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( NEW ORLEANS ): December 1st, 2011 I began my latest Free Security stint supervising the newly revamped Community Patrol at the Occupy New Orleans tent sites in downtown New Orleans across from City Hall.
While a nominal Hood conservative I still identify with this movements plea for greater economic access and respect for civil liberties in this age of Obama.
Its security committee is comprised of citizens whose political outlook is also right of center. Far from the hippies and lunatics mainstream conservatives label all Occupiers, they are passionate about individualism and preserving safety for all participants.
To that end several fights among homeless non-Occupiers were broken up and today I forcibly restrained an assailant who’d sucker punched Doc, a lead security committee member and Vietnam combat veteran.
We also enjoy an excellent relationship with the New Orleans Police Department who’s been called when arrests were required.
I support Americans peacefully airing our concerns whether their label is Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street.
Beneath media partisanship I see this as a moratorium on the failed promises of past and present Administrations and am proud that people are willing to give so much to highlight persistent problems eroding national quality of life.
Helping secure Occupy New Orleans is my modest contribution to a process that hopefully will spur much needed change. Only a free people could even undertake a protest as audacious as this.
That’s why many Occupy sites have security committees to protect all involved. 
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative activism in crime prevention; homeless outreach and political activism.


A New Era

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those who do not know me. I am The Watchman. I am a husband, father, brother, and son. I am a man who cares about humanity and the world around him. For years, I have been what is commonly called a Real Life Superhero (RLSH), and now, I have become the administrator of this website. With this change, there will be other changes made over time, though the spirit in which this site was created will remain.
The man formerly known as Zetaman, after retiring as a RLSH, passed this site on to me. More recently, he completely removed himself from this site. He believes there are too many bad feelings between him and others to remain, feeling that it would hinder the growth of this site and the RLSH sub-culture as a whole.
The RLSH sub-culture is fluid. It is always changing. It is always in motion, even when it seems to be standing still. There are many people who feel we have not gotten anywhere. However, in many ways, we are much different than we were just a few short years ago. Some of these changes have been for the better, while others have been for the worse. Still, we continue on, searching for a better world and a brighter tomorrow.
2011 was predicted by some to be “The Year of the Superheroes”. I do not believe that, and frankly, would have been disappointed had that been the case. The phrase implies the reaching of the peak, and typically,  peaks are followed by decline. I do not believe we have yet reached the peak. No, I believe we are still far from it. We have a great deal of potential yet to be uncovered. What we lack is unity.
There are many different kinds of RLSHs. There are crime-fighters, social activists, charity warriors, environmentalists, social commentators, and those who try it all. Some embrace the superhero terms and imagery, while others are less than pleased with them. Regardless of personal missions, opinions, methods, and motives, we are all a part of something BIG. Yet, too many of us cannot seem to get over ourselves as individuals or small groups.
I can remember a time when squabbles and differences between us were handled quietly, out of the public eye, in order to allow us a chance at the heroic and inspirational images we wished to project. Now, there is no secret that this “community” of ours is full of fighting and drama. Online comment sections and forums are bursting with ridicule, arguing, and flame wars from within. Many of us try to avoid this behavior, but it seems to follow us around. The feuding and hatred has driven too many of us away from what could become a great movement, and it has proven to onlookers that we are no better than much of what we claim to fight against. Even as some of us fight to prove to people we are serious when we are accused of being ridiculous, more of us seem to go out of their way to prove them right.
I realize a large number of people feel we cannot be organized or united, and there are too many differences between us to unite. I believed that for a time. However, I am no longer content to worry only about local matters. The world does not end at my back door. What affects the world affects me. What happens with one of us can affect us all. We are creative individuals who tend not to conform, but I’m not being unrealistic. We do not need to agree with everything everybody else says or does, and there are many more ways to get things done than what we do ourselves. We do not necessarily have to change our own missions and methods, and we do not need to lose ourselves to be a part of something bigger. We can still disagree, but it is time to turn to healthy debates that maintain respect rather than being hostile.  It’s not that we need to become some giant organization filled with rules and regulations, but we do need to put aside petty differences and focus on what we have in common. All this unity requires is that we lay down our egos, open our minds to new ideas, and have respect for each other, as well as for ourselves.
I don’t think this has been the year of superheroes at all, and I am not looking for that year to come. Instead, I am looking to the future; I am looking toward a new era. I believe that era can begin now. Therefore, I am using this opportunity to do what I can to bring RLSHs together to grow this sub-culture into the great movement it has the potential to be.
However we may each go about it, we are all trying to make this world a better place, and that will only happen together. I am extending a hand to each and every one of you. I hope that each of you can get past the egos and differences, and learn to work side by side, even if our own mission is not quite the same. I am asking that we try a new way, and hopefully each of you will extend your hands as well. Let’s look to the future and welcome a new era for Real Life Superheroes. If we want the world to be better, we must be better.  Let it begin now…

