Anti-Mask: New York Penal Law

In researching and planning RLSH activities I have found information on New York State’s law on wearing masks in public. To the best of my understanding this should neither prevent a single nor a pair of individuals from wearing masks in public. This law would provide grounds for authorities to charge a group of three or more masked individuals.
Anti-Mask: New York Penal Law § 240.35(4)
New York’s anti-mask law criminalizes the wearing of masks or disguises by three or more persons in a public place unless done in connection with a “masquerade party or like entertainment,” after obtaining a permit to wear masks from the police or other appropriate authorities. The courts have defined “like entertainment” as “social gatherings, dances, and performances that involve masks or costumes,” Under the current law, wearing a bandana tied around one’s face falls within the scope of the mask prohibition.
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