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Civitron Walks for Hunger

Civitron will be particpating in the Project Bread’s 2010 Walk for Hunger.
Many Massachusetts families are seeing their monthly income stretched beyond capacity. They are forced to go without food in order to pay their rent, utility, and medical bills. The demand for emergency food has never been greater with pantries and meal programs supported by Project Bread serving 57.3 million meals last year alone. Hunger is not just an urban problem — it exists in nearly every community throughout the state.
The money that is raise by with fund more than 400 emergency food programs in 135 communities statewide. Hunger affects more than 554,000 people in Massachusetts, including the state’s most vulnerable citizens — children, the elderly, the disabled, and the unemployed. Hunger also affects the working poor, who use more and more of their income to pay rent, heating oil, medical care, and childcare. Both children and the elderly are disproportionately represented at emergency food programs funded by Project Bread. In low-income communities throughout the state, one child in three lives in a family that struggles to put food on the table.
Donate to Civitron’s cause at

Tips on when reporting a crime

Dark GuardianFirst off I believe as good law abiding citizens you should report a crime if you ever come across it. If you report illegal activities you are helping make a positive difference in your community. These are some tips about reporting a crime. Make sure to call 911 right away.
1. Be Aware
You have to be aware in order to see what is going on around you. Always keep an eye out. Keeping yourself aware will allow to keep yourself safer and will make it easier for you to spot a crime.
2. Location
Observe where you are and the exact location of the crime. Try to remember if you have ever seen the suspect in the area before. Remember which direction the criminal headed if they left the scene of the crime.
Note the time as precise as possible
4. Get a description
There are many different things that can help identify a suspect. Her is a list.
Sex– Was it a Male or Female?
Height– Try to estimate the their height. It may be helpful to compare to your own height.
– Estimated. Remember to take their height into consideration.
Build– Did they appear fat, husky, slim, muscular, average, etc.
Age– Estimated
Eyes– What color eyes did they have? Were they wearing glasses?
Hair–Note the color, texture, hairline, style; also possible dyes or wigs
Forehead-Note forehead height, and whether the skin is smooth, creased or wrinkled
Eyes– Note the color, shape (round, slanted), whether clear or bloodshot, and the heaviness of eyelashes and eyebrows
Nose– Overall shape (long, wide, flat, etc.) and nostrils (wide, narrow, flared) are important
Cheeks– Are their cheeks sunken in, flat, round, full etc.? Are there wrinkles around nose or mouth? Are cheek bones high or low, wide or narrow?
Ears– Note size and prominence (protruding or flat against head)
Mouth– Are lips thin, medium, full?
Chin– What is the shape (round, oval, pointed, square)? double chin, dimpled, cleft?
Neck– Note protruding Adam’s apple or hanging jowls
Complexion– Note pores, pockmarks, acne, razor rash, bumps
Facial Hair– Were they clean shaven? unshaven? Did they have a beard, mustache, goatee, sideburns, etc.?
Tattoos– Shape and style; on what part of the body
Scars – Size, Shape, and location on body
Hat– Note color, style, wording or symbol, how it is worn (bill forward, backward, to one side)
Coat– Note color and style (suit coat, jacket, topcoat, overcoat)
Shirt/Blouse/Dress– Note color, design, sleeves, collar
Trousers/Slacks/Skirt– Note color, style, cuffs
Socks– Note color, pattern, length
Shoes– Note color, style, brand name for sneakers (if possible), and the condition of the shoes
Accessories– Scarf, gloves, necktie, belt
Jewelry– Rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces
General appearance– Do they appear neat or sloppy? clean or dirty?
Oddities– Look for clothing too large or too small; odd colors; patchwork; rip; tears; holes
Voice– Pitch, tone, rasp, lisp
Speech– Articulate, uneducated, accent, use of slang,
5. Describe the Vehicle
If the suspect is in a vehicle, note as much of the following information as possible:
Vehicle Type– Auto, truck, van, motorcycle etc.
Color– Make sure to et the color of the vehicle
Make– Was it a Ford, Dodge, Nissan, Mazda, etc.?
Model– What was the specific model of the vehicle?
Condition– Was it dirty, clean damaged, dented, etc.?
License Plate– What was the license plate number? What state was license plate from?
Direction– Which direction did they drive off to if they left the scene?
With your help the police can do a better job.
Together we can create a stronger safer community.

