America needs boring good guys and gals  (  ” happy warriors ” ) who preach civic duty; good citizenship and other equally boring topics as cultural counter balance to exciting messengers promoting ever-more self indulgent; destructive behavior.
Comic book fiction is replete with creative solid citizen types who advocated this boring message while facing down a mind-numbing array of opponents doing the opposite.
Adam West Batman was my generation’s prime spokesman for creative support of good citizenship.

Long before the grim ” Dark Knight ” depiction became vogue Batman was an exceptional good guy who could have been a Kiwanis club or American Legion member in disguise.
Life is harsh and we shouldn’t sugar coat it to children or ourselves.
But we do need happy warriors to remind us that there is something to be happy about even as headlines and personal challenges argue otherwise.
Happy warriors like the late Jack Kemp come to mind whose famously inclusive vision of conservatism wowed friend and foe alike.

Or Wally ” Famous ” Amos who made a fortune off chocolate chip cookies only to have his brand name and wealth taken from him. Through it, he never
stopped smiling or encouraging others to do the same.

Comedian/philanthropist Bill Cosby occupies a special place as a happy warrior who doesn’t use profanity and whose demand that
Black folks do better is said with malice but with the same love which has animated his career.
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The final happy warrior is a friend who calls himself the Silver Sentinel. Selfless to a fault even his super hero activist name resulted

from helping someone, in this instance his child by giving her a hero all her own.  He’s always on call for others.


Write something…

Happy warriors like these remind us there are boring but necessary values worth defending even at times when feeling happy anout is the last thing on our minds.

Nadra Enzi
Cap Black Anti Crime Activist
” I’m not always a happy warrior
but I’m working on it LOL “

NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082.

[email protected] is where Pay Pal donations can be sent to assist my citizen patrol efforts which support civic duty and due process.



Why We Don't Call Ourselves Heroes

Why We Don’t Call Ourselves Heroes

However, in practice, during discussions within the superhero community, and with others, it is to be understood that the use of the terms hero or superhero are meant the ideal to which we aspire, or the nature of the work we do.  While I may call myself a “superhero” during a discussion, I’m not actually making the claim that I am a superhero, to be treated with the respect and honor a truly heroic individual, such as a decorated Marine, or a wounded police officer, would undoubtedly be deserving of.  So, no, we aren’t actually heroes or superheroes unless we earn such titles through our actions and deeds.
posted by Silver Sentinel @ 8:01 AM