Superheroes Are The Next Level of Social Evolution

By the most basic definition, evolution is a change in response to the surrounding environment.
Superheroes are no different.
As society further degrades, as we witness people developing further disdain for their fellow man, we respond, in an attempt to make society survive. We are a response to the conditions surrounding us. This sort of change always starts out small. Like any successful mutation, it spreads.
This change is in response to mainly apathy. Apathy is a social disorder. It is rampant all across the world.
The concept of RLSH/X-Alt is spreading. We as a community are growing every day, new people are popping up every day and acting in their communities, in their neighborhoods. They are instigating change in their local environments. They are inciting a societal evolution.
If we see someone in need, we help. If we see someone suffering on the street, we bring them hope. If we see someone in danger, we save them. These are not social norms. Society has told us “it’s not our problem”. That it’s “their fault” whatever happened to that person, whether it being homeless, or just being mugged walking down the street.
This type of attitude, this social indoctrination has brought us to where we are now. It seems social degradation is at an all time high, whether it be homeless statistics or crime statistics. Everything seems to be at its worse possible.
But there is a response to that, a change to protect society, to save it, and humanity as a whole. It’s those few people, men, women and yes, children, who are instigating this change in response to what is going on around them.
This is how evolution works.
The creative activism of the “RLSH/X-Alt subculture” has exploded in recent years. A few years ago, there was maybe fifty heroes, all across the world. Now, there’s well over 300 in America alone. Groups and organizations are growing. Existing teams are expanding, new ones are being formed. More people are responding to this much needed change and acting. In turn they are encouraging others to act. In turn, those people are encouraging OTHERS to act. So on and so forth.
We are inspiring others to go out there and do something. This “superhero phenotype” is spreading. Society is slowly evolving, slowly changing for the better. It will take time, but it will happen.
Evolution is coming. We are the forefront of it.

Capt. Black Video Interview.

Interview with Capt. Black on New Orleans world famous Canal Street about being a member of the ” real life superhero (RLSH ) ” community and why major problems are no excuse not to help the the community.
-NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes finding your “super” through creative crime prevention; homeless outreach and political advocacy. ” Find Your Super!: Become A Creative Activist Through Comic Book Themes ” is his latest presentation. (504) 214-3082

Don't Accept Limits!

