Don't Accept Limits!

Nadra Enzi
Capt Black
I don’t do limits.
Artificial barriers like fear ( on my part ) or prejudice ( on someone else ) aren’t acceptable.
Telling me expressing myself against injustice will get me in ” trouble ” means accepting an artificial limitation.
After years of getting myself into ” trouble ” I’ve discovered that whatever others threaten only has power if you buy into it. All their huffing and puffing has yet to do anything but indicate they don’t like being challenged.
Whole populations are controlled by limitation acceptance. One underlying tenet of patriotism is resisting covert or overt invasion because the enemy will impose limits upon you after victory.
Civil rights activism and anti-crime advocacy are replete with struggles against limitation. Offenders in government; private industry or even street gangs, despite obvious differences, stand united in their resolve to make others fit involuntary limitations.
Consider the absence of credible scientific evidence to justify limitation schemes like India’s caste system; American Jim Crow; South African Apartheid; Old style Soviet Communism; sexism; homophobia, etc. The list easily stretches toward infinity as one group plots to curtail another’s freedom.
I don’t accept limits because doing so means someone else becomes your absolute ruler. In this context every activist who defies limitation is a reminder that we are limited by others in direct proportion to our acceptance of their terms.
That’s why there are so few activists relative to the rest of their peers. Add unique activist subgroups like real life superheroes ( RLSH ) and extreme altruists ( X ALTS ) and percentages shrink even more! Limitations are one of mankind’s most unkind inventions and as such are not to be accepted in any form or fashion.
If we do, then we have no right to complain about mistreatment.
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