Being a Superhero Conquered All

How is it going, this is the ded beat, my story is an angry and strange tale so here we go,  I am in a Real Life Super Hero Metal band called Jack Havoc, we have been together for over ten years and grew up in Pahrump, Nevada right next to Las Vegas. After the Death of our Guitarist Joseph Merritt we all move up here to Sequim Washington. For years we wanted to be like Rock stars and did alot of drugs, we are now seven years clean and will never look back. well even two years after quitting drugs we still got drunk a lot and partied. One Night about 5 years ago we wer having a party and one of my band mates brought this guy from his work over, this guy has been known to get drunk and start fights. So when he is good and lit, he starts calling one of our old roommates a nark, he was asked to leave and refused he started calling us names, and One thing led to another my lead singer tried escorting him out and him and another of our friends made physical conatct with each other a hit to the face each i believe. The he started calling us faggots and ran out of the house and said he would be back with his friends. 20 minutes later they all showed up, it was a brutal street fight with weapons and such, i dont want to get into detail, but both paries were equally violent and niether of us should have fought. The cops showed up and they all split, in the altercation one of our girlfriends had given one of there friends phones , that was broken to the cops. That night we all went to the hospital, my bass player had 17 fractures in his face, and then we went home. Once we get in a fight were done and we always have dropped it later, not that we should have fought. The next day they called and said they wanted the phone back we said we did not have it, thay said well thats to bad, then hung up. Hours later we got a call from the cops and all there friends saying that the same guy whos phone got given to the cops, had his car severly vandalized with fire. Now im going to say this right here and i hope everyone knows this, We DID NOT nor would we ever endanger someones life by lighting fire to a car. Needless to say thes guys are pissed and think we did it, which i swear on everything i hold dear we did not. To this day we never have figured out, there has been speculation here and there, we still think they might have done it themselves to keep it on going. Anyway for 6 months after our fight they would flip us off call us names and yell at our friends and fans. Until finally about a half a year later we ran into one of them at a bar. He hit me then got arrested, Months later he told us if we dropped it it would be over, so we did. Wrong move on our part, anyway he even thanked me after the court day and said he was cool, but his friend still thinks we blew up his car. Flash forwad a year and a half later i run into that same dude at a casino and he wants to fight me again, now i felt so bad about how bad that street fight cause we fucked alot of ther guys up, that every time after i was always nice when they wanted to fight and a little scared. So i start working out, 6 months later the other guy comes into my work and flips out on me in front of customers, i tell him to get out before i call the cops, i run into these guys from time to time, mind you if i have one of my friends around… they wont say shit, after years and years it is only two asshole who are still pissed and they have singled out me and my band time and time again, trying to start shit. I thought about it and here i am 5 years later i am now in great shape, I have trained in si-lat from time to time, Not a lot at all, but enough to feel better about being prepared, and have done nothing wrong besides getting into that fight, which we are all guilty of, and am a new Man. So three days ago im driving with my guitarist and i see the Phone/Car guy flip me off two blocks awy, i pull over my car and said Fuck That, i walk two blocks toward him, as im walking he gets int his car to make it look like he was getting a weapon, i almost turned around but said to myself now or never. I marched right up to him. He says” whats up lets do this” and i said,” Im here to tell you if you take a swing at me or anyone i know, not only will i defend myself, but ill call the cops right after and have you arrested, and i will press charges, and your legal fees will never end”. He got right up into my face and said” ill punch you right now”. I said” then do it”. I was calm and and everything he said was just a scared, bitter, Revenge thirsty punks rants and raves, plus im sure if i would have called a cop he might get busted with what ever drugs were in his car. Also im kind of a big boy now, i dont think he realized that, So he says,” i already kicked your bands ass any way” got in his car and left, there was a lot more arguing between me and him that day but i think you get the point. The moral of the story is i stood up, like i told myself i would do and stared in to the crazy bastards eyes and said” You don’t scare me”. He will never touch me because now that im a super hero im not afraid to say i have the law on my side and you cant terrorize me, Phoenix Jones Taught me that, and for that i am forever greatful, Never let you, your friends, or your family feel like they are helpless make a stand, he will always flip me off and say what ever he wants, but he will never lay a hand on me or anyone i know, cause if he does, i will make sure he goes to jail, and everyone knows that being in jail Sucks ha ha ha. Well thanks for reading and i hope i inspire anyone to stand up and be there own super hero. WE DONT MAKE DEALS WITH TERRORISTS.                                                                                                  The Ded Beat

Deserving Heroes Game Show.


-Do you know someone who gave EVERYTHING to their community and then lost their HOUSE, COMMUNITY CENTER, RESTAURANT, etc, LOST EVERYTHING from circumstances out of their control and now needs help getting back on their feet?
-Do you know someone who HELPS EVERYONE THEY CAN and now needs help with their own MEDICAL BILLS/AID?
-We are looking for someone who is a leader in the community, someone who always volunteers, someone who has helped numerous people’s lives change and now is down on their luck and needs their life to change!
-Someone who has giving everything they have to others to help them succeed and NOW is in need of help themselves.
Do you have a friend or a loved one who is a HERO who needs someone to be THEIR hero? Someone in need of a substantial sum of money to turn their life around? Do you want to surprise this person by winning them the cash they need to help make their problems disappear?
If you would like to apply for this brand new trivia game show please email [email protected] with:
-Your full name.
-Your phone number.
-Your current city and state.
-Who you feel deserves this and why?
-Deserving person’s current city and state.
-A photo of yourself and the deserving person.
Please include a short paragraph telling us why you think this person is a HERO and why you would want to play for them.
Please include links to news stories or any newspaper/magazine articles showcasing their good deeds if available.
We appreciate your time and look forward to meeting some amazing individuals!
Submitted by Nadra Enzi aka Capt Black hoping you’ll shed light on someone whose “super” ought to be nationally recognized and rewarded. (504) 214-3082

