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Phoenix Magazine Real Life Superhero Article

For those who live in or around Phoenix, I highly recommend picking up a copy of the latest Phoenix magazine.  Inside you will find an article about real life superheroes and the great work they are doing in this pioneering effort to raise awareness.
If you live to far from Phoenix and cannot get a copy, I hope Phoenix magazine will go easy on me for presenting a copy here for the community to enjoy!
Citizen Prime

Hoveround DUI

I get some road cash at a ATM & head out up enterprise road.
There on the sidewalk is a guy parked in a Hoveround with his chin on his chest out cold.
“Oh S**T!” says the Superhero. “He must have had a seziure or something!” I whip the vette around and pull up to him. Now he’s awake & putting away up the sidewalk. I lean out the passengers window & say “Hey buddy! you ok?”
He swings his head around like he’s one of those bobblehead things you set in sports collectible stores & says “I’m fine man…”
Holy S**T! says the Superhero “He’s drunk!” So I decide to make a citizens arrest.
As I’m reaching for my door handle it dawns on me…
Yeah he’s drunk
But he’s on the sidewalk
He’s driving
But he’s not in a car.
“What the Hell do I do?”
So I did what every red-blooded American Superhero would have done.
I stuck my head out the window said “Ok sir you have a good night” and Drove off.
Is there such a thing as DUI Hoveround?

Citizen Prime Audition Video

I promised some word of what is going on and – finally – I can share a little bit with you all.
I’d like to share with you a portion of my audition video for Who Wants To Be A Superhero.  For those who have not heard about it, I am auditioning and encourage you to do the same.  Inspiration is our main job and this venue is an awesome opportunity to inspire others.
Before you watch this portion of my audition film, some discussion might make a few of you more at ease.  First and foremost, those of you who know me will notice a distinct difference between the real Citizen Prime and the inspirational Citizen Prime in the film.  The film highlights an inspirational concept for a super powered Citizen Prime and I’m completely over-the-top excited about sharing it with everyone.  I look at it as a fantastic opportunity to give back to the inspirational genre that has clearly inspired me and so many of you.  What this means is you will see a super powered Citizen Prime with powers that are hyperbole for my real life mission.  In other words, while in this reality, I cannot find and prime actual superheroes, I hope, through these works to inspire others to live with The heart of a Hero and watch over their communities in a spirit of family, as we all are.
Another thing this inadvertantly means is, while my identity was never secret, a layer of privacy will be removed with every step of this process.  This does not change my mission to inspire others and be an example of what we should all be doing, but it is worth mentioning.
I hope you enjoy the film.
Citizen Prime
Click here to be redirected to MetaCafe and the film.  Thanks!

Shadow Hare on Patrol