Master Legend on the Converter Box

master legend
Posted 29/01/2009 07:00:43 PM
i master legend have uncovered another scam to take advantage of poor it is . as you know everyone is being told they will need a converter box to be able to get the regular tv channels or your out of luck.i being an observer and helper to the needy knows that many old people and young too have only a beat up tv set with rabbit ear antennae.the 40.00 dollar unit they want you to buy can really cut into people on a fixed income but fear not i have found a way to destroy there evil plan.just by chance and i being a fan of Mcguyver skills tried an experiment.
a number of test were being done to see if i would get the blue screen so i hooked up an old vcr and used it to change channels and then to my theory i did not get a blue screen and still got a picture all three times i tried it. so there you go friends all you need is an old vcr and your set .
also if you don’t have one, you can get them for about five dollars at the local thrift store. so spread the word and help out some people down on there luck. by the way radio stations have not allowed me to give out this info …hhmmmmm… whats with that? i smell an evil plan that will not stop just here.
master legend
Posted 29/01/2009 08:16:01 PM
keep the poor and the lowest sector out of the information loop.
since I first heard of this I thought it is just a money making scheme by somebody. maybe it’s bigger.
Posted 29/01/2009 08:44:47 PM
Analogue television doesn’t go offline until February 17, 2009.
More info here:
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master legend
Posted 29/01/2009 09:10:23 PM
Quote :
Runebringer wrote : Analogue television doesn’t go offline until February 17, 2009.
More info here:
thats not too far away. i have just given an answer to help people and show a glimmer of future things to kind of reminds me of when public water fountains were removed.
master legend
Posted 29/01/2009 09:12:39 PM
Actually, might I suggest that this is a two-fold conspiracy?
First, you get people addicted to stupid programming, and make them complacent sheep.
However, you make such programming in such a way that not only are they sheep and willing to buy whatever you tell them, they are also addicted to the programming itself.
Hence, they then start charging for the new converter boxes. Addicts, wanting their cable TV, thus pay to keep themselves ignorant sheep and keep themselves addicted to everything else.
In short, you make them your docile slave, but make it enticing and addictive enough that they are willing to do anything in order to stay your slave. Plus, it winds up being yet another way to make money off of them in the process.
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Posted 29/01/2009 09:30:02 PM
My point is that once broadcast television is no longer transmitted in analogue (on Feb 17), the analogue receiver in a VCR will not work any better than an analogue receiver in a television.
master legend
Posted 29/01/2009 09:58:09 PM
i already tested it and it works.
master legend
Posted 29/01/2009 10:16:47 PM
You have to test it on or after Feb 17th. Testing it now makes no sense at all.
Posted 29/01/2009 10:49:54 PM
He’s correct ml. It has to be tried On the 17th. We are going thru a huge build out right now trying to be ready.
I have heard that there is a bill to pay for those boxes
Go to I think and you can get a $40 coupon and get a free box. Also tell anybody who is concerned to do the same
Posted 29/01/2009 11:00:34 PM
Posted 29/01/2009 11:43:29 PM
*nods to Runebringer*
Sorry ML – I worked telecom for several years. This is one of the best pieces of legislation to slip through CONgress in decades (no clue as to how THAT happened! ). See:
Unless the “Galactic Slate-Wiper Of DOOOOOOOM ©” erases us all in 2012 – or civilization collapses beforehand – we are becoming ever-more dependent on cell phones, dedicated emergency band radios and broadband internet access.
The switch to digital frees all the analog bands for a huge number of uses, but mostly for the above three reasons:
* Have you ever had a cell phone drop a call when you are within sight of the tower?
Blame analog TV: in most areas, heavy cell traffic dumps you if it overloads the cellular network – and it doesn’t even have to be the tower closest to you, it could be one close to the person you’re calling, or even one somewhere in the middle.
* Same thing with the police/fire/medical dispatch bands – I have listened in panic as 15 units from four different departments tried to talk over each other about five separate incidents, simultaneously.
People die on a daily basis because of that.
* Last is broadband access. Since my mother was killed in a car wreck in 2007, my father has virtually become a hermit in the lake house – he has church and his bridge game, but that’s it. He is desperately lonely, and since he lives a three-hour drive from me, going to see him is not an everyday thing.
