Real Life Superhero Statement

The Real Life Superhero social movement is composed of many individuals, hundreds strong, united by missions which contribute positively to society through service and self-funded good deeds. We hope to enact social change by encouraging and inspiring citizenry to become active and give back to society.
Real Life Superheroes hail from diverse backgrounds, from all over the United States, from all over the world, taking up a unique visage which draws upon the archetypal superhero from the distinctly American folklore found on the pages of comic books. The eponymous “superhero” within the label each of us has embraced is used to raise awareness and promote the concept of doing good deeds.
Real Life Superheroes have a long, well documented history of participation in positive, pro-social action: organizing blood drives, establishing neighborhood/community crime watches, contributing material goods to the needy, visiting sick children in hospitals, as well as participating in and donating to charity fund raisers. Our ranks have grown in the past few years, but the core principal of upholding ethics and morals have remained consistent. Composed of an informal grouping of individuals, teams, and organizations, we are all good citizens, law abiding citizens, wishing to contribute to our communities in the best way we can. With that in mind, one of our most basic tenets we share is offering our full support to the authorities who serve, cooperating as good citizens should, but never obstructing or interfering.
We have a culture, but we act as independents, of our own free will. We act without any overarching internal mandate. We have no board of approval; We have no director of activities; We have no standing tribunal or body which handles disputes or deals in internal affairs. And while many teams and organizations exist, no individual is necessarily bound by a collective discretion we exercise.
That said, our social movement has no control over the very few individuals who may exercise poor discretion and/or impaired judgment, or whose motives are driven by something other than selfless altruism. Regrettably, these individuals, who take the selfless acts of the many who call themselves Real Life Superheroes to selfishly and duplicitously portray themselves as moral crusaders or vigilantes–who often crave and seek out conflict or publicity for attention and ego’s sake, and in turn receive publicity and media attention for their larger than life egos–are the worst example of who we are and what we do.
Please take time to read about and reflect upon the history of this social movement, and the many good deeds that a handful of concerned citizens have accomplished, before passing judgment or condemning the whole of us prematurely.
As individuals, and as active members and participants the teams and organizations which represent and support us, we assert this above statement to be true, and have listed our names below.