolic fingers to the wind of public opinion before taking action. Evers didn’t wait for pollsters and spin doctors- a fact lost on today’s ” leaders. ”
Contrast this with the brutal reality of Medgar Ever’s world, where Americans While Black ( and otherwise! ) walked a tight rope between responsible ” revolution ” ( peacefully challenging the status quo ) and state-sanctioned terror.
That this walk proceeded while promoting civic virtues identical to current conservative talking points is worth underscoring.
I look at him and realize here was the BEST of bygone liberalism, where citizens armed with courage and the Constitution ( not Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book ) endured their government’s resistance until it relented.
When I was born my birth certificate read, ” Negro ” along with all the stark limits it implied when  my mother brought me home to her native Georgia as a two year old.
Any freedom I enjoy is due to a civic constellation of inter-generational runaway slaves; White Abolitionists in every era and a singular shooting star named Medgar Evers who made my life better for his passing.
Medgar Evers is a Black life superhero- for everybody!
Nadra Enzi

NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK, BLACK LIFE SUPERHERO FOR EVERYBODY! promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082.

[email protected] is where Pay Pal donations can be sent to assist my Hood Conservative efforts which rescues ENDANGERED traditional values like respect for the law and FIRST ourselves inside ” OCCUPIED TERRITORY  ( THE INNER CITY! ) ” * I can also run down to the nearest Western Union too! LOL




Photos of Mitt Romney, Barack Obama.Photos of Mitt Romney, Barack Obama. (AP Photo)
As the presidential season super heats over the coming months race baiters Left and Right will seek to pit us against each other for partisan gain!Speaking as one American, I call myself ” Cap Black. ” Occasionally some try to make it a racial thing by mistakenly assuming I’m only FOR Black people to the exclusion of everyone else???
I’m Cap Black, Black Life Superhero For Everyone ( including crime victims of chocolate Klansmen and abortionists ) because of five principles comprising my definition of ” Black: ”
*BROTHERHOOD: G-d knows we’ll need TONS more of that as spin goes into warp drive!
*LOYALTY: Never forget fidelity to your Country; Family; Community.
*ABILITY: Use EVERYTHING THE Creator down loaded in you at conception.
*COURAGE: Don’t be afraid to do what you think is right- even if you’re the ONLY one who things so!
*KINDNESS: The best social program is voluntarily assisting someone because it’s the right thing to do- NOT because a proverbial ( sometimes LITERAL government gun is pointed at your head! )
These five principles can be practiced by a five foot White Republican woman or a six foot Black Democratic man.
Principles over pigmentation; political party or persuasion is what I’m preaching MORE THAN EVER as Campaign 2012 revs up.
That’s why I’m Cap Black, Black Life Superhero For Everybody because no matter what ship you may have arrived to America in- we’re ALL in the same boat now!
We sink… or swim- TOGETHER!
Nadra Enzi
NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK ANTI CRIME ACTIVIST promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082.

[email protected] is where Pay Pal donations can be sent to assist my Hood Conservative efforts which rescues ENDANGERED traditional values like respect for the law and FIRST ourselves inside ” OCCUPIED TERRITORY  ( THE INNER CITY! ) ” * I can also run down to the nearest Western Union too! LOL


The BEST cartoon thus far depicting chocolate Klansmen body count
inflicted upon our community & country!
*Thanks Yao khepra Felix Wilson for sharing it with me!

Nadra Enzi
Cap Black Anti Crime Activist
NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082.

[email protected] is where Pay Pal donations can be sent to assist my citizen patrol efforts which support civic duty and due process.





Wasted away again in margaritaville

( NEW ORLEANS ) President Barack Obama will be here July 25th to address the National Urban League conference and have a campaign fund raiser at the famed  House of Blues.

I suggest he donate left over food from this fundraiser as a tangible way to touch desperate lives beyond distant policy making and social service delivery.
The CBD area where this will be held is quite a study in stark contrasts: people asleep on the sidewalk; begging food money in front of fast food places and asleep in doorways of closed businesses at night.
I call this ” micro-good. ” Whatever meals this provides won’t end New Orleans hunger forever. That’s something we must do whenever our hearts and political will reach that zenith.
One more unsolicited request: have the President give out some of the food. This one act will say more about his stance on combating poverty than all the budget items argued in Congress.
Mr President, this one proposed act of micro-good could set a presidential precedent for generations!
As my late grandmother and Obama supporter used to say on the eve of great events, ” This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it! ”
NOTE: If you think this is a good idea suggest it to the Obama reelection campaign:


NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK promotes creative crime prevention and homeless outreach. (504) 214-3082