Real Life Superheroes

Originally posted: http://www.realitysandwich.com/real_life_super_heroes
By Elliot Edge
Costumed activists are engaging ideas of self and community on the online Super Hero Academy taking place this month. The Real Life Super Hero Project is inspiring others to regain not only a moral sense of self, but also engage the question of identity very seriously. It has been a longstanding problem that society forces folk to conform to a rigid identity within the socioeconomic machinations or face alienation, despite the disempowering limitations such prefabricated notions of the self offers. This is no doubt why video games, virtual communities, social networks, hyperindividualization have become the new empires: In real life, folk are doomed by their local consensus reality regardless of it’s observable stagnation, pathologies, obsolesce, and soullessness. Though these self-made heroes and heroines seem to be putting McKenna’s line, “You don’t have to be a victim of your culture,” into real world practice. We don’t and these people are the active proof.
Kevin Kelly, author of Out of Control and What Technology Wants “The major theme of this coming decade is going to be identity of self. Every time computers get more powerful they basically threaten our established understanding of our selves both in terms of who we are or who we could be…So I think the self is really going to undergo some transformation or expansion in the coming decade and we see that with like online games where the identity that people have with these personas and avatars is very intense in the sense of this being real a place that they come to for many hours a day may be realer…It’s very, very, very, very powerful evidence that our notions of self are under transition right now.”
Birthed from a half-century-old history culture of comic book culture and combining it with LARPing (Live Action Role Playing, think a Civil War reenactment only with capes and masks) with active participation in the community; the Real Life Super Hero Project takes us past the mere culture of reaction (e.g. blogging) and flings us back into action with a soul-satisfying POW! that world society has been waiting for. Though they don’t actively seek the role of vigilantism, they are true to their word do-gooders: delivering relief supplies to flood victims, bringing food to the homeless, returning lost purses, and perhaps most importantly inspiring others, especially children—life can be fun and meaningful at the same time.
Though critics may regurgitate the problem of the spectacle, the reality of our time is in the fact that most human beings in the first world have no contact with reality at all and that there world has been replaced by a conceptual hyperreality. Thus the vehicle of the spectacle is still necessary to reach sleepwalkers. As consciousness pioneer Tom Campbell has said, “If you’re going to communicate with somebody you have to start from wherever they are, not from wherever you are.” Once again, the imagination reigns supreme. As the aptly named Super Hero stated, “People would say, ‘Why do you do this?’ And I would say, ‘Well I’m a symbol and I fight apathy and all this stuff,’ but after a while I stopped lying to myself and said, ‘The reason why I do this is because it’s hella fun.’”

"Enter Witty Title Here"

.. And so this marks the start of what I hope to be a usefull and valuable blog for the people who so choose to bless me with its readership.
A big thanks to Zeataman and Dark Guardian for giving me this blog to post in.
That said, I may not post as much as some; I want to strive for quality over quantity. Nothing is worse then a blog with a millions posts, but nothing useful or interesting to read. At the moment, I just need to figure out how to customize this thing.

The People Will Look Up and Shout ‘Save Us!’

Originally posted: http://golgotron.com/2010/08/the-people-will-look-up-and-shout-save-us/#more-5398
By Chase
2010 has ushered in the era of the super hero.  Amazing comic book characters are inspiring several franchises in movies, video games, TV and more.  As movie goers, we look to these characters and relate to them, admire them, aspire to be them.  The super hero saves the people and protects their city, but outside of the movies and the comics we have the same problems with crime and poverty and death. We have real-life issues that parallel those of the comic book world.  There isn’t a mad scientist threatening to blow up DC, but there are people getting mugged in the streets, parents losing children to gangs and drugs, people losing everything and struggling to survive on the streets.  The real-life super heroes are out there, but they don’t do it for the fame or because they loved Iron Man 2.  These heroes are out there helping their communities and looking out for the less fortunate.  They are out there with a message, a message that has fallen upon few ears until now.
Ken Goldstein is one of the founders of Planet Illogica.  With his help, Peter Tangen was able to bring about “The Real Life Super Hero” project and voice this heroic message.  While in Vancouver, Peter Tangen, photographer for major movie posters such as Hell Boy and Spider Man, was doing a photo shoot when he met one the many people who exist to help others.  Peter met a man who wears a costume, and goes by his own super hero name.  He helps the homeless, stops criminals, and protects his community.  These super heroes exist all over the world.  They may not have super powers, they may not be able to fly or stop bullets, but they act out of their own volition to help people, even just by getting to know the name of someone homeless.  Good deeds like these happen everyday, most of which go unnoticed.  The heroes have their own personal reasons for taking action but they all share a very real, very inspiring message.  That message is the power of a symbol.  A symbol that doesn’t draw attention to the guy dressed like a super hero, but to the good deeds he does everyday.  The symbol of helping your fellow man and showing that the homeless people you pass everyday on the street are not invisible.  They want people to call the police when they see a mugging instead of closing the blinds.  Drug dealers, gang members, homeless people, they are all still human beings.  Many of these people need help and even a small act of kindness can change their lives.
So how did Planet Illogica offer their support and bring light to the efforts of these super heroes?  They held the launch of “The Real Life Super Hero” campaign with Golden Apple in San Diego during Comicon. Guests got a chance to do a photo shoot with Peter Tangen dressed as their own alter ego super heroes. The event was to announce the launch of the campaign and possible future plans. Unbeknownst to anyone at the launch, except for Tangen, six real life super heroes attended out of costume and under their alter egos.
There are many sites dedicated to the super hero community.  They share stories, philosophies, and encourage others to join their cause and give them advice.  There are many icons in the media that send a different message of what it means to do something heroic.  Kids and adults get inspired by these icons and confuse being a super hero and doing a heroic deed.  “The Real Life Super Heroes” say that you can do heroic deeds everyday with or without a mask.  It is a concern that in the future someone will come along amongst the wannabes and hero fans that will start taking the law into their own hands or declare themselves a “Real Life Super Hero”, then go out and rob a bank or commit crimes at large.  “The Real Life Super Heroes” do not declare themselves as an organization.  They are a collective of people inspired by a message and are taking action.  They all live by a strict code and stress this code to any newcomers.  They ask that if you are planning on taking action that you obey any laws where you live, and to not become a vigilante dealing  judgment and deciding what’s right and wrong.  The heroes say that they do not deem right from wrong, but simply uphold their moral and ethical code.  The websites are a place for newcomers to get information and gain advice and guidance, but likewise if they are joining for the wrong reasons they can be turned away.

