Superhero Captain Ozone Leads Green Power Rally

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BELLINGHAM, Wash., April 27 /PRNewswire/ — Captain Ozone allegedly started the modern-day “real-life superhero” movement when he made his debut in 1989. He’s considered by many to be the most phenomenal environmental activist of all time.
Captain Ozone is saving endangered species, promoting renewable energy and ecological art, and also teaching school kids how to become environmental activists on television.
The masked man claims to be from the year 2039 and he time-traveled to 1989 on a mission to save us from an ill-fated future.
To view a video documentary about Captain Ozone’s deeds, go to:
Captain Ozone and Environmental Media Northwest are also leading the BIGGEST peaceful demonstration for renewable energy ever! It’s called “Green Power Rally” and it’s going to take place in many cities throughout the United States and Canada on July 31st, 2010. All are invited to participate!
Green Power Rally is not a cynical “up in arms” protest against the fossil fuel or nuclear power corporations. It’s an optimistic, peaceful demonstration to raise public awareness and support for zero-emissions energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and hydro power.
Captain Ozone wants America to be the vanguard of the Green Power revolution and he’s all for Obama’s New Energy for America plan. To become a peaceful demonstrator for Green Power Rally, go to and follow the easy step-by-step instructions.
News coverage for Green Power Rally will help us gather many demonstrators and we appreciate any news about this event!
Listed below are nine other famous real-life superheroes who are leading their own Green Power Rallies in major cities throughout the United States and Canada.
Real-life Superhero Contacts:
Captain Ozone
Seattle, Washington
Ocala, Florida
Kiki the Eco Elf
The Okanagan, Canada
Mr. Jack
Portland, Oregon
The Conundrum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
The High Peacestess
Hawaii, USA
Waterbury, Connecticut
Waterbury, Connecticut
Non-profit Organization Contact:
Mr. Michael L. Schutte
Environmental Media Northwest
[email protected]
(360) 676-7626
Green Power Rally
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