Real Life Super Heroes

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By far the most fascinating story I’ve read in a while. Seattle has it’s own league of super heroes, and they mean business. Phoenix Jones had a few Seattle media interviews to explain this craziness. The bottom line:

“Phoenix, some people might ask if you’re crazy. Are you crazy?” I asked during a recent phone interview.
Have you ever seen something that you thought was wrong or not fair? That you wanted to change? And then you just thought about it for days or weeks?” He said.
“Of course.” I answered.
Well I haven’t. I don’t stand by and watch things happen that are wrong. When I see it I fix it. Does that make me crazy?

He and his sidekick Buster Doe are not alone. Teaming up in Seattle’s Real Life Super Heroes is Gemini, Green Reaper, No Name, Penelope, Thorn, Thunder 88, and Catastrophe (no idea at this time if this one wears a cat mask). According to Phoenix Jones they all have either have full military training, or are extremely well-versed in mixed martial arts. Better than an amateur getting themselves stabbed (Kick-Ass is not family friendly, nor is this clip):
Phoenix Jones has mentioned that he’s been cut early on in his crime fighting career. He added more layers of protection than the spandex and fedora he wears. Now they’re not just bopping thugs left and right that are littered throughout Seattle. They recon, determine real criminals, and call the police before engaging/distracting the criminal element.
Justify it however you want, you don’t need the caliber of genius like Lex Luthor to know how dangerous and deadly. As much as I love the comic book crime fighting crusaders, the reality is almost too grueling to root for… almost. I truly love the idea of real “super heroes” taking on drug dealers, thugs, and gangsters stalking Seattle streets. I hope it works, too! I’m trying to imagine criminals fearing a man wearing a fedora without a whip at his side.
These days law enforcement is always short of the protection towns and cities need. Amidst constant cuts, poor budgeting, and ACLU threats against gang elements, perhaps law-abiding vigilantes is what we all need. Good luck Phoenix Jones.
UPDATE: Forgot to mention that there is a nation-wide network of these super heroes. And before you ask, I am not one of these masked crusaders.