Team Justice Descends on 'Burg's Film Fest

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teamjusticeBy Taylor Tepper, Managing Editor of New Roots News.
ST. PETERSBURG – Treacherous villains were nowhere to be seen Wednesday, as Team Justice Inc. descended upon downtown St Petersburg. Superheroes Master Legend, Symbiote, Superhero, Capes, Lady Hero and Artisteroi are the stars of Superhero Me, the premiere film of the Sunscreen Film Festival at Baywalk 20.
“I have unlimited metaphysically powers,” explained Master Legend, Winter Park native and founding member of Team Justice Inc., a non-profit tax-exempt organization.
“I’ve died twice, and it’s not fun to die. But, I am here to save the world.”
Other superheroes boast less awesome skills.
Symbiote, another founding member and active participant in the Real Life Super Hero Movement, does not claim to have any special powers. Rather, he recognizes that conscientious citizens need to stand up against anti-social behavior.
“We do a lot with charity, we give handouts, clothes. We make sock and water runs, as well as basic crime prevention. We want to make the society better for everyone,” he said.
Team Justice Inc’s mission, according to their Facebook page, is “[t]o help all peoples currently in need and to protect those who can not protect themselves”
Part of the responsibility, or fun, of being a Real Life Super Hero is donning oneself in a costume, or uniform, that represents one’s alter-ego. The aptly named Superhero embodies this stylish requirement.
The former power-lifter and pro wrestler dresses himself in tight-fitting red spandex with blue shorts. His picture on Team Justice Inc’s website shows him standing beside a flashy sports car.
“It’s an adventure,” explained the Clearwater native. “I’ve been in a fire and nearly been shot. But for the most part, people are appreciative.”
The League is not completely made up of men, however. Lady Hero, for instance, offers her services to the superhero collective.
“My superpower is the ability to listen and give empathy,” she explained. “Most people don’t listen, they just wait for their turn to talk.”
VIPs, board members and citizens of St. Petersburg delighted in the red carpet affair. Most took the opportunity to snag a photo with actual superheroes, and the caped crusaders themselves were friendly and eager to illuminate their mission.
“I’m sort of a mix between the professor from Gilligan’s Island and Sherlock Holmes,” explained Artisteroi. “I make a lot of gadgets to solve mysteries.”
After getting to rub shoulders with their saviors, the public could sleep easy knowing that these heroes are on our side against evil.
Tomorrow is the last day of the Sunscreen Film Festival. Visit their website for information on showings and events.

PATROL 9/3/10 or "Did we just prevent a mugging?"

Symbiote came to town for some TJ buisness that ML wanted us to get out of the way. We needed to do some early saturday banking so Sym came to Clearwater the night before.
Pefect opertunity for a patrol.
We headed to ST.Pete as they have a high Mugging/purse snatch/break in rate & headed out on foot.
Stopped every now & again by people who thought what we did was cool.
I swear to God, as were walking through the park by the Pier Some guy sitting by the fountain says “hey man! Do you know Zetaman?”
So we talked to him & his pal for awhile and found it wild that Zeta even had a fan on the oposite corner of the continent. The guy told us a wild story about how he & his ex were a Clown team who would juggle with each other, each one using just one of their arms to make the Juggle. Without her, he couldn’t juggle at all…sad.
There are a TON of Dark long brick alleys with patrons from the AMC theatre walking thru them to their cars so we spent a LOT of time watching drunken kids (Mostly young girls) walk to their cars thru the dark alleys (W/O them knowing we were there of course) to make sure nothing bad happened.
So we get to a corner, and there is this group of kids, one tall skinny boy (and I mean boy) with a bunch of young girls (And I mean girls) walking up the street away from the corner.
they pretty much ignore us which is fine and we are still standing there getting ready to go the opposite direction when this scary, rough looking dude with a Roofers tan, ratty jeans, and a tee covered in paint litterally shoots past us after them with a towel over his shoulder, he has his hands in his pockets, he’s looking all around, and he’s closing on the kids….
Sym & I just look at each other, (aparently he felt it too) say nothing, and start back after the guy.
We’re closing the distance & he’s still intent on the kids, closing fast, suddenly he looks back over his Shoulder, see’s us and his eyes get as big as a anime characters.
He hangs a fast left down a alley and we don’t see him for the rest of the night.
Sym & I look at each other & I say “Did we just prevent someting bad from happening?”
I guess we’ll never know.
Then we met this TINY little dude (see pic) who was a professional Ukelele player! He stopped us for pics & info about the RLSH. Then we talked about Tiny Tim.


Superheroes Bring Christmas Cheer To Kids

ORLANDO — Some underprivileged children are enjoying new presents and clothes thanks to the help of a few superheroes.
People dressed in superhero outfits handed out candy and gifts to children under the Interstate 4 underpass in downtown Orlando.
“I’ve been doing this for many years because I was once a homeless man. And I’m a real life superhero. We have a worldwide organization. We do this, and we love to do this. We want to help people. There’s definitely a need to help people,” said organizer Master Legend.
Master Legend said he helped with the search for Caylee Anthony and all the gifts are being donated in her name.