Paragon Prime

Citizen Prime (formerly known as Paragon Prime) is a real-life crime fighter. His identity is guarded but not secret. He first appeared in Phoenix, Arizona in early 2006. Citizen Prime, or Prime, claims no superhuman powers. Prime’s experience and training make him an excellent tactician and creative problem solver. He is practiced in Ninjitsu, Tiajutsu, street fighting and Okinawan Karate. He is well versed in various armor technologies and nonlethal weapons. Prime has an excellent understanding of business, finance and technology.
Prime is a founding member of the non-profit Worldwide Heroes Organization and serves as the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, among other duties.
Prime’s armor (to be completed in January, 2007) provides Level 2 and Level 3 ballistic, stab and blunt trauma protection to 70% of his body while providing complete flexibility. His armor can contain various non-lethal weapons including 130 db alarms, Pepper Spray, various stun technology devices (including Taser, hand held and pen stun devices built into the armor), the ARMA 100 device, etc.. HIs armor and equipment is in a constant state of refinement. His helmet and armor contain communication devices and recording devices, including voice amplification.
Future planned developments: Night vision, fire proofing and electrifying the outer structure of the armor.
Prime typically patrols in an unmarked car, in disguise, or on foot. His investigations center around local issues such as lost children, local drive by shootings and the like.
As of this writing, his real life investigations and encounters remain sealed for confidentiality.
Prime also hosts a podcast on narrating the journey to become a superhero.