Nadra Enzi
Capt Black
I don’t do limits.
Artificial barriers like fear ( on my part ) or prejudice ( on someone else ) aren’t acceptable.
Telling me expressing myself against injustice will get me in ” trouble ” means accepting an artificial limitation.
After years of getting myself into ” trouble ” I’ve discovered that whatever others threaten only has power if you buy into it. All their huffing and puffing has yet to do anything but indicate they don’t like being challenged.
Whole populations are controlled by limitation acceptance. One underlying tenet of patriotism is resisting covert or overt invasion because the enemy will impose limits upon you after victory.
Civil rights activism and anti-crime advocacy are replete with struggles against limitation. Offenders in government; private industry or even street gangs, despite obvious differences, stand united in their resolve to make others fit involuntary limitations.
Consider the absence of credible scientific evidence to justify limitation schemes like India’s caste system; American Jim Crow; South African Apartheid; Old style Soviet Communism; sexism; homophobia, etc. The list easily stretches toward infinity as one group plots to curtail another’s freedom.
I don’t accept limits because doing so means someone else becomes your absolute ruler. In this context every activist who defies limitation is a reminder that we are limited by others in direct proportion to our acceptance of their terms.
That’s why there are so few activists relative to the rest of their peers. Add unique activist subgroups like real life superheroes ( RLSH ) and extreme altruists ( X ALTS ) and percentages shrink even more! Limitations are one of mankind’s most unkind inventions and as such are not to be accepted in any form or fashion.
If we do, then we have no right to complain about mistreatment.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes finding your ” super ” through creative crime prevention; homeless outreach and political advocacy. (504) 214-3082

X-ALTS: Extreme Altruism Examined

I’d like to thank Zero ( the original Z ) for creating a phrase for those of us within what the media labeled the real life superhero ( RLSH ) community who may or may not quite fit that colorful brand.
“X Alts” or extreme altruists is his commendable contribution to the lexicon.
Yes I have a code name but I’m a bit costume lite compared to most. Yes I’m a member of this community of creative activists; glory seekers; actual crime fighters and ” visionaries ” but Zero’s new term resonates with me on many levels.
I’m a very creative concerned citizen- that’s it. I’m not a vigilante nor a naive do gooder. I’m simply a highly socially concerned member of the public. Being part of a mobilized, passionate public has been my goal from Day One, along with using my lifelong interest in things super heroic to inspire others.
Zero is a serious thinker about our emerging field of activism. I’m not surprised he coined this phrase and will undoubtedly produce a body of work that will go a long way toward explaining the various tribes under the RLSH umbrella.
Some of us see ourselves as superheroes come to life. Others are creative actvists paying homage to a genre that allows folks to soar above the commonplace. Still more have allowed fantasy to overwhelm their grasp on reality.
Wherever you fit on the RLSH spectrum, we should all thank Zero for his invaluable input!
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes crime prevention and self-development through creative activism. Whether his outreach is RLSH or X ALT is up to the beholder. (504) 214-3082.

We Stand United

The Wall Street Journal has recently come out with an article about a few real life superheroes disagreeing.  It was actually on the front page.  I believe it  is a pathetic article coming from the Wall Street Journal. The Journal is know for being an elite source of media and they stooped to the level of printing essentially a gossip column about real life superheroes.
The writer spoke to several real life superheroes and heard about some of the amazing work they do and even after continued to write a trash story.  The story focused on some minor disagreements between a few people in a much larger culture.  In any community or culture there are always people who disagree about things and the real life superhero community is no different.  It is really not a big deal and most certainly doesn’t warrant a news article, especially in the Wall Street Journal of all places.
The real story about real life superheroes is the work they do.  There is an amazing and inspirational story to be told which unfortunately was not.  People are going out on their own free time, spending money out of pocket, putting tons of effort in to going out to help others, put their lives on the line fighting crime, finding wrong to right, and making their communities & the world around them a better place.
There were many mis-characterizations about rlsh.  Phoenix Jones fed into it.  He is very unhappy about the way his words were used.  The reporter spent lots of time with him and cherry picked quotes and lead him into saying certain things.
Real Life Superheroes do all types of activities which the writer knew about, but decided to follow the slant of rlsh’s feed the homeless and do charity work while Phoenix Jones does hardcore crime-fighting.  He was trying to further create division and drama.
Fact is the real life superhero movement has been around since the 1970’s.  Many have stopped violent crime and many specifically work to combat violent crime. Real life superheroes have been risking their lives to help protect others, they have been in serious danger, injured, threatened, and so on, all to protect and help others.  Not all real life superheroes fight crime, some focus on homeless outreach, community service, and environmental issues. One must remember being a real life superhero is about making positive change in your community and not necessarily about being a tough guy and fighting crime.
This is a movement working to bring good deeds, community action, public and social awareness to problems, and create a better and brighter society.
The media can slant things the way they want, over-dramatize things, and try to create division, but they will not divide this culture because we are all united in working towards a better brighter tomorrow.
-Dark Guardian-

