Inspiration is what keeps me going.
Consequently I’m always on the look out for people; philosophies, etc that send my spirit soaring.
Here are some fictional real life superheroes whose footage I review when I need extra stardust sprinkled on my motivation:
Hero at Large Poster
HERO AT LARGE (1980 ) I saw this as a kid and decades later it STILL makes me feel like running around in a costume inspiring people! Check out the trailer and tell me how you feel
I liked this movie so much I even bought the trade paperback so I could find out more about what made John Ritter’s characterization tick. Years later after discovering real life superheroes ( RLSH ) this movie lurked in the back of my mind, along with this one:
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze

DOC SAVAGE: THE MAN OF BRONZE ( 1975 ) I grew up on Doc’s Bantam paperback reprints and Marvel Comics adaptations. As THE prototype for iconic archetypes Superman and Batman it was only logical I’d be a Doc-Fan, second generation actually,  since my maternal grandfather and ” man of bronze ” in his own right read the original pulps in the 1930s!!!

Doc Savage no costume  option  also impacted my choice of dress when I decided to place activism under a RLSH user name. I run around in t-shirt and jeans most days.
I wear hoodies and jackets when it’s cold.
Still working on the whole gimmick ( uniform ) thing.
A late comer to my fictional real life superhero list is:
Blankman Poster
BLANKMAN ( 1994 ): This film put all the whimsy and charm of the preceding movies in a context closer to my direct experience, an urban setting where violent crime turned a young Black man’s life upside down.
Same here when Crack hit my neighborhood.
On my first internet radio show appearance as ” Cap Black ‘ ( my RLSH user name ) one of the hosts accidentally called me ” Blankman. ” While my approach isn’t slapstick Damon Wayans send up of Adam West’s TV Batman brought two worlds, fictional real life super hero and factual inner city, together.
For that alone he has my thanks.
While I live a Life Fantastic it’s nonetheless lived in a real world where poverty; prejudice and other leeches sap even the most inspired creative activist- which I why I watch these gents.
Doc Savage; Captain Avenger and Blankman are my favorite fictional real life superheroes- relentlesly wholesome peeks into parallel universes we can visit after escaping the ordinary.
Nadra Enzi

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