He would do a lot better if he had internet access, but he can barely get a cell signal where he lives – I don’t think there’s a DSLAM within 10 miles of his house. Cable is worse. FiOS might as well be on Mars.
Municipalities and county governments can’t provide broadband wireless internet access for free because the infrastructure is privately owned, and running your own wire is more expensive than anyone here wants to think about.
But! — forcing analog to go digital means that all those signals crowding the low bands can now be accessed using the old analog infrastructure….soooo, local governments will be able to run broadband to the citizenry under preexisting rules governing public-access cable and TV channels…
…Getting a computer to everyone, OTOH…..But, one thing at a time.
The government knew about this waaay in advance – that’s why, as Superhero said – the government is providing a voucher for a free converter box to anyone who asks for one.
Other than the one-time charge for a converter – for those who actually want to spend money on one – those channels are still free…..And $40 one-time is a damned-sight cheaper than $40/month+ for cable/satellite/FiOS…
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The Librarian
master legend
Posted 30/01/2009 08:33:14 AM
i know its not feb 17 yet but channel 35 conducted some test for the blue screen and my screen did not go blue when i used the vcr.sorry if none of your local stations conducted the test.
master legend
Posted 30/01/2009 09:29:09 AM
Well, there is a slim possibility that your VCR has a digital tuner, but most do not. So, if it does and your VCR trick works for you, it doesn’t mean any old VCR will work the same way. If your VCR does not have a digital tuner, then there was something else wrong with the experiment. Either on your end, or that of the station conducting it.
In any case, using a VCR (without a digital tuner) will not work on Feb 17th. By telling people to go out and buy one, you are going to look rather foolish.
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Posted 30/01/2009 12:34:45 AM
The FCC and their ilk have always fascinated me, so this has me curious. Master Legend sir, I am curious about something. First, though, I’ll point out my bias…
I don’t like television because I don’t like the adverts or bad writing. Lately, there’s been some decent writing, but I still can’t stand the ads. At most, I’ll put up with ‘s 15 second interruptions, but I never turn on a TV anymore and don’t have a cable TV signal (though I do get cable internet at home). We even watch movies on the laptop or on the desktop in “My Geek Cave”.
Anyway, the reasons for the switch to digital which Librarian defined above are quite accurate and demonstrative of the legislative motive. That’s not to say there aren’t some nasty side effects, but he’s got the info proper there. Most full-power stations are broadcasting both digital and analog now, in preparation for the switch. I know a couple stations have mentioned that
At the same time, I think I see what you are trying to say, ML, but I’m not certain I understand the situation you describe. Help me out, let me know if I have this right.
You’re saying one of your local stations was running pre-conversion test signals which included a digital tv broadcast. You attempted to tune in the digital broadcast through a standard (non-HD) television and VCR unit, and were able to receive the HD signal fine. Is this correct?
Let me ask this while I’m at it. Do you have a cable signal which you ran through the VCR/TV when you conducted this test? If so, you would easily have been able to see the signal, because it’s coming via cable, not antennae. Cable and satellite TV subscribers with analog TVs hooked up to their cable or satellite service should not be affected by the February 17, 2009 cut-off date for full-power analog broadcasting. The signal is channeled through the cable hookup — only the “rabbit ear” folks have anything to concern themselves with in this regard.
Also, just FYI, those coupons are still available, but there’s a waiting list to get them (what is this, a bread line?) — limited to 2 coupons per address, worth $40 each, just pre-request them here: [ Also, this site has some useful info and links: ]
On that end, ML, you may want to talk to those people you know about getting them signed up for coupons (you could take them to the library to use those computers I’d think), and always request two per household if you can (so that they can pass on un-needed coupons to others in need). There are articles I found online talking about church groups helping to redistribute unneeded coupons as well.
For everyone here, I’m paraphrasing an article here:
Quote :
About 20 million Americans rely on over-the-air broadcasts for their television service, and another 15 million have at least one antenna TV in their homes, according to the National Association of Broadcasters. Dallas and Los Angeles alone, there are 1 million over-the-air households, according to the Consumers Union.