How To: Be a Real Life Superhero (With or Without the Cape)

The following was taken from an interview with Pepsi Refresh I did some time ago. . .some basic things i wanted to get across. . .and continue to try and get across. . .
How To: Be a Real Life Superhero (With or Without the Cape)
By: Rebecca McQuigg Rigal of GOOD
So you want to make the world a better place? Maybe start with your block, or your neighborhood. Maybe start with an awesome costume. You don’t need superhuman powers or otherworldly resources to be a Real Life Superhero, just plenty of passion and a taste for the theatrical. We recently spoke with DC’s Guardian, about what it takes to be a costumed crusader for good. He had these six tips for making the world a better place, one neighborhood at a time.
1) Know what you stand for. It’s not a prerequisite to don tights or a mask, but every Superhero builds an identity around good morals and values.  Likewise, you’ll need a cause (or several) for which to crusade. Look around your community for action groups that need help.
2) Identify your weapons. And we’re talking personal skills here, not nunchucks.  After identifying a cause, ask yourself what you can bring to the table to help fulfill that need. Take stock of your interests and find a way to donate your time and talents in ways that will be compatible with your lifestyle.
3) Dress for the fight. While it doesn’t take spandex to be a Superhero, always come prepared for the task. Whether the job entails managing logistics for a fundraiser, educating local youth, or just showing up to the right place at the right time with the right supplies, you’ll want to be known as a responsible and accountable crusader.
4) Don’t get mistaken for the bad guy. Real Life Superheroes can be activists, volunteers, educators, or neighborhood safety patrollers, but in order to establish an identity as a community crusader for long-term success, you’ll have to work closely with local citizens, civic leaders, and law enforcement. Collaboration and communication are key.
5) Don’t break the law. Never go above the law, and always stand firm behind your actions. As DC’s Guardian says, “If you can’t stand up and say ‘I did this!’ you shouldn’t be doing it.”
 6) Be humble. There’s no such thing as a self-serving superhero, in real life or otherwise.
DC’s Guardian is prominent figure in the RLSH community and President of Skiffytown League of Heroes – a national network of original superhero characters dedicated to performing acts of community service.