Go Faster by Biomatrix

Go Faster! Training tips to improve your running speed.
By Adam Sinicki
Obviously if you want to improve your running speed you should practice firstly by running, varying your speed between sessions and regularly attempting to push your top speed. You can practice at set points or use what I call ‘incidental training’, which is when you turn an ordinary task into a training opportunity for example by running to the shop or to work. Personally I run practically everywhere. Like a mentalist.
If you want to push the boundaries further and use some more unconventional methods to improve your 100 metres the following strategies will serve you well.
Upper Body Strength
The power created by swinging your arms is very important to your overall running speed. When I was younger I wanted to be Sonic the Hedgehog (actually I thought I was Sonic the Hedgehog) so I used to run with my arms flailing around behind me which significantly decreased my running speed. From this I learned two important points: do not run with your arms behind you,
The most important muscles to train are your deltoids, closely followed by your biceps and triceps. A good way to train the latter two is with ‘dumbbell runners’ which involve holding two mid-to-light dumbbells and making a slow-motion running motion. They’re much like bilateral hammer curls mixed with kickbacks and they’re brilliant. Shrugs meanwhile are a great way to train the shoulders.
Also important is your core strength, which can be trained with press-ups, sit ups and pull ups.
Leg Strength
Training your legs is important for running but it’s also paramount that they don’t become too bulky which can be detrimental to your speed. Your muscles will be developed to an extent from the running itself, particularly by running up hill.
To get an extra edge though use leg extensions, hamstring curls and calf raises. Running utilises fast twitch muscle fibres which you need to train by practicing the movements explosively with ‘bursts’ of strength to lift the weight.
Overspeed training
Overspeed training is the incredibly cool name for a training method used by sprinters and football players to increase running speed. Basically it involves finding a way to run up to 10% faster than usual, by getting towed, or by running downhill, or with wind behind you. The idea is that by doing this, you are ‘teaching’ your body and your brain the movement necesary to create that kind of speed and that hopefully they’ll eventually be able to repdoduce it on their own. In theory this technique could be used for several other endeavours. For example there are machines that take your arm through the perfect golf swing. Having your friend help you with a heavy weight might even have a similar effect. Still you should do overspeed training just because it’s called overspeed training! It would be even cooler if it was called hyperspeed training… (I’ve got to invent that).
Running against resistance
This is like it sounds – basically the opposite of overspeed training (underspeed training?). Some things that can provide resistance are shallow water, sand (think Rocky 3) and ankle and wrist weights. You could also run while towing something ala Rocky. Quicksand would probably be awesome but it’s hard to come by.
Ooh! This is now called hyperspeed training!
It should go without saying that you need to increase your stamina in order to maintain a good speed. Any CV training will achieve this but obviously running and jogging are the most well-suited. Use a treadmill if you’re in the gym and alternate between 10 minute jogs and 2 minute sprints for the best results.
Springbak Speedsoles
‘Speedsoles’ are squidgey insoles that you place in your shoes to give yourself a bit of extra bounce. They can supposedly increase running speed and jumping height by around 10%
While you shouldn t expect flubber I have found that they do at least give you a bit of a spring in your step and have the added bonus of combating shin splints and other running-related pains.
Visit the site
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Buy Now: Project Superman Paper-back!
Yes you read right: Project Superman is now available as a 124-page paper back! For just £13.88 (+P&P)
Project Superman is the name I gave to my personal mission to try and improve myself in every way possible; to become faster, stronger, smarter and more agile. This book is a veritable bible of unique training methods, fighting techniques, tools, future transhuman technologies, psychological tricks, health tips and everything else you need to improve yourself in every way possible.
Whether you want to be a superman or just improve your health, there’s something here for you.

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Vancouver Olympic meetup in February 2010

Message from Thanatos:
-I am inviting all RLSH here to my city, Vancouver British Columbia in February of 2010 to co-incide with the winter olympics here. the cityis planning on making the downtown areas ‘safe’ by simply removing all the people on the street for the duration of the games. this means that close to 600 people will be forced into the downtown eastside of the city. this area is known as “Canada’s poorest postal code area”. this is the area where I do most of my work.
I am contacting the downtown residents association about us doing patrols and neighborhood watch kind of things for them. there will also be handouts done for the homeless.
a lot of this is in the planning stages yet and we shall see where it goes. I will have a hall or place for us to meet and plan and work from.
the meetup will last about four days as that is about all the time I will be able to take off work at that time.
I will post info as it becomes available, I have started with a listing of the downtown hotels in the area.
these are scans of the hotel listing provided by the downtown eastside resisdents association.
please keep in mind these are the hotels located in the downtown eastside and are NOT by any means 5 star hotels. this is right in the thick of things with stuff happening all around.
Vancouver is a strange beast and while many would like to jump in and ‘engage’ some of those you will see around you here, the best method is watching and calling in the actions to the police.
there is just too much going on to try to stop it my ‘traditional’ means of operation.
More details can be found at

