Real Life Superheroes

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Since the “Dynamic Duo”is taken, I’ll just refer to “Commonwealth” and “Armistice” as the “Philanthropic Pair”.
It doesn’t roll off the tongue as smoothly as the other name, but it does speak more to what the “Keystone Crusaders” do – giving of their time and energy to clean up the streets of Harrisburg.
The “Keystone Crusaders” came about from a magazine article “Commonwealth” was reading about real life superheroes 5 months ago.
“Commonwealth” says, “I thought it was complete, you know, nonsense, until I looked it up and was like wow, you know that’s really cool. They go around and make their cities better places.”
“Commonwealth” and “Armistice” want to keep their identities a secret, so we don’t know their alter egos.
We just know “Commonwealth” is in his late twenties, married with two kids and “Armistice” is a 19-year old who moved from Pittsburgh to be a part of his friend’s idea.
Armed with the utility belt – a staple of a super heroes arsenal, the duo take to the streets to clean up litter.
They even have spare batteries for the homeless whose flashlights might be drained and spare change for the short-changed using laundromats and parking meters.
They also carry a cooler with bottled water for the parched, like Joe Whitfield, who at first glance wasn’t so sure what he was witnessing.