The Violation of Healthy Distance
The Violation of Healthy Distance (and how it pertains to the RLSH community)
Individuals should have freedom to exist and express themselves in a community without fear of reprisal.
Optimally, communities function under an umbrella of mutual respect. There are personal boundaries one must observe to respect an individual’s privacy. There should be a concept of “healthy distance” in any on-line community. These are unenumerated rights and unspoken rules which should be acknowledge and followed.
Thankfully, these people constitute a good portion of the Real Life Super Hero community.
There are also individuals who have a diminished capacity to, or have chosen to have a diminished ability to, compartmentalize (similar to how people must learn to compartmentalize family life, work life, school life, etc. and then from that point prioritize). These individuals are unwilling or unable to some degree to draw a clear line between what transpires in the RLSH community and the line that separates it from other facets of real-life. This can be somewhat understandable, as people in the community can be very passionate about what they do, and for many it represents a great investment of time, and identifying as a Real suffuses multiple aspects of their lives. Often times, if this is the case, these individuals may in some cases take things too seriously or too personally, but at the bare minimum, they are able to interact with others with a modicum of decorum and tact within a relatively normative or expected spectrum.
There are also select individuals who associate with this community–somewhat on the fringe, and a relative minority, but who still known and walk amongst it even now–who can be observed to be problematic. Some people take it a step further–and not a step in a positive direction. They develop an unhealthy fixation on the community and/or individuals therein  There are no lines, no boundaries, no remorse, and no redemption. Either by merit of delusion/insanity, cowardice, compulsion, spite, hatred, jealousy, zealotry, or perversity–blind or uncaring of boundaries–they seek to invade other’s healthy distance, they seek to prey upon the weak, malign or harm individuals or groups, or ceaselessly and unrelentingly assail sound and rational ideologies, while promoting themselves, their weakness, or unsound ideologies. (My theory is some people lack emotional maturity or restraint, and have yet to be truly self-actualized. As often times there are no other areas of their life, and community becomes their life. But I digress… at least for now).
I know of a number of luminary individuals in the community, both past and present, who have been mistreated as such by these unscrupulous individuals, as well as a number of promising individuals who were chased off or decided to leave after being mistreated by the same unscrupulous individuals.
Violations of these boundaries which I have observed against individuals in the community include, but are not limited to:
? Acting in a manipulative or predatory manner, especially in respect to minors or individuals in a cognitively, emotionally, or psychologically compromised/disadvantaged state
?        Attempting to acquire information, such as IP address or phone number, by soliciting an email or phone call–wherein afterwords the call or email can be traced via ip trace, online services, web searches, caller id, etc.
?        Attempting to force someone to do something, especially when the consequence of refusal is potentially very disadvantageous to the individual
?        Banning or censoring, or threatening to ban or censor, an individual from a message board or forum without cause or provocation, or with the intent to manipulate or ply leverage (NOTE: Not so much a concern now, but a major problem during the earlier days of the RLSH community, where checks and balances did not exist and individuals’ fickleness and megalomania ran unchecked)
?        Being disingenuous (e.g. claiming someone else’s work as your own)
?        Bulling/Cyber-Bullying
?        Contacting someone or threatening to contact someone unsolicited in the real world (e.g., showing up at someone’s home or place of work)
?        Contacting someone unsolicited by telephone/text, or private (esp. “civilian”) e-mail, especially when said telephone or e-mail number was given without prior consent, and especially if the intent is to disquiet or disturb
?        Contacting someone via telephone while other unannounced parties are listening in without prior consent
?        Demanding someone’s attention, communication, or private contact information on the basis the individual owns, operates, or moderates a web site, service, message board, or forum, especially if said request is an attempt to circumvent a previous request for non-contact or is an attempt to disturb or disquiet
?        Disseminating personal information (name, phone number, email address, or personal records), even if such information is readily accessible, especially if such information is passed on to individuals whose intent is to harass the person in question
?        Distorting the truth, omitting the truth, or fabricating the truth (outright lying) to con, convince, or manipulate an individual, be they a member of the community or a representative from the media, or a group of individuals, especially if said deception makes the individual making said claims seem more credible, more enticing, more legitimate, more popular, etc. in the eyes of another individual, media or general public
?        Doing/threatening to do vandalism or causing/threatening to cause damage or outright destruction to one’s property
?        Gathering, archiving, or actively searching for personal information on individuals within the community, with the intent to use that information for leverage at a later time, either personally or via proxy
