Vancouver Olympic meetup in February 2010

Message from Thanatos:
-I am inviting all RLSH here to my city, Vancouver British Columbia in February of 2010 to co-incide with the winter olympics here. the cityis planning on making the downtown areas ‘safe’ by simply removing all the people on the street for the duration of the games. this means that close to 600 people will be forced into the downtown eastside of the city. this area is known as “Canada’s poorest postal code area”. this is the area where I do most of my work.
I am contacting the downtown residents association about us doing patrols and neighborhood watch kind of things for them. there will also be handouts done for the homeless.
a lot of this is in the planning stages yet and we shall see where it goes. I will have a hall or place for us to meet and plan and work from.
the meetup will last about four days as that is about all the time I will be able to take off work at that time.
I will post info as it becomes available, I have started with a listing of the downtown hotels in the area.
these are scans of the hotel listing provided by the downtown eastside resisdents association.
please keep in mind these are the hotels located in the downtown eastside and are NOT by any means 5 star hotels. this is right in the thick of things with stuff happening all around.
Vancouver is a strange beast and while many would like to jump in and ‘engage’ some of those you will see around you here, the best method is watching and calling in the actions to the police.
there is just too much going on to try to stop it my ‘traditional’ means of operation.
More details can be found at