Heaven Sutton was killed while selling candy on her front yard
Chocolate klansmen recently murdered yet another innocent Black child, Heaven Sutton of Chicago. That this tragedy occured in President Obama’s home town hasn’t been lost on critics from the Right.
My take is slightly different on this case. When my personal chocolate klan watch zeroed in on this case I noted once again that it illustrates the limits of Obamaism.
Milliseconds after the president’s historic victory role model proponents touted it as a near-biblical paradigm shift for inner city Black families.
Filled with symbolic pride chocolate klansmen and peers would stride purposefully away from violence; drugs and career dysfunction to become solid citizens patterned after the new arrival in the Oval Office.
It didn’t quite work out that way. Obamaism failed to convert millions. That’s not the president’s job nor is ongoing urban carnage his fault.
Thinking Black male criminals are lemmings needing the right rhetorical rodent to lead them is the problem. Criminals while Black are free moral agents just like thugs of any other color.
Assuming less is archaic racism of the first order! Chocolate klansmen are murderous; larcenous vandals because they choose to be. There isn’t some White Republican in the wood pile hidden away shoving bribes and guns into their hands to occupy the inner city.
Americans while Black holding chocolate klansmen accountable will save innocents like Chicago’s Heaven Sutton, as much a  ” hate ” crime victim as the little girls murdered by classic klansmen September15, 1963 inside a Birmingham, Alabama church!!!

The four girls killed in the bombing (Clockwis...

The four girls killed in the bombing (Clockwise from top left, Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson and Denise McNair) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The four girls killed in the bombing (Clockwise from top left, Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson and Denise McNair)
It isn’t President Obama’s fault that suspect Jerrell Dorsey may have decided to be a chocolate klansman. He’s not a slave nor an indentured servant.

Heaven Sutton’s death indicts once again the slave-making myth that Obamaism will magically make thugs and other low lives mend their ways.

The president is doing his job whether some agree with it or not.

Our job as Americans while Black is legally punishing baby killers and as individuals, not becoming chocolate klansmen ourselves.

Individualism not Obamaism is what will save the next Heaven Sutton from chocolate klansmen .
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative crime prevention.
CAPT BLACK: (504) 214-3082
Nadra Enzi


Nadra Enzi
Capt Black
http://www.newsradio1290wtks.com/pages/billedwards.html at 6:10am EASTERN Thursday 8/17/11 Capt Black will be discussing Flash Mobs; Rioting & Obama on the Bill Edward’s Show, Coastal Georgia’s leading conservative talk radio show. (912) 947-1290 is the call in number. Check it out early birds!!!
EQUATION FOR DEVASTATION: Social decline + prolonged economic suffering + a president whose delivery is seen as falling short of campaign rhetoric = potential riots easily overshadowing those following the first Rodney King verdict if we’re not very alert.
BTW, this isn’t Obama-bashing by a long shot!
This is an appeal for coalition building between police and the public, especially segments most vulnerable to seduction by thugs and political operatives to misbehave like European soccer hooligans! Episodes like this aren’t only wrong they also give government license to shred what’s left of the constitution in defense of law and order!
I hope none are naive enough to think that Obama ( or any sitting president ) wouldn’t crush preelection disturbances with a hand heavy as any assumed Third world dictators or communist premieres would use.
Black America’s social powder keg has been smoldering since the Bush era. The current Administration added jet fuel to these social embers. Whether they ignite remains with individuals involved and relationships ( hopefully ) in place throughout society.
I don’t want Black youth or anyone used as cannon fodder for thugs and political operatives.
Perceived lack of presidential follow through; misery and ( anti ) social networking can easily duplicate ” London riots ” in America if conditions deteriorate.
People seeing themselves as outcasts have little compunction about rioting.
Society ignores this fact at its peril!
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes finding your ” super” through creative crime prevention; homeless outreach and political advocacy. ( 504) 214-3082


The Many Superhero Faces of Barack Obama
Black folks need to take the cape off President Obama and try one on for size ourselves!

Warning: this isn’t an anti-Obama rant; far from it! It’s a call to action for a community that has had to save itself as opposed to awaiting political help from on high.
Things are so bad ( Black male unemployment alone is at a 40 year high! ); morale so low and prospects so bleak that Black folks need to “suit up” and creatively tackle this Depression. 
I’m not preaching separatism by the way- I’m preaching survival! On an integrationist note the moans and groans figuratively heard across town are our White country men suffering too.
My fevered imagination pictures two limping figures holding onto each other hobbling toward the sunset- one t-shirt reads, “Black Power?”; the other, ” White Privilege? ” each agreeing they’ve seen much better days. Against this backdrop, the old animosities are luxuries we can ill afford.
On the plus side “superhero” mindsets often  emerge from periods of unrelenting mass misery. That said, the Hood should already resemble Gotham City, awash with crusaders and self-appointed knights jousting a misery index swelling to gargantuan proportions. 
Our unsolved crime rate; our chronic life style mortality and other issues are to critical to accept thinking the president is going to swoop down from the sky to save the Hood or Black America period!
Turning this tide around on our own offers the country a model for recovery that doesn’t bust budgets nor gut entitlements.
There are Black folks who’ve been wearing the “cape” of community uplift for awhile. I’m just trying to increase their ranks.
Sisters, brothers- take the cape off Obama and try it on for size where you live!
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes finding your “super” through creative crime prevention; homeless out reach and political advocacy. (504) 214-3082