?        Harassment
?        Making private correspondence public without prior consent
?        Not observing etiquette and politeness within tolerable levels, especially when the intent is merely to bother or cause disruption
?        Publicly slandering someone via name calling, perpetuating unsavory character assignations, or spreading rumors/misinformation
?        Purposely instigating a fight between individuals, groups, message boards, or social/philosophical factions in hopes of causing a fall out or flame war
?        Recording a phone conversation without consent
?        Rejecting a person’s right to wish to disassociate with you should they ask you to leave them alone, be it directly via phone calls, text messages, e-mail, private messages, or publicly by continually referencing that individual or by making it obvious that an individual’s online activity is being persistently monitored or followed
?        Sending correspondence which is seeded with malware or spyware, especially if the intent is to cause harm to another person’s computer or gather personal information
?        Showing up at a gathering of peers in a public place unannounced (crashing) with the intent to disquiet or disturb, especially so if the individual refuses to leave if asked by the organizers), or if it is a general sentiment expressed by the body of individuals, or if select individuals have reason to be disturbed or disquieted (i.e. only being present somewhere to act in an obtrusive manner and harass that individual or group)
?        Stalking/Cyber-Stalking
?        Threatening someone’s spouse, family, or the sanctity of one’s home or workplace, or purposely engaging in an activity that would compromise someone’s career or personal relationships
?        Unwarranted sexual advances or inappropriate comments to that effect, especially with intent to demean or objectify
?        Using/threatening to use any form of unwarranted social/community leverage or other forms of coercion or manipulation
?        Using/threatening to use physical violence
?        Violating someone’s personal space, which includes unsolicited touching or tampering with one’s personal effects or personal space
The reasons why the above examples are improper behavior should be self-evident (especially since much of the above is illegal, if not immoral, and highly unheroic). Many people still choose to associate with these unscrupulous individuals. Some, because the unscrupulous parties in questions seek out new blood. The unscrupulous individuals misrepresent themselves as benevolent and helpful emissaries, seeking allies to buffer themselves against detractors (or possible future marks); as the new bloods are unaware of a person’s track record or history, the new bloods don’t know any better. Others in the community, out of a malformed sense of camaraderie and manipulation on the part of unscrupulous individuals, refuse to question aberrant actions, or accept whole cloth lies conjured up as justification. Some individuals in the community even accept these some of these individuals out of pity, as some unscrupulous individuals do such to fill voids in their life out of a parasitic need for attention. Some individuals in the community tolerate unscrupulous individuals in the community out of fear of reprisal, for in rejecting that individual they may bring down some wrath upon them, or by rejecting the unscrupulous individual it may seem like they are acting in defiance of the status quo.
Why I found I should post this:
My hope is that I can convince more people to be aware and exercise caution and discretion when engaging individuals before offering them their unrestricted access, confidence and trust. Individuals caught unaware will only empower these unscrupulous individuals and sustain their existence. Forearmed with knowledge, we can halt victimization in the community, and sap those few unscrupulous individuals of their strength as to make them a non-issue.
My hope is that you can avoid harm and heartache others have been subjected to, learn from the past, and look towards the future.
Be Well,
Phantom Zero
EDIT (9/19/10) Corollary Statements:
I realize I illustrated a number of bad behaviors above, but not how to avoid them or what to do about them. It is far from being a complete list. As follows, in no particular order:
? If you are aware that someone is acting in a predatory manner towards a minor or other disadvantaged individual, report it to a moderator (if a forum/message board), a complaints department (if a social networking site), or otherwise to the local law enforcement.  Even if they can’t take direct action based on evidence provided, it will go on record, so if such violations are serial behavior, the level of concern will be heightened.
?        Don’t arbitrarily call or email an individual, because there are ways to trace it back to you.
?        Don’t let someone victimize you by using leverage or blackmail. The most common threat against individuals I hear about in the community is having someone reveal their RLSH identity in their civilian life to members of their work, school, or family in an attempt to embarrass or threaten the stability of their normal lives. The threat of spreading a rumor about an individual has also been levied against members of the community.
?        If someone threatens to do damage to your property, or does damage to your property, log it with the local law enforcement.
