lemme tell ya about stupid…even at my age.

lemme tell ya about stupid….even at my age. So we had a Kick ass Shoulder & Triceps & put a good pump on all of it. Then clever me I decided we should do this insane sprint work out that a Football player gave us because we have a high level of cardio anyway with all the cross fit & Bag we hit lately anyway. It’s about 17 sets of sprints from 10 yards to a 100 and my training partner even said “Don’t do it, it’s 100 F*&^ing degrees out.” & he was the professional sprinter & I’m the Knuckle drager. I pushed it like a R-Tard anyway & finished the whole damn thing. Then nearly collapsed in the shower, had to call off work, and am sitting at home dizzy off my big blue ass trying to rehydrate & not puke. 100 degrees at noon? do your cardio indoors. especially after weights. On the bright side of things before the fiasco started Greg The hammer Valentine was there!