Prime Armor

First and foremost, thanks everyone for all the great comments.  I’m glad it meets with general approval.  After all, it and I am here to inspire you and everyone to follow suit (pun intended).
Secondly, I have a lot a questions on the gear which I am happy to answer.  I’ll list the questions and who asked, then answer below.
January 10, 20079:27 AM
Obviously ALL custom work! Chicken plate over Leather right? How’s the Mobility?
The armor (with the exception of the helmet, which is steel) is 18 gauge aluminum.  Hard enough to take any non-ballistic hit and obviously stab proof.
The Chameleon
January 10, 200712:30 AM
You can move in that getup, right? Cool!
The mobility is excellent.  I can high kick, low crouch, climb, sprint and somersault, of which I have done all of in the armor.
January 10, 20079:28 AM
Just noticed the Mic! Cell?
I have a voice amplification unit as well as listening amplifier and cell phone access.  In future versions, I am considering making this a throat mic, but I kinda like the look of the mic.
January 10, 2007 9:22 AM
AMAZING! What are you using as a Holster?
It is custom made.  The inspiration is a Anglo-Saxon battle ax holder.
January 10, 2007 10:15 AM
what is your cape made of?
The cape is made of synthetics.  It is a dress piece.  A am planning on making a ballistic version, probably dark for regular patrols.
January 10, 2007 9:29 AM
Just realized that’s a shotgun Side saddle with all your Cylinders, Brilliant. Mind if I follow suit?
Not at all!  I hope everyone finds something they can use!
January 10, 20079:30 AM
Kevlar or more steel?
The helmet is steel.  It is armor and is ballistic although truthfully I don’t know if they have rated authentic steel armor helmets.
January 10, 20075:17 AM
your head doesn’t look pointy in this one 🙂
The pointy actually has a … er … point.  It defects blows and projectiles more efficiently.
The Wall™
January 10, 20071:03 AM
How do you keep cool in all that gear? It must get pretty hot in AZ during the Summer…
The armor has plenty of ventilation and the under armor is “heat gear” and sweat wicking.  I imagine the summer might get a little uncomfortable.  I will be using an evaporative gorget (they use them in Motocross) and a cool pack in the helmet (used by professional mascots).
January 10, 2007 9:13 AM
is the helmet and the mask one unit or does it consist of two seperate components? I really like the leather mask. Where can I get one?
The helmet and mask are two pieces. I also wear a heat gear Under Armor baklava underneath that.  Its very comfortable.  You can get both by hiring a professional armorer to make them for you.  =)
Again, I’m glad it is met with some excitement.  This is an exciting time, for all of us.  This is the window we should use to fill the streets with heroes and inspire everyone to live with the Heart of a Hero.  Be proud that you are a pioneer in this endeavor.  Be proud to be a real life superhero.
Be the change the world needs.
Citizen Prime