Team Justice teams up with Local Businesses and Artists

Local Businesses and Artists Join Together to Raise Money for “Superheroes”
ORLANDO, Florida (February 1, 2010) – Several Central Florida businesses and artists are joining together for “Heroes and Damsels” an online clothing, accessory, art, goods and services auction to raise money for “real life superheroes.” All proceeds collected from the online auction of items donated by local artists will benefit Team Justice, the Florida Team of Real Life Superheroes, a non-profit organization that uses the creativity of iconic comic book superheroes to help the community through activities such as safety patrols, school talks, hospital visits, aiding the homeless, distributing wanted and missing person posters and community clean-ups.
Clothing will be donated by AM/Fashion, a women’s clothing line by Central Floridian Anna Fuller that is inspired by her love of music. The jewelry will be donated by Chronicle Stones, a hand-crafted jewelry line by local artist Su Laing that incorporates custom and vintage pieces inspired by personal ornamentation.
Chronicle Stones will host the online auction the day of the shoot at
“Heroes and Damsels” will photograph local modeling talent as well as member of the Team Justice Superhero team for the online option.
What: Heroes and Damsels Photo Shoot managed by Seven Red Apples Photography
When: March 28, 2010,9:00 am –Noon.
Where: Orlando Paintball Inc.,7215 Rose Avenue, Orlando.
For more information on the partners involved, visit the following sites:
Team Justice:
Real-Life Superheroes:
Seven Red Apples Photography:
A/M Fashion:
Chronicle Stones:
Orlando Paintball:
Media Contact:
Irene Ayala
[email protected]

Team Justice at the 5th Annual Sunscreen Film Festival

Who: The Sunscreen Film Festival is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit charity dedicated to promoting the art of filmmaking, providing educational opportunities for individuals of all ages in all aspects of film and it’s related crafts, and creating economic development in the State of Florida and the Greater St. Petersburg/Tampa area through film and filmmaking.
What: The Sunscreen Film Festival is bringing together several Film Producers and Comic Book experts along with a group of Real Life Superheroes (Team Justice, also a 501 © 3 nonprofit charity) to present panels and workshops relating to comics and film during the 2010 Festival. Currently confirmed guests for this include;
Ralph Winter, Producer: X-men, Fantastic Four, Original Star Trek Films and many more Dan Lin, Producer: New Sherlock Holmes movie, Terminator Salvation, The Departed, Dean Batali, Producer, Showrunner: That 70’s Show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Leo Partible, Screenwriter, comic books, films: Behind the Screen: Insiders on Faith, Film and Culture, The Gospel According to Superheroes: Religion and Pop Culture (with a Foreword by Stan Lee)
When: During the Sunscreen Film Festival, which is from Wednesday April 14, 2010 to Sunday April 18, 2010.
Where: Muvico 20 &IMAX and the Baywalk Entertainment Complex in downtown St. Petersburg,FL.
Why: To further the non-profit missions of these two organizations. Additionally During the fest Sunscreen is partnering up with the Children’s Dream Fund to fulfill the wishes of several terminally ill children. This event will coincide with the Children’s Dream Fund event as well.
Sunscreen Film Festival
The Festival has been able to rapidly expand its reach by attracting top talent both in front of and behind the camera. Guests have included John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Patrick Wilson (Watchmen, Phantom of the Opera), and Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice, Changeling) along with accomplished screenwriters Steven DeSouza (Die Hard, 48 Hours) and Timothy Sexton (Children of Men). In addition, each year the festival draws professionals from all areas of the entertainment business and sponsors workshops to encourage and inform up-and-coming filmmakers looking to learn from some of the most knowledgeable people in the entertainment industry.
The Sunscreen Film Festival was recently named one of the “25 Coolest Film Festivals” of 2009 by MovieMaker Magazine.
Information about the Sunscreen Film Festival:

Green Power Rally

Environmental Media Northwest, Captain Ozone and a group of local citizens are organizing a public demonstration for renewable energy known as “Green Power Rally” which will occur on Saturday, July 31st, 2010.
This will be the very first demonstration of its kind in America, raising public awareness and support for renewable energy far and wide.
Green Power Rally is not an aggressive protest against the fossil fuel or nuclear power corporations. It is an optimistic, peaceful demonstration to support zero-emissions energy.
The demonstration will teach local citizens the following:
1) Green Power can make all nations energy self-sufficient – eliminating wars over limited supplies of foreign oil.
2) Zero-emissions energy will never cause climate change.
3) Green Power can create millions of new industrial jobs – boosting our global economy.
4) 12 ways to be a Green Power activist.