Peter Tangen did a side-by-side photo shoot of the super heroes, one in costume and one out of costume (for those who would take off their masks).  The heroes wanted people to see past their masks and look into the eyes of a person looking to help.  The other side was not to compare themselves to Batman or Superman, but to show themselves how the people they help see them.  To the homeless, these people look like shining super heroes.  They extend a hand to the homeless and they see a caped crusader, a savior in a mask with a gentle smile.  The heroes do not judge who they help or who joins their cause.  People of all walks of life put on these disguises because they have been inspired to do something good.  They use their costumes to market good deeds, not to market being a super hero. Even with the colorful costumes, there is still a sense of humility and humbleness.  Heroes have been in the media and have experienced humiliation and being mocked, so of course they became reluctant to use media to spread their message.  Peter Tangen gained the trust of the heroes, understood their message, believed in it, was inspired by it, and that’s really what this project is all about.  The greatest power any of these super heroes have is to inspire.
Many companies and charities love the idea of spreading heroic acts.  From small things such as handing out water to large donations and giving people another chance at life, every day people can become super heroes in the eyes of those in need.  To get involved with “The Real Life Super Hero” campaign or just find out more as it develops, you can visit www.planetillogica.com. You can also visit the heroes community site www.reallifesuperheroes.com.  It’s time for people to believe in something.  One man has the power to change the world.  We can care for those less fortunate, look past them being homeless and see a fellow human being in need.  The idea isn’t to strap on a bullet proof vest and hit the streets with your cape blowing in the wind, but you can take the time to do something heroic.  To become a symbol for good.  To become inspired.

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It seems that victims, the poor, and the defeated always hail themselves as good guys while the victorious, the rich, and the ones in power are usually considered the villains.
Our world has finite resources (be they fuel, money, or whatever) and anyone who seeks to gather those resources for themselves or their chosen group are considered bad by the weak who have their resources taken from them.
It’s all perspective.
The only person that I can think of at this moment that I think of as an actual chaos-causing villain would be Julian Assange (sp?) of the Wiki-Leaks bit. That was a seriously awesome shit stirring that he caused.
Dictators, while nearly always considered villainous, are really just super successful, workaholics. What higher echelon of government or industry is not full of sociopaths? They all are – they must be, simply because sociopaths are best suited for survival. Nature doesn’t give two shits for terms like hero or villain.

Real-life Superheroes Take to the Streets

by Cameron Lawrence
Supposedly art imitates life, but all evidence suggests a more cyclical relationship. Live-action role playing (LARPing), where fantasy enthusiasts live out their favorite stories and characters — medieval, vampire, “Lord of the Rings,” or something else — is one thing. With LARPing the fantasy is restricted to a controlled environment governed by rules. In short, live-action role playing is a game. Even superhero-based LARP groups subject themselves to specific rules and limitations, drawing a clear line between play and everyday living. But what happens when real-life superheroes emerge in our cities, fighting crime in full costumes with bona fide (in most cases) super hero names?
According to INtake Weekly, super heroes are emerging in cities all over the world, and a life of reading comics aside, these fledgling super personalities got their inspiration from one place: Indianapolis, Indiana. Mr. Silent, named for his abilities to traverse the crime-ridden streets of Indianapolis with absolute stealth, and Doktor DiscorD (3D for short), have been patrolling the city’s streets for over a year — their faces covered in masks and adorned in full costumes. Mr. Silent sports a black derby, a pin-striped suit sans the jacket, and a silver tie. What tops it off is a menacing silver cane he carries in the name of Lady Justice. Doktor DiscorD also carries a cane and wears a pair of large goggles with one red and one blue lens to compliment his mostly-black ensemble.