Beginning on Sept. 8, the FCC conducted a DTV test in the Wilmington, N.C., market. Within five days of the moment that local broadcasters switched off their analog signals, the FCC received close to 2,000 telephone complaints, about half related to antenna issues or converter box installation.
There’s two ways to look at that number. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin called the test a success, noting that less than 1 percent of Wilmington’s 400,000 customers had problems. On the other hand, only 14,000 households in Wilmington were using antennae in the first place. One in seven of them had complaints.
That’s just a single example of many wherein MAJOR US cities had serious DTV Converter problems, to say nothing of the rural areas where “rabbit-ear” people are far more likely, and cable or other such services are too difficult or too costly to run.
There are people out there testing the converters in various locations and finding a lot of problems, largely to do with proper device hookup, the television wiring, general electronic issues. There are also a lot of environmental issues which give converter-users the short end of the stick; simple junk, too, like their proximity to high-power transformers, where they happen to live on a hill, silly crap like that.
My feeling is that while I’m not concerned about my own reception or converting at all, having no interest in television broadcasts themselves, I’m very concerned about the idea that a nation bred on the 2-second attention span and whipped into consumerist frenzies, will suddenly find themselves lacking in their simple TV pleasures (nearly everyone in the industry admits that the vast majority of “rabbit ear” households are woefully unprepared or uninformed about this conversion). I don’t know about you, but I’m taking the 18th off. I don’t want to be wandering the streets in this country the day 15 million televisions become really fancy paper weights.
Personally, I’m interested in how to make your own HD converter box — so far I can’t find anyone with info on this, but I’m incredibly curious. I bet there are some geeks out there right now trying to determine how to make the converter out of $5 (US) in Radio Shack bits and some empty beer cans, hee hee.
Of course, the cheapest, easiest solution (which just may improve you as a person) is to say “fuck television” and hit the library or book store for some good books.
Citizen Smoke
Posted 30/01/2009 12:43:38 AM
I wouldn’t really call it a scam to rip off the poor when the government is offering free vouchers to get the kit to fix it.
I’m just sayin…
Posted 30/01/2009 01:54:27 PM
Meh…I’ll maybe watch T.V. once every few days just to see what’s going on with the news. I can’t remember the last time I just flipped channels; I can’t stand the sheer ‘do nothingness’ of watching television.
Though, I’m not looking forward to everyone being pissed because they can’t watch Lost that Wednesday.
(because of course, they won’t have figured out that you can just watch it on and skip all the commercials.)
Posted 30/01/2009 01:55:45 PM
Mm, I think the scam aspect is that the industry is milking consumers pretty well in the whole conversion. I don’t think the idea was meant toward that end (I honestly think the available bandwidth it will release for emergency usage really was the major motivator in beginning the legislation), I think it’s just sheer opportunism.
Retailers are focusing on people who come in for the converters, “upselling” them to actual HD sets. The average cost of a new HDTV is about $800 (average, I say — don’t forget how many higher-end HDTVs are wide-screen, flat panel), even though the technology has been understood and in production for well over 5 years. There’s been very little drop in price for HDTVs for no better reason than they’re waiting for the swarm of people to come shopping in the weeks following the switch.
People seeking converters, upsell to the low-end sets at around $450 to $700. People having converter problems, refund and upsell to that or better.
It’s a fairly losing situation if your below the mean poverty line (or in an institution) and want the ability to just watch the damn news again.
Citizen Smoke
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Posted 30/01/2009 03:12:30 PM
just never mind it .i conducted the test and it may just so happen my vcr is able to tranmute analog and digital like what i figured to be how most work but hey i’m the guy who can convert a record player into a guitar amp ,etc.just never mind i’m sorry i wasted your time. i will ask Zimmer to delete this whole post .so Zimmer if you read this just delete it all./
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Posted 30/01/2009 03:25:05 PM
oh, no, ml. this is a rather good topic, thanks for bringing it up. I think some sort of awareness drive for the fact that the free vouchers even exist would be in our best interests. Everyone knows they need to convert, but not everyone knows that the government is willing to help with that, especially people in low income areas. They’re not exactly advertising this fact. And hell, the idea that some vcrs do convert to a digital feed? I was unaware of that, myself.