Captain Ozone is looking for other Real-life Superheroes who wish to become lead public demonstrators in their home cities for Green Power Rally.
Wearing your superhero uniform, you will be leading a small group of your friends and family who will be demonstrating for Green Power with you in your local community. Your superhero uniform will act as an attention-grabber for your local media!
If you’re interested in becoming a lead public demonstrator for Green Power Rally in your home city, please contact Captain Ozone at
~Captain Ozone

Green Power Rally will take place on Saturday, July 31st, 2010.
For more information about this demonstration, go to

Staying Motivated As A RLSH

Staying Motivated As A RLSH
By: Nadra Enzi aka Capt. Black
“You can’t save the world! ” Heard this before? How about thinking it on your own? Concerned citizenship risks emotional wear and tear. Especially our brand. Problems outnumber problem solvers so fatigue often sets in. Especially when feeling alone in your concerns. Most folks hunker down trying to change nothing more than their socks in the morning. World change is out of reach. Crusading isn’t popular like apathy. Apathy is easier and neatly fits  busy schedules.
RLSH retirement levels may match dropout rates in neighborhood watch; citizens patrol and related groups. Life intrudes upon motivation variously: income problems; relationship issues; health challenges, etc. Time outs recharge initiative. Constant performance without rest undermines even peak performers. Beginning this lifestyle is addictive. Constant RLSH activity assures more of the same. Expressing your best self is intoxicating. Without balance, inevitable exhaustion happens. Toss in balancing double lives for those with secret identities and motivation suffers. Burn out is an occupational hazard, especially considering how few try changing conditions.
Motivation for extraordinary lifestyles is highly individualized. One size fits all solutions miss particular personalities. Find out what keeps you and you alone upbeat. List de-motivators to avoid like the plague. Associate with like minded people. Have an active spiritual or ethical practice to stay tuned in to higher consciousness.
Most importantly, recognize you can’t change the world. No matter how many suspects are caught or meals given, crime and hunger continue. Expanding your sphere of influence gradually changes the world around you. As it grows, so does your impact. Being overly ambitious is draining. Or worse, creates bitterness. Better to return to this lifestyle after recharging.  Nervous breakdowns accomplish nothing.
Take time out for yourself; strategically leave the lifestyle to recharge; associate with the like minded; these and other tips keep RLSH and other concerned citizens focused. I learned these tricks as a full time writer/speaker/activist. Even Dr. King took vacations. Corporate C.E.O.s have retreats. We should do no less.
It isn’t quitting. It’s not weakness. Knowing when to cut back is strength. Understanding how to stay motivated helps you to motivate others.
The views and comments of Captain Black do not reflect on the views of the RLSH community.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT. BLACK promotes crime prevention and self-development. and

The Real Superhero Movement As Civic Duty Reloaded

The Real Superhero Movement As Civic Duty Reloaded.
By: Nadra Enzi aka Capt. Black
Civic duty is old as the family unit. Individual responsibility to the group is its focus. Modern America fleshed this out further by instituting neighborhood watch and citizens patrol functions as adjuncts to law enforcement. This support capacity was taken a step further in the form of creative concerned citizens who used comic book motifs to create new crime prevention and emergency need fulfillment roles. Dubbed “ real life superheroes “ ( RLSHs ) by the media this new breed of patrolling citizen is carving a place at the table marked civic duty. To date, concerns about vigilantism haven’t borne incidents of note. Most operate well within the law and are knowledgeable about statutory powers possessed by anyone, costumed or not.
This redefinition of civic duty comes as a supplement of established order instead of a challenge.
Reloading civic duty like this does challenge preconceptions about citizens role in stopping suspected criminal activities. Videotaped encounters at a public park between New York area RLSH and alleged drug dealers alarmed local law enforcement. Their concern was the costumed citizens in question confronted offenders with lengthy records known to carry weapons. These interventions demonstrate the seriousness with which some real life superheroes exercise civic duty. Similar undocumented accounts report citizens arrests made and information provided leading police to purported violators. Beyond dressing up for cameras, this movement has real tactical impact on combating crime without becoming criminals.
The second front operated by RLSHs is humanitarian assistance. While not universally practiced, it has become a movement hallmark to aid the homeless. Colorful personages give food and blankets to the homeless while making rounds. Various costumed activists are known for this even more than fighting crime. Some argue combating homelessness combats root causes of crime. An overriding concern for society’s ignored drives this more than providing creative crime prevention. Patrolling the streets increases awareness of homelessness and the relative lack of mobilization against it. Alongside hospital and school visits, the movement tackles difficult social issues beyond traditional crime prevention.
Reloading civic duty like this opens doors for participation old as the English “hue and cry “system where whistle blowing watchers alerted communities to trouble. It’s new as the latest name of the newest person to don an identity. While reasons for a more engaged public mount, reloading civic duty in such an attention-getting fashion helps motivate folks numbed by bad headlines and an even worse economy.
Real life superheroes breathe new life into time honored notions like civic duty and reload them for a nation desperately needing a more involved citizenry.
The views and comments of Captain Black do not reflect on the views of the RLSH community.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT. BLACK promotes crime prevention and self-development through his CRIME ISN’T A CIVIL RIGHT! presentation among other efforts. HELP HAITI Y’ALL is its latest urgent humanitarian highlight. [email protected] and (912) 272-2898.