Nadra Enzi

Real life superhero ( RLSH ) activists should study the Occupy wall Street movement.
I write this as a member of both dynamic communities. 
Where RLSH illustrate what individuals can do the re-invigorate civic duty, Occupy Wall Street jumpstarted new life into mass demonstrations.
Occupy Wall Street shows us a model of viral recruitment that has changed current political dialogue about vital social issues.
The RLSH movement is great a producing lone rangers and small groups but I’ve always hoped we could evolve one day into mass production.
A RLSH-version of Occupy Wall Street ( minus vigilantism and rioting of course ) could do in days what it’s taken years to produce: thousands of superhero-themed activists.
The day we decide to ” Occupy Heroism ” on Occupy Wall Street’s grand scale is when we can finally impact public policy on vital  social issues like crime prevention and homelessness. 
Sounds good to me.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK is a Free Security! activist and security professional. He promotes creative activism in crime prevention; homeless outreach and political advocacy.
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