I think your idea is right on the money. We should figure out what all can be done to convert to digital without spending 50 bucks a tv set just for a converter, and educate the masses. It’s a noble cause.
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Who watches the watchmen?
Posted 30/01/2009 04:27:59 PM
beleive it or not for a Guy who worksd in TV I also never watch it. I don’t have cable anymore because it was a waste of money (so I’ll ned one of those Coupons just like you do ML) I watch specific shows I like on the net (ATHF, Family Guy, etc) and that’s about it.
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Prime Armor

First and foremost, thanks everyone for all the great comments.  I’m glad it meets with general approval.  After all, it and I am here to inspire you and everyone to follow suit (pun intended).
Secondly, I have a lot a questions on the gear which I am happy to answer.  I’ll list the questions and who asked, then answer below.
January 10, 20079:27 AM
Obviously ALL custom work! Chicken plate over Leather right? How’s the Mobility?
The armor (with the exception of the helmet, which is steel) is 18 gauge aluminum.  Hard enough to take any non-ballistic hit and obviously stab proof.
The Chameleon
January 10, 200712:30 AM
You can move in that getup, right? Cool!
The mobility is excellent.  I can high kick, low crouch, climb, sprint and somersault, of which I have done all of in the armor.
January 10, 20079:28 AM
Just noticed the Mic! Cell?
I have a voice amplification unit as well as listening amplifier and cell phone access.  In future versions, I am considering making this a throat mic, but I kinda like the look of the mic.
January 10, 2007 9:22 AM
AMAZING! What are you using as a Holster?
It is custom made.  The inspiration is a Anglo-Saxon battle ax holder.
January 10, 2007 10:15 AM
what is your cape made of?
The cape is made of synthetics.  It is a dress piece.  A am planning on making a ballistic version, probably dark for regular patrols.
January 10, 2007 9:29 AM
Just realized that’s a shotgun Side saddle with all your Cylinders, Brilliant. Mind if I follow suit?
Not at all!  I hope everyone finds something they can use!
January 10, 20079:30 AM
Kevlar or more steel?
The helmet is steel.  It is armor and is ballistic although truthfully I don’t know if they have rated authentic steel armor helmets.
January 10, 20075:17 AM
your head doesn’t look pointy in this one 🙂
The pointy actually has a … er … point.  It defects blows and projectiles more efficiently.
The Wall™
January 10, 20071:03 AM
How do you keep cool in all that gear? It must get pretty hot in AZ during the Summer…
The armor has plenty of ventilation and the under armor is “heat gear” and sweat wicking.  I imagine the summer might get a little uncomfortable.  I will be using an evaporative gorget (they use them in Motocross) and a cool pack in the helmet (used by professional mascots).
January 10, 2007 9:13 AM
is the helmet and the mask one unit or does it consist of two seperate components? I really like the leather mask. Where can I get one?
The helmet and mask are two pieces. I also wear a heat gear Under Armor baklava underneath that.  Its very comfortable.  You can get both by hiring a professional armorer to make them for you.  =)
Again, I’m glad it is met with some excitement.  This is an exciting time, for all of us.  This is the window we should use to fill the streets with heroes and inspire everyone to live with the Heart of a Hero.  Be proud that you are a pioneer in this endeavor.  Be proud to be a real life superhero.
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It's the 20th already!?? Anyway "I'm back"

Good old SBC tech support. No phone, no internet, but I’m “back in business” (internet-wise). I got the impression from a few messages I got that some folks thought thier “friendly neighborhood stupor-hero” (dubbed by a buddy of mine who remembers my past non-stop drunken adventures) was farther away than I really was.
Maybe my INTERNET went away for a while, but The Windy City sure as hell didn’t…and neither did I >:) Bein that I have never owned a cell-phone in my life, but bein hooked on the internet for the last 10 years, it’s crazy to see how much regular social networking has changed. I had begun to take for granted how much I depend on the ‘net. Funny huh?
Somethin to think about when you’re organizing w/ your comrades.