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Swat ARMA Donation

Finally dropped of the ARMA 100 to Clearwater SWAT today! they were training at the substation by my place so I ran over.
I went behind the complex and there were a bunch of human wrecking machines in fatigues running around so I figured this was the place.
I walked up to the first guy and said “Hi where’s my pal Billy?” who ran up to tell me I had just met the SWAT commander!
“Oops! sorry sir! I didn’t see any bars on your uniform sir!” He just smiled and laughed, regular guy and asked what I had with me.
I showed him the ARMA and explained how it could have saved that kid who pulled the sword last year.
Now mind you this guy is the commander of one of the top SWAT teams in the nation, but he listened to what I had to say very intently. I could tell he was doing so and was very impressed with that. He held the Shot bag from the ARMA and gave my pal Billy over to me so I could check him out on the weapon even though a drill was going on!
I got Billy checked out fast to get him back in the game, Just as Pinellas Swat Cranked up a HUGE A.P.C. that kind looked like a giant Cadillac V-100. or  Soviet BTR-60 on steroids. their snipers had their Remington 700’s tripod and ready to go and the drill was heating up. It was not place for a superhero so I turned Billy loose, he High fived me and got back in the game. My reward will be when he tells me the ARMA saved somebody’s life. Exciting afternoon!

SLS: Mission to St. Mary's

Hello Citizens! The Super League, along with Dark Guardian, Cloud Starchasher and Tothian, visited St. Mary’s Hospital for Children right before Christmas. We brought along two of our Los Fantasticos to film! Enjoy the fun of this episode: Mission to St. Mary’s.
by Capt. Xavier Obvious

Fights Fire

Yep! You read right! I was leaving work early tonight & headed north Over the Eastbay overpass when lo & behold there’s a Big SUV with its hazards on and a pool of Fire underneath it sitting in the median! another car stopped about the same time I did, both of us FAR away.
I asked them to call 911 and pulled the fire extinguisher from my trunk. nobody is in, or around the SUV, no owner present.
As I’m walking back the fire is growing, black smoke, fire from under the hood, etc. The hood is popped but not open. I DO NOT open it the rest of the way (I’ve seen Back draft way to many times for that) and instead I stick the hose of my extinguisher under the hood as far as I can without getting burned. I pull the trigger & whoosh! out goes the fire!
“That’ll learn ya.” I smirked to myself and then the fire RESTARTED!
I stick the hose back under the hood again, and dump the entire contents of the extinguisher under the hood! it goes out, Than Floof! it’s starts right back up!
Meanwhile a Largo Police Sergeant & a Clearwater cop along with a auxiliary have stopped & I can hear fire trucks.
The Clearwater auxiliary had heard of me, and said “Oh yeah! you’re the Superhero!” while he directed traffic around us. Largo Fire arrived and I told them to be careful as my extinguisher did not put a dent in the fire, “Relax” the fireman said “You just needed 500 gallons of water to do the trick” and it did. My actions may not have put much of a dent in things, but at least it kept things at bay and a gas tank explosion from happening before the fire Dept. could get there. I asked the largo Sergeant if he needed a statement or anything, than took off.
Moral: start carrying a fire extinguisher. Odd that I always find accidents when I’m OUT of uniform huh?

A pebble in a Pond

A costumed do-gooder’s affect on the community is like a pebble in the pond.  By yourself, you appear to help little.  But that would be a wrong assumption.  Your example expands exponentially.  People see you.  Drug dealers avoid you.  Most importantly, you give others the idea that they can be heroes too.  You don’t even have to have a costume to make a difference.  Just be willing to turn back around and check on that broken down car, or just stick around, ready to intercede if an argument goes south.  Good people everywhere have the heart of a hero, if given the chance to show it.  Its finding ways to bring that out, to join together, to show the world that we won’t allow crime and injustice to ruin our day.  That is your mission once you find The Heart of a Hero.  Be the pebble.

Prime Armor

First and foremost, thanks everyone for all the great comments.  I’m glad it meets with general approval.  After all, it and I am here to inspire you and everyone to follow suit (pun intended).
Secondly, I have a lot a questions on the gear which I am happy to answer.  I’ll list the questions and who asked, then answer below.
January 10, 20079:27 AM
Obviously ALL custom work! Chicken plate over Leather right? How’s the Mobility?
The armor (with the exception of the helmet, which is steel) is 18 gauge aluminum.  Hard enough to take any non-ballistic hit and obviously stab proof.
The Chameleon
January 10, 200712:30 AM
You can move in that getup, right? Cool!
The mobility is excellent.  I can high kick, low crouch, climb, sprint and somersault, of which I have done all of in the armor.
January 10, 20079:28 AM
Just noticed the Mic! Cell?
I have a voice amplification unit as well as listening amplifier and cell phone access.  In future versions, I am considering making this a throat mic, but I kinda like the look of the mic.
January 10, 2007 9:22 AM
AMAZING! What are you using as a Holster?
It is custom made.  The inspiration is a Anglo-Saxon battle ax holder.
January 10, 2007 10:15 AM
what is your cape made of?
The cape is made of synthetics.  It is a dress piece.  A am planning on making a ballistic version, probably dark for regular patrols.
January 10, 2007 9:29 AM
Just realized that’s a shotgun Side saddle with all your Cylinders, Brilliant. Mind if I follow suit?
Not at all!  I hope everyone finds something they can use!
January 10, 20079:30 AM
Kevlar or more steel?
The helmet is steel.  It is armor and is ballistic although truthfully I don’t know if they have rated authentic steel armor helmets.
January 10, 20075:17 AM
your head doesn’t look pointy in this one 🙂
The pointy actually has a … er … point.  It defects blows and projectiles more efficiently.
The Wall™
January 10, 20071:03 AM
How do you keep cool in all that gear? It must get pretty hot in AZ during the Summer…
The armor has plenty of ventilation and the under armor is “heat gear” and sweat wicking.  I imagine the summer might get a little uncomfortable.  I will be using an evaporative gorget (they use them in Motocross) and a cool pack in the helmet (used by professional mascots).
January 10, 2007 9:13 AM
is the helmet and the mask one unit or does it consist of two seperate components? I really like the leather mask. Where can I get one?
The helmet and mask are two pieces. I also wear a heat gear Under Armor baklava underneath that.  Its very comfortable.  You can get both by hiring a professional armorer to make them for you.  =)
Again, I’m glad it is met with some excitement.  This is an exciting time, for all of us.  This is the window we should use to fill the streets with heroes and inspire everyone to live with the Heart of a Hero.  Be proud that you are a pioneer in this endeavor.  Be proud to be a real life superhero.
Be the change the world needs.
Citizen Prime