?        While there are kind and good moderators on forums or message boards, the truth of the matter is that they are privately owned or operated, so what they say goes (even if you don’t like it). I’ve seen too many people worn thin by a bad experience on a message board and then carrying a torch of ire against that particular establishment. These sentiments end up festering, and people who share these negative opinions tend to cluster, causing mass disruption and social strife in a community that is geared towards helping individuals. If you have a problem, my suggestion is you just fold and move on and not cause that particular institution any more trouble/grief. In my opinion, it is better to interact on a site where there is private filtering so you control what content you see and who you interact with. (It should be noted that I have never been an active member of a forum or message board as a RLSH–solely based on my past experiences. Also, because it is a major investment of time.).
?        Give credit where credit is due. You’ll find that helping your fellow RLSH out strengthens the bonds within our community. In addition, try to be truthful and honest. Don’t try to garnish the truth or fabricate stories, as it makes you look disingenuous. Bullying is comprised of serial behavior where in “a more powerful individual or group emotionally, verbally and/or physically abuses those who are less powerful. Cyber-Bullying involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others.” Once again, if you are being bullied by a member of the community, report it to a moderator (if a forum/message board), a complaints department (if a social networking site), or otherwise tell someone in it who you trust.
?        If someone online shows up unsolicited in the real world, report it to your superior at work, to an authority or security agent at school, or to the local law enforcement.
?        If someone contacts you by telephone/text, or private (esp. “civilian”) e-mail, ask them where they got said information.  If it disturbs you, ask that they not call again. If they persist in calling after you’ve asked them to stop, request a copy of your phone records and take it to the local law enforcement, block the number, or change your number.
?        While information may be accessible easily, you shouldn’t arbitrarily spread it around. Make it a point not to put detailed information online, as even small bits of outdated info can help an individual trying to investigate you. There are people who will try to piece together information about you.
?        If someone codifies in you, assume (unless otherwise stated) that the information is private (be it a telephone conversation, an email, or a private message).
?        Some basic netiquette (modified from Wikipedia’s entry on netiquette): Avoid flame wars and spam. Avoid typing in all caps or grossly enlarging script. One’s posts in a public forum are public. Keep private posts and information private–this includes using BCC when addressing a large group of individuals in mass mail, and not sending mail to civilian or work accounts. If someone asks to be removed from an email thread, please respect their wishes. When someone makes a mistake, be kind about it. If it’s a minor error, you may not need to say anything. If you need to correct, address, or rebuke someone for someone, better to do it in private (via email or private message), as to minimize a person’s embarrassment, as doing it in public only provides a stage complete with audience for another person’s humiliation.
?        Avoid spreading information or rumors without confirming said information from he source or finding some other way to confirm the credibility of the received information. Often times, people will seed information with is purposely untrue in order to proliferate it through the community. Even though the information is not publicly broadcast, it finds a backdoor through this private rumor mill. Many people assume it is truth. In this way, you act as a pawn in another person’s attempt to manipulate members of the community.
?        If someone asks you to leave them alone, leave them alone.
?        Keep your virus scanning software, spybot software, firewall, and/or other protections up to date (for a list of downloads, see below).  Educate yourself in regards to net security.  Don’t open up suspicious attachments on emails, or even emails from a strange or unknown source. Don’t follow links from an untrusted source.
General Downloads
AVG Antivirus
Spybot Search and Destroy
Windows Defender
Add-Ons For Mozilla Firefox
Adblock Plus
Note: The above advice is given in good conscience and good faith.  However, Phantom Zero takes no responsibility for the installation/misinstallation or use/misuse  of the above applications/software.  Any difficulties, problems, errors, or damages to one’s own or another’s  computer upon using/misusing the above are the sole responsibility of the installer/owner of the computer, and both Phantom Zero and the providers for these services (via their Terms of Use) hold themselves free of responsibility.
?        Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to: “unwanted, obsessive attention by individuals (and sometimes groups of people) to others.” Cyberstalking is defined as: “the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization. It may include false accusations, monitoring, making threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sex, or gathering information in order to harass.” Both are illegal in most jurisdictions. Archive any correspondence. Contact your local law enforcement.
As a side note, even though it does not pertain to the RLSH community per say (all though I know a lot of you have kids), if you are a parent and you have a minor who has access to a computer, consider parental monitoring and restriction software. Many phone companies also offer plans where in a child can call out/receive calls to a list of restricted numbers, block numbers relatively easily, set limits on calling time, texting, instant messaging, and/or have calling is heavily monitored.
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